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Who's Afraid of the Gynecologist?

By January 21, 2004

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Gynecologist Anxiety and Fear
How do you feel about going to your gynecologist? Does just the thought of your annual exam, or your first visit to the gynecologist make you cringe? You are definitely not alone!
May 3, 2006 at 10:01 pm
(1) tiffany says:

I am not that afraid. i am just a little nervous. okay really nervous. i have a lot of questions

June 20, 2006 at 1:31 pm
(2) Doctor RNA says:

i’m afraid & nervous ..
i think i have some serious health problems that i must counsult a Gynecologist about it .. but i still so afraid , nervous & really really embarrass ..

HELP ME .. I’m really afraid that these problems will affect my health

June 21, 2006 at 1:19 am
(3) Ashley says:

To Number 2 comment:

You’ve gotta go. If you were shot in the breast and were about to die, would you not let someone take off your shirt just because it’s a private area? Think about it. These doctors are trained to do their job seriously. They’ve probably examined so many women that you’re probably not going to look much different to them. Everyone is different, and there is no reason you should be embarrassed for the way you were made. You’re a woman! Go get checked out :) I’m nervous too, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

October 2, 2006 at 3:25 pm
(4) michele says:

I am so glad you wrote this article. I am 31 years old and going to the gyno for the first time on wednesday and the thought of going to meet this stranger for the first time and then having them poke around there is just really uncomfortable and was making me feel anxious.

but reading articles like this make me feel better in at least knowing that I am not the only one who experiences anxiety about going! :)

October 17, 2006 at 11:42 am
(5) Amanda says:

okay.. i was playing softball and i got line drived there and now i have to go to the gyno… i and sooooooooo freaked out… i dont want my parents to find out that i had sex.. anddd i dont want to have anyone look down there…. what will they doooo HELLLLPP

October 19, 2006 at 5:55 pm
(6) Dawn says:

I am in a cold seat by the time my feet go in the stirrups.

October 19, 2006 at 5:57 pm
(7) Dawn says:

should be sweat not seat, just thinking about it does this to me.

May 11, 2007 at 1:45 pm
(8) JLS says:

Male Gynaecologists / Obstetricians are in violation of Human Rights

Male Gynaecologist “is wrong”, within the terms of family and MORALITY. Women must have an option, a woman should do this type of exam taking into consideration that they are not breaking the morality in family, thus not committing adultery.

If a hospital doesn’t give an option to a woman to select the gender of the doctor, the hospital should be held responsible for rape.

There are many female doctors that can do these exams an important exam. By choosing a male practitioner you are making this practice valid for other women. Please think before your submit yourself to a male doctor.

A male doctor is still a man, and visiting a male doctor for such intimate exam where things that are performed can not even be seen in porno movies, constitute a violation of family life – IT IS ADULTERY and if not, then it is RAPE

What if the male doctor is a Christian?: A Christian man will never put hands on another woman – A male Christian doctor will refer a female patient to female doctor..

A forced intimate exam constitute a violation of Human Rights, and in many countries this is phenomena that is starting to spread.

Families having babies have no other option but to be examined and treated by males partitioners, making the most beautiful moment in the life of a couple a shameful experience.

Fight for your rights – Stop male doctors from performing these exams, Stop them from interfering in your pregnancy, stop them from performing these exams in children (paedophilia)

You can make a better world based on a strong society based on morality for the security of your family and children.

Support Human Rights – You can make a difference.

July 10, 2007 at 10:05 pm
(9) michelle says:

I’m 32 years old and i have problem of vaginal yeast infection,i want to visit gynecologist for checking my vaginal infection problem but as of now i have menstruation. do the gynecologist check my vagina even have menstruation?

July 25, 2007 at 1:23 am
(10) vivian says:

i want to be a gynecologist but am afriad that i would not be a gynecologist because when it comes to studing i used to bo tired and properly sleep off and i used to get good gread in school i have 3.175 am in honor role in school but it is hard for me to study i will sleep up immediately can you give me an advice thank you

January 18, 2008 at 12:50 pm
(11) sydney says:

i am 21 and have gone to see a gynecologist. i want to go somewhere confidential without a parent. i know i should go because it is the right thing to do when your sexually active. what do you think of planned parent hood and would that be a good option for me.

February 8, 2008 at 3:37 pm
(12) Zadok says:

Women should see female doctors. It is against the laws of God for men to look on other women in the nude if it is not their wives. This may seem strange because this world is not of God and you do not understand me because I am not of this world. During Biblical times it were mid wives that deliver the babies. What happened? Where did we go astray? It started when man decided to set himself up as a god besides God. He slightly violated the laws, statutes and commandments of God until he moved them almost utterly, now in 2008 God has been extracted from the Educational system, work, etc. The society is degenerate. Our women are advertised like meat in a butcher’s shop with their chest and bottoms exposed or in something tight or sheer Is that liberation? Male doctors are human like any other man. It is the natural order of things that men desire women. I having working in a medical facility for over 6 years witness some of the conversations that doctors have in the elevators. It is wrong for a man to look upon another man’s wife naked. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Anyone women that don’t think so cannot be in then mind of God. You have been taught that it’s a doctor therefore it’s ok. But where in the Bible does it say this? it does not! Is this not a Christian country? Then why do we seem to be so adverse with what God says to do? Anytime a woman is placed in a position that she feels uneasy with a man checking her private parts that is her inner spirit conversing with her suggesting to her that this is not right yet when you ignore that voice you start to travel the road to corruption of your righteousness. Do not abort what is right or never compromise the laws of God for anyone. He will back you up if you stand up for righteousness and truth. You cannot serve God and this worked also. 1st John2:15] Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
James 4:4 “4] Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God”


February 19, 2008 at 12:00 am
(13) Gabrielle says:

i understand if women would rather have another woman examining them, but lets face it, these people have gone to school for this. this is their job! further more, men HAVE to have another doctor in the room with them.

May 22, 2008 at 10:58 pm
(14) Rachel says:

I go to a male Gynecologist, and I have no problem with it. I actually feel more comfortable.

June 1, 2008 at 3:49 pm
(15) Painful Pap says:

I never was afraid. I would feel a bit nervious, but that is with any type of appointment. I’ve never had a painful or horrible experience until the other day. This female gyno put a speculum in me and when she opened it… oh my God… the pain was incredible. I cried out that she was hurting me, but she did not stop the procedure. I’ve had many of these exams and never knew that they could be painful… and I never would have believed a doctor would continue hurting me. I’m still in shock a month later. I’m not afraid of having another exam like this. I know I won’t go to the same doctor ever again and I have warned my friends about her too. I can understand some discomfort, but this was very painful… I don’t understand this type of thinking by a doctor that this was an ok thing to do to another person, but their MD gives then a lot of power over anothers body. That is why it is very important to find a doctor that understands that they need to listen to their patient and pain is a red flag that they need to stop doing what they are doing.

I would have taken a male doctor over this female doctor any day… if the male doctor treated me more kindly. I think it isn’t male or female, but compassion, empathy and understanding. I’ve found out that not all female doctors have that in them.

June 30, 2008 at 11:53 pm
(16) Dria says:

From reading some of the comments that were posted I went from being nervous to scared/freaked out about going to a gyno. I was going to setup an appointment tomorrow but now I don’t know when. I love my God given gift greatly but i’m …???…

September 5, 2008 at 10:44 am
(17) chrish says:

hi!!! just wandering if u could help me with my inquiries….since i remember having menstruation when i was 12 i always bleed like a river for like 7 days max.i always ending up changing 3 or more pads in 1 day and to think about it im so skinny so petite person…i always ask where this blood comes from it is so ridiculous,at night im being bothered by it because it’s like a peed blood in my bed or it’s like someone was being murdered in my bed(n it’s so yucky to see d blood forms like a big ball…u know what i mean) last time i bleed the whole day n changed pads like 2 or i think almost 3 pack of those heavy ones i feel like wearing diaper….then it stop…suddenly i noticed i am bleeding most of the time in a month i noticed that i have bleed 2x n somtimes there’s drip of tiny little blood almost every week….then last year i had an emergency operation for bartolin cyst …everything was fine after then…then lately 2 months ago i noticed that i menstrate 2x in a month n jus this month i started bleeding like crazy…..im single and 36 years old….i don’t know if this is normal or what? thx n hope to hear from u soon…chrish

November 5, 2008 at 8:34 pm
(18) haily says:

I went to the gyno for the first time, im 21 and still a virgin…
That hurt so bad, my DR. couldent even finish. That was some kinda pain. If you dont masterbate often with vibraters or whatever and are still a virgin, it sucks. The nurse said to just wait untill I start having sex, so it wont hurt that much. Cant they just put you to sleep? Seriously, not everyones loose.

November 18, 2008 at 5:56 pm
(19) Elizabeth says:

I have always been more comfortable with female healthcare providers, but I will never go anywhere near a male gynecologist ever again because I was abused by a male gynecologist in 1987. The man harassed me for more than five years afterwards. He is still out there practicing medicine in Southern California, although he was recently placed on seven years probation for
“sexual exploitation of a patient.” I would advise all women to avoid all male gynecologists and male psychiatrists and psychologists. If you must see a male for some reason, mske sure that there is always a female chaperone present, or at least your husband or boyfriend. Something is definitely awry if the M.D. refuses to let you have a female present and/or insists that your husband must leave the room. I would like to think that most male OB-GYNs are decent people, but my horrible experiences with the creep in question have caused me to view all OB-GYNs askance. I suspect this particular man chose gynecology as a specialty at least partly because it would give him easy access to a smorgasbord of females and their vaginas and their psyches and easy access to the drugs which he uses to assist him in these manipulations. He apparently came from a wealthy family, so financial rewards were probably not part of his motivation. This man is probably a sociopath and a narcisstic personality. There are bad M.D.’s out there and I’m sure this nasty boy isn’t the only one.

Fortunately, there are more female M.D.’s out there than there used to be back in 1987. Women give birth. This is a perfectly natural biological process. A Certified Nurse Midwife is a wonderful birth attendant. Gynecology is a surgical specialty and a surgeon is only needed in childbirth if a Caesarian section is deemed necessary. Certified Nurse Midwives and Certified Nurse Practitioners are perfectly capable of routine prenatal care and routine pelvic exams. Most of these people are female, so there is no need to expose one’s private parts to some male who may have chosen gynecology as a profession for prurient reasons. If you need to go to a male gynecologist for some reason…..because someone told you he was great at salpingectomies or something and you need one, for instance…..make sure you are attended at all times by either your husband or a family member or a friend, or at the very least a female nurse from his staff. A decent doctor will not cavil at this requirement on your part. If he does, leave at once, and find somebody else.
I have learned from negative experience.

Please take my advice.
— Elizabeth

December 2, 2008 at 8:09 am
(20) Ruby says:

Elizabeth…I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience. It always saddens me to hear these stories and they keep coming…
A dermatologist was recently imprisoned in Australia for the sexual assault and digital rape of several patient – many others were probably involved…
As a young lawyer I worked at the Medical Board for a few years. I’ve concluded some male doctors are opportunists, some are predators and it’s not easy to pick them out…
I do not see male doctors – I lost trust years ago – I heard too much, I know too much…
I’m sure there are decent male gynecologists and some women are happy to see them, that’s fine…but a male Doctor should never be forced on any women. We have the right to choose…
Women also need to be informed and stand up for themselves – don’t be afraid to say “No” or leave the consultation.

December 3, 2008 at 11:32 pm
(21) Sarai says:

” By choosing a male practitioner you are making this practice valid for other women. Please think before your submit yourself to a male doctor.

A male doctor is still a man, and visiting a male doctor for such intimate exam where things that are performed can not even be seen in porno movies, constitute a violation of family life – IT IS ADULTERY and if not, then it is RAPE

What if the male doctor is a Christian?: A Christian man will never put hands on another woman – A male Christian doctor will refer a female patient to female doctor..”

OK, a couple of comments for this weirdo—

First of all, the Bible preaches against SEXUAL contact with a man who is not your husband, not contact for medical purposes. The fact that the exam involves examining parts used for reproduction does not make it sexual. The Bibles description of sexual contact describes laying with each other for pleasure, not swabbing the cervix with a q tip or whatever, and examining the cells under a microscope for cancer.

If your wife’s pap smear can get confused with your sex life with her, than I am unimpressed with your lovemaking and sorry for your wife. Here’s a hint — IF SHE CAN’T TELL THE DIFFERENCE, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!!!!

As a conservative Christian, and very modest woman, I do prefer female doctors. But after a couple of third trimester losses, I took the doctor with the most experience, who happened to be male. Having him examine my cervix to see if I was in pre-term labor was nothing like my sexual relationship with my husband, but hey– maybe your wife reacted the same way to sex with you as I reacted to the exam — both of us lying on our backs, thinking gee, this doesn’t feel good when will it be over? The difference is my OB is a lot kinder and quicker on the uptake than you, and expedited the exam, and didn’t think it was “fun” for me.

December 14, 2008 at 10:24 pm
(22) Suzy says:

I’ve never felt anything but violated by gynecologists. I originally went when I was about 19 to get birth control because condoms gave me a terrible rash.

I remember that the doctor was kind, gentle, patient, but that he refused to give me birth control without an exam. I knew that the exams demanded had nothing to do with the birth control itself, only that it was a ‘well woman exam’ that was forced upon women ‘just in case’. No woman should be forced to submit to an exam or go without birth control based on ‘just in case’!

I was young and stupid, and didn’t know the alternatives. I didn’t know that if one doctor refuses because you won’t take off your clothes for him, you LEAVE and find one who will.

I didn’t want the test results, but I felt trapped and allowed the exam under duress. I felt humiliated, angry and ashamed. I refused to speak to the doctor except to call him a rapist to his face once he had finally written my prescription and had the nerve to say “that wasn’t so bad, you did great.”. Yea, I was a great rape victim, wasn’t I? It still makes me sick to think about it.

I hope he felt as bad being called a rapist as he made me feel by lying and violating me. It was not about sex, it was about power.

After that, I didn’t need the pills because I felt too damaged to have sex. All I could think was “I let a total stranger look at and touch me, penetrate me, put his hands inside me, handle my breasts, so that I could have the pills. I traded my body for birth control.” My boyfriend grew exasperated and eventually broke up with me over it, so it really was all for nothing. I already knew at 19 I didn’t have breast cancer or cervical cancer, so what was the point of the tests!

That feeling of violation and having been lied to by the practitioner has never left me. I’m 45, and I avoid doctors unless I’m deathly ill (like with pneumonia). I haven’t had a pelvic or pap test in 18 years, and I really would rather die of whatever disease they are checking for than to ever do that again.

I will never trust that the exam is for any medical purpose except that the doctor wants to humiliate women for their sexual activity. Why else would doctors demand such exams just for birth control pills?

I still use birth control, but go to clinics that will give a short supply without an exam. Sometimes I have to drive very far to go to several different clinics a year to keep up the prescription and avoid the exams, but it’s absolutely worth it. I tell them that I just moved to town and haven’t had time to get established with a gynecologist yet. I wish I could just tell them the the truth and get the stuff locally.


December 20, 2008 at 3:40 pm
(23) Dahlia says:

Hi Haily,

I’m so sorry you went through this experience. When I went the first time I was also a virgin, that doesn’t have to be a problem. It’s pretty much the doctor you have, mine was patient, used a smaller speculum which was warmed up and gave tips to make things easier. Find another doctor, listen to friends for a good one for instance. Good luck.


December 20, 2008 at 11:53 pm
(24) Kels says:

Wow, after reading all of this – you get an ear’s full! I am 18, a virgin and not planning to be sexually active for quite a while. I do have severe acne and my dermatologist suggested birth control if I felt comfortable with it. I agreed to at least learn more about it, not saying I would take the pill or not… I will be making my appointment to the gynecologist here in the next week or so. As a child, I used to hate going to the doctor for some reason, but now, no big deal. Obviously, doctors go through some vigorous schooling and training, so they are well-prepared for the job. They know right from wrong. I was always set on having a female “girl” doctor and even for my school physicals, but once when my appointment was rescheduled with the male – - wouldn’t you know it, I absolutely love him. He is very knowledgeable, gentle and has a listening ear. I know not all male doctors are like this… As I’m preparing to go the gynecologist, the one thing that comes to mind is male or female. I really do not care. I would feel safe with either gender, opening up with any concerns that I may have and answering all questions truthfully. After all, if you don’t answer the questions now, you will have to do so one day. A lot of my friends (we are in college) are terrified to go to the gynecologist. I could say I was in the back of my mind, but I’m an advocate for being informed and knowing what’s going on. I feel that going the gynecologist will be a great learning experience for me. Yes, I am sure it will be uncomfortable and a bit odd to be exposing my va-jay-jay, but I will be there to learn and foster a hopefully great and long-lasting relationship. My mom and other ladies have told me exactly what happens so I’m not scared about that. For a first time to the gynecologist (of either sex) and being a virgin, does anyone have any advice that you think I would need? Thanks and I hope that perhaps with some of my words, that your fears will be lightened.

December 22, 2008 at 9:24 am
(25) Ruby says:

I think all women should read up about the need for cancer screening – its eye opening and shocking…it will make you very angry.
The benefits of cervical screening are overstated & the risks barely mentioned…women are bullied and intimidated – GP’s are paid incentives to get women into the program.
The facts – A few women benefit and thousands are harmed by false positives and unnecessary follow up – colposcopy and biopsies. Some women suffer permanent damage to the cervix as a result.

You need to screen 10,000 women for 15 years to save one woman! Basically we’re burning down a forest to get to a few high risk trees.
The evidence in relation to mammograms is even worse – they may actually cause cancer by squashing the breast tissue. Google Professor Michael Baum: Shooting Sacred Cows,
CancerFutures Vol 2 Nov/Dec 2003 – this cancer surgeon set up the mammogram program in the UK and now believes screening is harmful.
Women face biopsies and surgery unnecessarily every year.
Don’t even think of having the CA-125 blood test for ovarian cancer – it’s not a reliable screening test and throws up lots of false positives. (like the smear)
The number of false positives is on the rise too…as pathologists err on the side of extreme caution, so more women are harmed.

The screening industry is powerful – they’re making huge amounts of money while women suffer…
Women have been made to feel afraid of their own bodies and have lost control – power rests with the medical profession. Women are rarely given the full facts, so informed consent is impossible.
The practice of forcing women to submit to invasive exams to get birth control pills is disgraceful – you can demand the Pills and refuse the exam. Know your rights!
Women cannot even go to a doctor for an earache without being hassled about smears – it’s called opportunistic testing.
Do your own reading and say NO…protect your health, do not agree to unnecessary and harmful screening unless it’s your idea – free of fear and intimidation.
Professor Baum makes a good point, “It shows enormous disrespect for women not to explain the downside as well as the upside of screening”….I agree.
Hopefully women will become informed and refuse cancer screening until they’ve satisfied themselves.
IMO screening should be scrapped – it’s an abuse of women’s bodies. The funds should be spent on research to find new drugs and treatment for people who actually have cancer. Stop harming and traumatizing healthy women!
Google “Why I’ll never have another smear test”…
BTW I firmly believe young women should see female doctors. If something were to happen, you’d have to live with the damage in the future.
In my years at the Medical Board, I didn’t see a single case of sexual impropriety by a female doctor against a male or female patient. I heard lots by male doctors and was told for every one complaint, there were twice as many that never reached the Board, the women involved just internalized the pain and hurt.

December 22, 2008 at 9:33 am
(26) Ruby says:

Kels, if you’re a virgin, why do you need to see a gynaecologist?
In Australia you do not start smears until you’ve been sexually active for 3 years – because young women throw up cellular changes they often get abnormal smears, so are sent for follow-up (these changes do not lead to cancer) – for this reason many countries have decided not to test women before they’re 25 or 30…
It’s now agreed by many that women are screened too frequently – the States is every 12 months, others are 2, 5 or 7 years…
My reading and research led me to reject smear tests – it’s an unreliable test and a false positive can lead to unnecessary follow-up…the risks outweighed the benefits for me.
Also, in Australia…pelvic exams are not carried out on asymptomatic women – they can be harmful.
It astonishes me that in some countries women (even virgins) are expected to have pelvic & rectal exams and smears every year – it’s totally unnecessary in an asymptomatic woman.
Do your reading – sometimes taking charge of your health and body means getting informed and making your own decisions.

December 22, 2008 at 9:42 am
(27) Ruby says:

The article, “Why I’ll never have another smear test”….for those that might be interested.

December 22, 2008 at 8:21 pm
(28) Leanne says:

Suzie, so sorry to hear of your ordeal.
You know I suspect this happens every day…women who are shy and easily intimidated, young women, women in the public system…so often women are forced to have these exams to get birth control or for no reason at all.
I usually see female doctors but went to a male with an ankle injury – thought I’d be safe enough…at the end of the consult. he said, “are you okay for pap smears and breast checks?”….
I was stunned – they seem to be the only two areas worth asking about…apparently, blood pressure and temperature are not important for women.
Lets face it – with those two checks, you’re giving someone intimate access of your entire body. It puts you in a vulnerable position. I got the feeling the tests were more about him, than my health. I felt extremely uncomfortable and afraid…
I said I was only concerned about my ankle.
He then proceeded to try to scare me into submission…”you don’t want to get cancer do you?”…and became quite angry.
I walked out….
I’ve spoken to my mother and aunt about this Dr – he never raises breast exams and pap smears with them…
It seems to me that cancer screening has provided a cover for some doctors to safely take advantage…
I won’t see a male doctor again – for anything.
I’m pleased I was able to find the courage to stand up to him – listening to your story Suzie, my heart goes out to you – that could have been me.
I hope you can find an understanding and kind female Dr, just in case you need someone in the future – it’s comforting to know there is at least one person you can trust in the medical world.

December 22, 2008 at 11:04 pm
(29) Leanne says:

I do wonder about male gynaecologists.
I’m sure some of them chose that specialty because they enjoy the power they have over women – the intimate access and the opportunity.
Sadly, when men are placed in positions of authority, some will take advantage.
Sometimes, they don’t really step over the line, they just use their position to maximum advantage – like insisting on a full pelvic exam when you present for an earache because they are “concerned about cancer”…to those that go too far – exams that can’t be justified and the worst…blatant exploitation & assaults.
I read some years ago that female funeral directors came into being after some male funeral attendants were “interfering” and/or being disrespectful with female bodies.
I heard that the new x-ray system that will do full body screening at the airport was abused by some men, so now they’re looking at training women.
Over the years I’ve read about orderlies, male nurses, male medical students all doing the wrong thing. (the orderlies were inappropriately touching unconscious women)
In every workplace we now have sexual harassment officers – I was touched inappropriately by a senior policeman many years ago (I was working with him at the time) – male priests and teachers…
The list is endless – whenever men are given access and opportunity and especially, when they’re in a position of power – some will take advantage.
I guess it’s the make-up of the male psyche – they are aroused by looking and touching & testosterone makes them more aggressive sexually…some men seem to control that better than others….
I think it would be wonderful if someone opened a hospital staffed entirely by women – then we wouldn’t have to worry about all the men that might be lining up to take advantage of us…waiting for the right opportunity or the right victim.
It’ll never happen, but no harm in dreaming…

December 28, 2008 at 4:52 pm
(30) MCKean says:

It is true you must take care. These doctors are trained from med school how to take advantage of women and get away with it. Most women are lied to about surgery. We think women docs are taking care of us, but once sedated in comes four or more male residents and a team of students, to help with prep, line up six and twelve at at time to perform practice breast, pelvic, and rectal exams, and perform surgeries women think other women are performing from GYN to mastecomies.

March 10, 2009 at 12:48 pm
(31) Oh NO! says:

After reading all of these, i’ve decided i’m not going to a gynecologist. I’m 42 and have never been to one and now i’m not planning on ever going – I will take my chances. Thank you

March 30, 2009 at 10:56 pm
(32) Journee says:

I am sorry that you all have had these horrible experiences of being sexually assaulted by these medical doctors. But I must stress how imperative it is for women to get annual pap smears. Women are dying from cervical cancer, sometimes unneccessarily, because they do not get annual paps. I have had both male and female gynecologists over the years and I currently have a great male doctor. He is very professional, good listener and most importantly, I know that he cares about my health. I have had a woman gynecologist who could have cared less about what was going on with me. I think it is just important to make sure you stick with someone who YOU feel comfortable with and makes you feel important and comfortable. Everyone knows when something doesn’t feel right, rather it is indirectly or directly imposed onto you…..so just follow your intuition. However, you must take control of your own health, and get these exams. That’s just my two cents…..I’m off my soap box.

April 10, 2009 at 6:57 pm
(33) Woody says:

I’m 13 going on 14 now, I haven’t been well lately at all, and up to about a month ago I found that there was something else wrong. I found that my vaginal area was red and sore,i thought it might be a rash of some sort and as I am still recovering from hives I though it might be that. However when I took my tablet and the hives went away it was still sore. It can hurt when I go to the toilet, or even just when I do some of the simplest tasks, even walking. It’s unconfertable but I don’t want to say anything to my mum because she has enough on her plate at the moment. Is it possible to still get an appointment on my own? I am nervous but i think i could cope going on my own if it was only possible, please help.

May 17, 2009 at 7:40 am
(34) Yazzmyne says:

How can a woman’s dignity be preserved when she is placed in such an undignifyed manner? Communication in this case is not the key to relieve a woman’s fear about this barbaric exam. Women simply need to be offered (and demand themselves) better alternative testings and procedures. Remember, it is the year 2009!!!

In fact, there have been already non-invasive, more accurate tests been invented to test for HPV and other diseases, like the CSA blood test and several others. They are not being offered to women because the traditional pap smear/pelvic exam gives the medical industry too much money, power and control over women.

It’s not worth it to undergo a possibly traumitising experience (let alone every year) that may even harm you in a physical way as well (unnecessary surgery..). There’s a research that shows it is unnecessary for asymptomatic women to undergo routine pelvic exams. And if a woman needs one, she should be offered modern tests that are proven to be more accurate.

For more info and if you like to find like-minded people, click here:

May 24, 2009 at 12:43 pm
(35) Mark says:

I’m a doctor, and a male. My considered opinion, after hearing several of my male colleagues talking informally about their practices in gynecology, is that men should not be gynecologists. Period. I simply don’t feel that a man can have the proper frame of mind to care for women in such an intimate setting, and despite all the talk of “this is what they’re trained for,” etc., I hear their “locker-room talk” and I just think that gynecologic practice should be restricted to women.

With reference to the need for yearly exams–the Pap smear is likely useful for women at risk of cervical cancer, though studies have shown doctors keep doing Pap smears, even on women who no longer have a cervix (due to having had a hysterectomy). I think the strong, strong recommendations for routine screening have more to do with money than anything else–there are powerful, wealthy forces behind it.

Check out this article, “Routine pelvic examination for asymptomatic women,” in Australian Family Physician November 2006, Vol. 35, No. 11, pp 873-876.

June 2, 2009 at 3:37 pm
(36) Fred says:

Think about this. Ladies, when you were informed for the first time that you would be going to the doc and would be removing all of your clothing and would have to allow him to perform exams that would require him to not only touch your most intimate areas but also go “into” you. How did that make you feel? Kinda scared? Sick? There is a reason for that! God put those feelings into you as a warning. It is SIN for these men to be doing these exams. SIN. Think about it. Read your Bibles. May God bless!

June 2, 2009 at 3:47 pm
(37) Ted says:

You may have what you think is a kind, sweet old gentleman for a doctor NOW but when he was 20 years old, what was he thinking? Guys at that age are ALWAYS thinking about two things. How can I make alot of money AND how can I (legally), not only see nude women but TOUCH them also? Hey! I’ll be a GYN! Men are men. Just because they can now call or “label” themselves as doctors, does’nt mean that they automatically stop having “urges”! Think about it ladies! I AM a man. I know!

June 2, 2009 at 3:53 pm
(38) Larry says:

The next time you are lying back with your feet propped up in the stirrups, legs spread apart and your MALE GYN is preparing to examine your vaginal area, ask yourself THIS question. “Would Jesus Christ condone this?”

June 4, 2009 at 9:37 am
(39) Aaron says:

The answer to that question is, no. Just because a man graduates medical school and then calls himself an OB/GYN does not make him immune to Gods law. God has commanded for NO man to lay his eyes or hands upon another mans wife etc., etc. We have become a society of ‘acceptance’. We just accept that since a man goes to school to become a GYN, that it’s ok for him to examine our wives, daughters etc. It is NOT! I agree with the post above wholeheartedly. It IS SIN! Male OB/GYN’s should be banned in this country immediately.

June 4, 2009 at 9:48 am
(40) Rev. Thomas says:

You gentlemen are touching on a sensitive subject but make me proud that there are still strong, Christ-like men out there. I can not agree with you more on this subject of a man(doctor) examining female patients in their offices, in non-emergency situations. I agree with the post that if the examination requires for the female to remove any part or all of her clothing, a true Christian male would refer this patient to a female physician rather than “examining” this woman on his own. May God bless.

June 4, 2009 at 3:09 pm
(41) MT says:

Men should never be gynecologists. For one of them to tell you that they are only into it for altruistic reasons is dishonest. What I believe is closer to the truth is they are fascinated by the female form either sexually or just curious as to how it works. They really shouldn’t be examining women at all. If you go to a male gynecologist and you think he is not viewing you sexually, you are kidding yourselves. A male gyn will allows take in the patient and make his own observations on how you look. This is how men think and especially men who have made the decision to work in women’s health(by fondling their breasts and violating them). I’m sure it’s a comforting thought to say “He sees so many vaginas everyday blah blah blah…” It’s just not true. Come on now people, get REAL! These are MEN we are talking about. Still red blooded, still was a pervy teenager at one point, now just has a degree on the wall of his rape room.

June 4, 2009 at 3:42 pm
(42) Sandra says:

BAN male ob/gyn’s in the United States.

June 5, 2009 at 10:52 am
(43) Jenny says:

When I was a young lady, my mother explained to me what the doctor would be doing to me later that day. I was mortified! I told her that it was wrong for him to be doing that to women. She tried “comforting” me by saying that he was a doctor and that he is used to seeing it every day. I refused to see him and do not regret that decision. I see only women physicians. Ladies, men are men. Plain and simple. They do not lose “that” feeling just because they go to school. You have no idea what he is really thinking during your exam. Just because he acts in a professional manner does’nt mean that he did not “enjoy” the exam.

June 6, 2009 at 1:04 pm
(44) Cindy says:

Have you ever stopped to think about what your male ob/gyn does after a “hard” day at the office? Does he go home to his beautiful wife and adorable children? There are some that do but there are also some who head for the bar to knock down a few, “brews” and watch naked women dance around poles etc. Like the posts above state, MEN ARE MEN! How would you know what that man is thinking as he examines your naked body? You don’t! So, why chance it?

June 6, 2009 at 6:00 pm
(45) Jonathan says:

Good point made there! No doubt in my mind that what you say is true!

June 13, 2009 at 9:17 am
(46) Derrick says:

GYN- Getting Yours Now.

June 14, 2009 at 9:04 pm
(47) Sabrina says:

How ridiculous to say one should never see a male gynecologist! You seem to have twisted issues. Some women prefer a male gynecologist, some don’t care and some prefer a female doctor. It’s stricly preference. I prefer a male gynecologist. Doctors are trained professionals to help people with health issues.

June 15, 2009 at 11:19 am
(48) Terry says:

Nobody here is saying that they are NOT trained professionals but there is no way a human male can “examine” an attractive female and not have that feeling or temptation come over him. It’s natural. It cannot be turned off like a light switch. Sorry.

June 15, 2009 at 12:02 pm
(49) Gary says:

What this all boils down to folks is yes, women should have a choice. The problem is that when a woman, especially a married woman exposes her nude body to a male doctor, it becomes a situation in which SIN can or already has taken place. The Bible (GOD) strictly forbids nudity between man and woman before marriage. In Jesus time there were no gyn’s. Midwives treated the women and delivered the newborns. Men had NO place in this. The question then is, as a woman, are you ready to answer to God for this sin? It is called, adultery. Whether or not your gyn is a perv is not the problem. He can be the nicest man in the world but as soon as he sees you nude, there is a strong chance that you BOTH have commited adultery against God. Fact.

June 15, 2009 at 12:21 pm
(50) Robert says:

I just happened across this! Wow! What an issue! Guess I would have to agree with the most recent posts. I am a man. I am not “hard up” nor am I “horny”. But I have to admit that yes, men are visual creatures. We enjoy looking at women. Ladies, try to understand that you feel the way you do because as a young lady you were brought up being told that it is ok for men docs to examine you. After searching my heart and soul, I have come to the decision that it is not ok. Like a post said before. We have over time, accepted that it is ok when in reality I believe it is not. Please think about it. I am a normal man but would have to side with the fact that it is not in the benefit of women to be examined nude by a man doc. Have a great day!

June 15, 2009 at 4:40 pm
(51) Sonya says:

My story involves doctors in general. It’s not just Gyno’s that you need to be cautious about. I had a horrendous experience with doctors a few years back. I had to a go to a county hospital (not having health insurance). Their brutal quackery there, almost cost me my life.

Here’s my story, and it ain’t pretty. I had a severe bacterial infection in my throat, a couple of years back. It quickly turned into a facial abscess, and was very painful. I waited in their over-crowded waiting room, for at least three hours! When they finally checked me over, they said that they must admit me. They wheeled me in to a stark, bleak room, where they hooked me up to an IV, X-rayed my face, and did an MRI scan of it too. I spent the night alone in that room, petrified.

Next morning, a couple of Oral surgeons converged on me. They insisted that they’d have to remove the facial abscess surgically, and that the infection had spread to the roots of a molar. They also said that I might lose more than one tooth. They wanted to X-ray my lower jaw, to see just how many teeth that they’d have to extract. They mentioned that they ‘would only remove more teeth, if it was absolutely necessary, and wouldn’t just pull teeth for fun’. HAH!!

They took me to the Oral Surgery clinic, and X-rayed my jaw. They never indicated how many teeth that they were planning to extract.
They just shoved a consent form for me to sign under my nose, which I did, because I trusted their judgment. I was so naive about doctors back then.

I woke up in the intensive care unit a couple of days after the surgery. They’d shoved a breathing-tube through one nostril, a feeding tube in the other nostril, and put a large bandage on my neck. I also noticed that I had 5 molars missing-two were on the side of my jaw that wasn’t even infected! They never explained why they extracted so many of my teeth. They never kept me informed about the course of my treatment, at all.

I spent ten days in intensive care. I was unable to talk, because they put the breathing tube right against my voice-box. All I could do was sip juice and water. The breathing specialist, said that the doctors never should’ve installed the breathing tube in the first place. They had to constantly suction mucus from my lungs during that ten-day period. It kept building up in my lungs, due to the breathing tube. Whenever they suctioned my lungs, it took my breath away.

One night, my lungs got so congested with mucus, that they couldn’t supply enough oxygen to my heart, which stopped. They had to quickly administer medication to restart my ticker, and bring me back from the jaws of death!! Keep in-mind that this never would’ve happened, if the doctors knew what they were doing. Even the nurses always griped about how inept the doctors were!

They finally removed the breathing tube after 10 days. They wanted to keep me in the hospital, until my lungs cleared. After they finally discharged me, It took me 6 months to open my mouth wide enough to eat a sandwich! I also endured massive diarrhea for a week, waiting half a day to get prescriptions filled in their in their Pharmacy, another tooth extraction (which was painful, even after 3 shots of Novocain), having to eat baby-food for 2 weeks, and being too weak to perform normal everyday activities.

Since I signed consent forms for treatment there, not knowing any better, I couldn’t even sue them for malpractice! Months later, I discovered others who had horror stories about that particular hospital. I hope that my story helps those, who have blind trust in the medical establishment.

The greddy pharmaceutical companies, rule the conventional healthcare industry in this country now. And so most doctors are motivated to over-treat, and over-prescribe medications. It’s a financial incentive for them, to do so. Decent patient care, suffers as a result of this. From now on, I visit holistic and naturopathic health care providers.

June 15, 2009 at 9:34 pm
(52) Sonya says:

I agree with many of you, who posted how awful
Gyno exams in a doc’s office can be. I found this website about an innovative pap test kit,
that allows women to do their own pap tests from the privacy of their own homes.

I think it’s one of the best things to come along, to help women take control of their
health. This could make pap smears in the gyno’s office, obsolete. Here’s the link,
and I hope that it helps those of you who are
fed-up with depending on a Gyno for pap smears:

June 17, 2009 at 1:50 pm
(53) Stephen says:

God bless you for that idea!I think it’s great!I too believe that nudity between man and woman is sin. Whether in a bedroom, car or a doctors office. Does’nt matter where it takes place. Nudity between a man and woman is sin unless the two are joined as one.

June 17, 2009 at 7:27 pm
(54) Sonya says:

Hi Stephen,

Actually, I posted this website, so that women can do pap smears on their own, without going through a degrading pelvic exam. I personally don’t think it’s a sin for a man to see a woman naked. I’m an atheist, so I don’t believe that a ‘god’ has anything to do with
the propriety of a pelvic exam, between a male doctor and his female patients.

My objections to male MD’s examining female patients, is due to how many male MD’s can (and often do) take advantage of women, that are vulnerable during physical exams.

The American medical establishment, has taken advantage of female patients for decades. They
do this by performing unnecessary, undignified exams, over-prescribing medications for women that often have dangerous side-effects, coercing women into unnecessary surgical procedures, etc. And MD’s often manipulate and intimidate female patients to submit to ‘doctors orders’, as a way to control women’s bodies, psyches, and sexuality.

Furthermore, women can be taken advantage of when seeing male healthcare providers, without even taking off their clothes. Many women have been sedated and molested by male dentists, who don’t require them to disrobe for dental
procedures. Male psychiatrists have preyed on their emotionally vulnerable female patients,
by way of blackmailing them into having sex with them, etc. And they also don’t require their female patients to disrobe, during therapy sessions.

I do respect your right to believe in a ‘god’,
and your personal opinion about men seeing naked women. But I want you to know that my objections are based on a woman’s right to dignity in the healthcare system, rather than any religious considerations.

June 18, 2009 at 10:30 am
(55) B.F. says:

Hi Sonja,
I too agree with Stephen but more for his reasons. I understand your opinion completely. I am a Christian, single male and do believe in Jesus Christ. I understand that you have every right to the way you feel but I would’nt be able to call myself a true Christian if I did’nt at least ask you to please accept Christ as your Savior. At least please think about it for me. I do not even know who you are but I want you to know that not only do I love you but every human soul on Earth. So please think about it for me. Jesus died for YOU. He gave His life for yours. Please accept Him. I wish you well in your life and may God bless you! Hope to meet you someday!

June 18, 2009 at 1:09 pm
(56) Sonya says:

Hi B.F.,

As I mentioned you have a right to your own religious beliefs, as I do mine. I am an atheist, for many reasons. First of all, I believe in the irrefutable evidence of evolution. Also, Patriarchal religion was and is woman-hating, and homophobic.

Not to mention all of the tragic atrocities in the world, which to me a loving ‘god’ would never allow. My own life has been negatively
impacted by abusive parents, siblings, teachers, landlords, and general discrimination overall. So for me to even entertain the idea of a ‘loving god’, is absurd.

There have been many wars fought over religion
in history, resulting in senseless bloodshed.
Religion is one of the most oppressive forces
in society, especially when it comes to equality for women.

I am a lesbian of color, and you are obviously a man. So don’t presume to tell me that you ‘know how I feel’. If you’re a man, you can never know what it’s like to face daily discrimination as a woman. And dealing with male healthcare providers, is just the tip of the iceberg. So you have no right to be so condescending to me.

I recommend that you take a women’s study course, to enlighten youself about women’s issues. I also suggest that you read a book called Male Practice. It outlines in detail, how male doctors manipulate their female patients in many ways.

June 22, 2009 at 11:42 am
(57) B.F. says:

Hi Sonja,
First, please allow me to say that I am very sorry that you have been through so many negative things in your life.These people who have negatively affected your life should not have done so and it was wrong of them to do whatever it was they did.I too have had things happen in my life that almost broke me. My wife of 21 years one day found another and walked out on our son and myself.This broke my heart to the point of almost commiting suicide.But I knew someone needed to raise my son at home and the one we had in college at the time.Afterall, what would happen to them if I killed myself?So, I chose to fight my anger and hurt, asking God to help me along the way.Then came forgiveness.I knew as a Christian that I needed to tell my ex wife that I would forgive her and would not allow hate to build in me.So, one evening I told her this.Not long after (few days),I was looking at myself in the mirror and for no reason, I began to smile.I attempted to wipe it away but it kept coming back!It was then that I realized that I had been set free of my anger,hurt,hate,sadness and lonliness.Sonja, I had been set free.Sonja, my friend.(I mean that)God does’nt allow or DO bad things TO us. WE do it to ourselves. We had a choice from the beginning and we chose sin.Please understand that I am no Bible-thumping,crazy Jesus freak but just a normal person who came across your path.I want you to know that although you and I do not know one another, that I still love you and CARE about you!If you’d like to keep chatting, I’d really like that. God bless you this day and take care!

June 23, 2009 at 3:04 pm
(58) Sonya says:

Hey Stephen,

You just don’t get it! As I mentioned to you before, you have a right to your religious beliefs. But you insist on forcing your beliefs on me! You seem as irrational as any ‘bible-thumper’, because you refuse to consider that others have a right to NOT BELIEVE IN A GOD, regardless of your beliefs. So get a clue! I never wanted to get embroiled in a religious debate, since this blog concerns women’s health issues, and NOT religious issues. If you want to convert people to your views, then I suggest that you find religious blogs, and leave your comments there. I want to deal with the FACTS about women’s health care here, and NOT religious beliefs. So don’t bother to contact me anymore, unless you leave religion out of your comments to me. If you do, and insist that I should believe in a ‘god’ just because you do, then I’ll KNOW that you are a BIBLE-THUMPING RELIGIOUS FANATIC!! And I WILL NOT take you seriously enough, to even read your comments about anything. So you’ll be wasting your time anyway!

June 24, 2009 at 10:24 am
(59) Sonya says:


Hey Lisa, looks like you’re another religious fanatic. I never said that I hated a ‘god’, I just don’t believe in one. But you show how ignorant you are, with you blatant hostility towards me because I don’t I’m a non-believer in ‘god’.

And stating my atheism isn’t ‘trash talk’, but just a statement of my own beliefs. Once again, your reply shows how bigoted you religious people can be. You always insist
on forcing your beliefs on others. Besides that, you and the other religious fanatics are
trying to turn this blog into a religious forum, when this is a blog about women’s healthcare. If you want to foist your religious beliefs on others, then I suggest you do so on a religious blog.

June 24, 2009 at 11:45 am
(60) B.F. says:

First of all, don’t blame Stephen.I’m the one who’s chatting with you.(B.F.) I never said you don’t have a right to feel the way you do.I was just offering my friendship and such. OK folks. No more bad words. We all have a right to feel the way we do and I wish hell on no person.Sonja, I am truly sorry for the hurts in your past.I wish you well in the future and please know that I hold no ill will towards you. Take care my friend.

June 24, 2009 at 3:05 pm
(61) Sonya says:

Hey B.F.,

I had addressed my comments to both you and Stephen, since you both were insistent about your religious beliefs.

I hope that by contacting me, you both become more open-minded, and tolerant of those who have different religious beliefs than you.

I also hope that you both realize the serious
issues of discrimination and abuse, that women
face in the healthcare system. That’s what this blog is all about, and not theology.

Hope I was able to educate you both, on what women go through. Religion is a whole separate
issue, from women’s healthcare. That was the point I was trying to get across.

I don’t believe that you meant any ‘ill will’ towards me. But if you truly respect me, and my beliefs, than you shouldn’t force your religious beliefs on me. Hope I gave you food for thought, so to speak.

July 2, 2009 at 3:16 pm
(62) SKB says:

I HATE gynecologists!! Women or men! My first time going was when I was 18. He made me feel so humilliated that I was still a virgin & never used tampons because he couldn’t get instruments up there to check around.

I’m now 41 & just went for a 2nd time yesterda. It was horrrrrrrible!!!! This time, a female doctor, again didn’t want to take the time to make me feel comfortable because no one wants to work with a virin who never used tampons. It was sooooooo painful & I bled until the next day from what she “tried” to do. I will, never, ever, ever, go back to a gyno again! Even if my life depended on it! I’ll deal with my fibroid tumors myself!

July 9, 2009 at 6:55 pm
(63) Missy says:

Im 19 and I suffer from endometriosis which calls for alot of visits to the gynos. Ive also had two surgeries in that personal areas. Today I went to see a male gyno. He was supposed to help me with my pain and how to management. The doctor spent over thirty minutes explaing to me how to sit on top of my boyfriend during sex and that I should “lean forward and backward and play around” He should me how far I should let it go in. He told me to lay chest down on a matress and to have my boyfriend have sex with me. Over his pants he spread his legs and pointed to where all my female parts would be. He talked to me about how to not numb the clitoris because that wouldnt be any fun. The whole time he was talking he acted like he was getting turned on he would start talking faster and get fidgety. At the beginning of the appointment I told him I didnt have problems with sex just my pain. He told me he liked me and would like me to come in a lot more. Is this sexual abuse? It feels like it is. But I dont know the laws.

July 29, 2009 at 2:53 am
(64) Just another man says:

All too often I have heard people say “Doctors look at nude patients so often they get used to it”. It’s like saying people who work in a bank counting notes will not bother to collect their pay cheques at month end.

If I am a doctor, and a sexually attractive female comes in for a breast or vaginal exam I will definitely be aroused… It’s the male instinct for God’s sake.

July 29, 2009 at 10:27 pm
(65) M0b1u5 says:

I read a few comments here, and I have to tell you that the IQs of women posting here seem to be between 30 and 50, no more.

Honestly, what a bunch of ignorant, fearful, and tragically misinformed human garbage most of you are.

Let me categorically state right here that doctors treat your sexual organs in exactly the same way as any other organ in your body. They do not care about your sex organs, and they are not stimulated in any way by any part of your body. At All. Ever.

They may treat YOU differently when they are required to examine you, but that will be in deference to the fact you are an ignorant fool with major body problems, rather than anything to do with the actual organ concerned.

For god’s sake: get a grip women!

July 30, 2009 at 4:07 am
(66) Marc says:

Those of you who have been abused or feel its against your religion to have a male OB/GYN please ignore me, for the rest please listen. to Suzy(22) I hope that you never get breast or cervical cancer, because by the time to find out, you’ll be dead. to a few others: Gynecologists are seeing your vagina/cervix/uterus/ovaries in what is usually their worst state, ie when you notice a problem. those of you who have/had yeast infections; do YOU think anyone could find that sexy? the doctor is there for one reason, to make sure that you body stays in working order for as long as possible. this includes: fixing things that break(cancer is a big one here), looking for things that are about to break (again it’s CANCER) and giving you methods to keep things from breaking. As a guy I have no idea what you feel during a pap smear, on the flip side you will never know what its like to get a prostate exam. I get a different PA almost every time and its been a mix different genders races and ages, medical procedures are about as asexual as you can get, and like a pap smear, they’re checking for cancer. so if you enjoy uncontrolled tumor growth(approx 12000 for cervical cancer and 42000 for breast cancer) by all means stay the hell away from doctors at all costs.

July 30, 2009 at 11:32 am
(67) Loki says:

I can’t get over all these comments…A quarter of you women are crazy, another quarter are liars, another quarter are the mixture of the two spamming nearly identical comments consisting of; “SIN!”, “My exam wasn’t an exam-it was RAPE! Now my life is ruined boohoo!”, “Men are evil! Men are scum! They’ll all gang rape you in a second! Men should never be allowed into any medical field! KILL ALL MEN!”
The last quarter are people with legitimate questions, thoughts and concerns-who knows how many actually thought your nonsense was true? This is 2009-are women really still this ignorant? OF COURSE THE EXAM FEELS WEIRD-your getting metal instruments shoved into you to spread you wide enough so that the Doctor can look inside. And it isn’t just about smears-its to make sure everything looks okay-nothing swollen or red, no discoloration or pus-you think Jeeeesus will keep you healthy because another person touching you is wrong without a ring? Are there huge comment pages like this about men freaking out that their doctor is man and they need to get their (gasp!) prostate inspected? They’ll surely both go to Hell because that means they *have* to be gay and swimming in sin, right?

You know what…I’m glad you girls reject it for your retarded reasons, this way when cervical cancer does strike, or painful cysts, or Rectovestibular fistula-or anything really from this gigantic list of vaginal diseases on this website- http://www.gfmer.ch/selected_images_v2/level2_disease.php?cat1=8&stype=d
- you won’t know you have them, or you’ll just try and pray/rationalize the pain away and you’ll still die in ignorance. Only the strongest survive, and it’s a miracle you all have managed to make it this far.

August 2, 2009 at 6:54 pm
(68) C. says:

Amen to the last 3 comments! The majority of earlier postings is one of the strangest collections of comments I’ve ever seen on a regular site. It’s quite sad that there are a lot of women who won’t overcome their fears, and instead are coming her finding voices who justify these fears. And that there are women who can’t distinguish between abusive experiences and naturally uncomfortable ones. Any intimate exam for a man or woman by a doctoris going to be uncomfortable, especially when you are young and/or it’s your first time. But think of the many people suffering serious illnesses every day who are constantly subjected to painful, uncomfortable and embarrassing procedures. They have to be a lot braver than those of us facing the occasional check-up. Yes, there are abusive doctors but it would be much more fruitful to educate women to know the signs and know their rights, and to help them find good doctors than to make them afraid of any male doctor.

Suggesting it’s ‘natural’ for any man to be turned on excuses the bad doctors, and tarnishes the good doctors who have self-control and are professional.

Anyone suggesting a woman and her male doctor are adulterous is absolutely sick.

‘Just another man’, your analogy is extremely poor. Your bank worker analogy is not equivalent to an ob/gyn being turned on by his patients. It is actually equivalent to that doctor still desiring to have sex with his wife. The bank worker has no feelings toward the money that he is encountering daily, and it’s just a banal part of the job. But that is separate from the money he uses himself. Something that would be analogous to a doctor being turned on by women he examines medically would be a bank worker who steals money while on the job.

August 2, 2009 at 6:58 pm
(69) C. says:

Oh, I just wanted to add that when I said good doctors have self-control, I didn’t phrase that right. I didn’t mean that to sound like they are holding back some natural urge. I meant to say they don’t abuse their positions of power.

August 4, 2009 at 3:10 pm
(70) seriously? says:

Yes, thanks indeed for those last few comments! I was (still am?) seriously concerned about some of you.
I’m sure there is a perv. OB/GYN out there. Just as I’m sure there’s a large animal veterinarian who loves having sex with barnyard animals.

BUT, the fact of the matter is the majority of these doctors are mentally & socially stable individuals who have a desire to HELP you. Or, at the very least, only desire to take your money in exchange for valid *medical* services rendered at the very least.

Your ignorant misinterpretation of your religion and the world around you has no business in everyone elses’ preventive medicine.

Anyway, when I go to the gynecologist (which have been a mix of men and women, some of whom I would guess to be homosexual, by the way), I’m always nervous. I’ll never get used to that little paper gown, those cold stirrups, and that awful pinching of the speculum (yeah, it can hurt even when you’re not a virgin, ladies). I just close my eyes and picture myself anywhere else and that usually helps a lot. :) I mean, really, the whole exam is over in 5-10 minutes at most.

August 4, 2009 at 3:27 pm
(71) Missy is a troll says:

Don’t respond to “her” post.

For all of you who think men gynecologists are aroused at the sight of your naked body, are you just in complete denial that lesbians exist? Are you in complete denial that some of those men GYNs may be gay and *completely* uninterested in the nude female body? Get a clue, folks!

August 11, 2009 at 1:07 pm
(72) Sonya says:

I’m amazed by the hostile, dismissive comments posted by many of you males, towards the women posting their bad experiences with gynecologists. Painful, degrading pelvic exams, shouldn’t have to tolerated. No male can relate to how a woman is made to feel, both physically and emotionally, during a pelvic examination!

If you think that most women aren’t being duped and
abused to some degree by male gynos, then you should
read a book called Malepractice, by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn. He’s a male doctor himself, and tells the truth about how women are manipulated by the male medical establishment. As a doctor, Mendelsohn
has first-hand knowledge, of how women can be, and are abused (and not just physically), by many male doctors. I think that after reading Malepractice, you’ll gain some real knowledge about what women go through, regarding dealing with doctors.

For you women who have posted stories regarding enduring painful gyno exams, I most definitely sympathize. I’m a female, and can relate to how bad gyno exams can be. I also agree that, though male gynos can be grossly insensitive to their female patients, many female gynos can be rough in their examination techniques also.

The medical establishment needs to ensure that pelvic exams are not painful, by administering some sort of medication, especially before a pap smear. There are many topical anesthetics available for gynos to use, if they really want to take the ‘pinch’ out of pap smears. A topical anesthetic, especially used in conjunction with a mild sedative,
would do wonders to ensure a pain-free pelvic exam.
Dentists offer topical gel, before giving Novocaine shots. They also offer nitrous oxide, and mild sedatives, to avoid patient pain and anxiety. If the medical establishment were really concerned with
a woman’s comfort during pelvic exams, then they could take measures used by dentists, to avoid causing their patients pain during exams.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to relying on the mainstream medical establishment, for a woman’s gyno health needs. Pap smears done in a gyno’s office, are no longer the only option. There’s now a self-sampling device, that can be used for women
to administer their own Pap smears at home, painlessly. A tampon-like device was developed by a doctor, that a woman can insert herself to obtain
cell samples. The samples are then put into a jar,
and sent to a lab for analysis. Here’s a link to the website, that tells all about this device, and
instructions for use:

Also, holisic therapies can cure, and help prevent
gynecological maladies. These can include herbal remedies, acupuncture (which is NOT painful), body massages, relaxation techniques, etc. A certified nurse midwife, can also be utilized as an alternative to traditional gynecologists. They tend to take the time to treat the woman as an individual, and to be gentle and caring when giving pelvic exams. Hope these suggestions are helpful.

August 15, 2009 at 3:01 am
(73) Lucy says:

I think US women need to look at medical practices around the world – your medical system is almost abusive of women.
I have American colleagues and they’ve told me the shocking things you face or manage to avoid (the lucky ones!)
Annual routine gyn exams are totally unnecessary in asymptomatic women. The States and Germany are the only two countries that push these exams.
You can confidently refuse them knowing the VAST MAJORITY of doctors in the world do NOT recommend them at all. My doctor believes they can be harmful leading to even more invasive and possibly harmful testing and procedures.
In Finland, we have the lowest rates of cervical cancer in the world and the lowest number of cervical biopsies and false positives.
The smear is unreliable and produces lots of false positives and false negatives.
We don’t test women under age 30, as it’s clear it causes much more harm than good.
Your cervix changes in your 20′s and these changes do not need medical intervention. Over-treating young women with biopsies (particiularly cone biopsies) leaves many with damage to the cervix, which causes problem with infertility and during pregnancy. (and later in life)
The tiny number of women who get cervical cancer under 30 are also likely to get a false negative test result – the smear usually misses these rare and aggressive cancers.
If you look on-line many countries are now considering raising the screening age to 25 or 30 (UK is 25 and the Netherlands 30)
This is to contain the harm to young women.
Over-treatment caused by this unreliable test is the major downside of this screening.
If you screen women annually, you GUARANTEE over-treatment – biopsies are unpleasant/painful/humiliating/cause damage/psychological issues/psychosexual issues….
They are not to be taken lightly….
I’m low risk and my Dr told me straight – you’re unlikely to benefit…you might choose not to have screening or have it very infrequently.
I chose not to have screening.
We all receive risk information about this test and there are no scare campaigns.
US women are led to believe this cancer is a HUGE risk – it’s not – look at the research by Dr Angela Raffles, a UK cervical screeening expert – 1000 women need regular screening for 35 years to save ONE woman from cervical cancer! In this time, thousands will face the anguish of a false positive and biopsies.
If you don’t want to have smears – don’t…you can accept the very small risk of cancer (high risk women) or the tiny risk (low risk women)
Smoking, drinking to excess or being over or underweight carry FAR greater risks to your health than choosing not to have smears.
Breast exams are NOT recommended in my country until you’re in your 40′s – young breast tissue is hard to examine and often leads to biopsies for false positives.
We are offered a CBE from our mid-40′s…
We receive full risk information on mammograms – it’s bad to have them before age 50, as they are more likely to lead to biopsies for false positives.
I have decided not to have them at all – there is a lot of worrying research that suggests they cause lots of problems and may even INCREASE the risk of this cancer – due to the radiation and squeezing of the breast tissue. The other problems – unnecessary surgery & biopsies and the discovery of ductal carcinoma in situ (a slow moving cancer unlikely to bother you, but once biopsied, it can become aggressive, so the breast is usually removed) About 40% of older women will have some DCIS.
More than ever…women need to do their reading and make informed decisions.
You don’t need this level of medical intervention in your lives – womanhood is not a disease.
No wonder so many of you sound stressed and afraid…
Know your risk profile, do what is likely to help you, not harm you and get on with lives.
I have a female doctor, but I’ve only needed one pelvic exam in my life…so this isn’t a huge issue for me.
I would always insist on a female doctor though, if anything invasive were required….
My body, my choice.
My US colleagues, to protect their health, now see doctors in HK…they told that Planned Parenthood now offers the HOPE scheme, so you can access the Pill without unnecessary and possibly harmful exams.
It’s up to you whether you have pap smears, but if you wish to have them…be careful about having them before you’re 30 and then only 5 yearly….
This won’t reduce your risk to zero – of the 1% who get this cancer, one third will have received false negatives…so roughly 0.66%* of women benefit from the test.
(*RMDeMay, Should we abandon pap smear testing, American Jnl of Clinical Pathology, 2000)
If you wish to see the likelihood of benefiting from this test – google Andrew Rouse, Snr Lecturer in Public Health at Birmingham University….the likelihood of benefiting from this testing is very low (and low risk women – remote/tiny)
I think the figures will surprise you…
The prostitutes of the Red Light District in Amsterdam follow the same scheme – starting at 30 and then 5 yearly testing – even this high risk group are more likely to be harmed by more frequent testing or testing too early…
Virgins do not need testing and are not offered testing in any other country in the world. They are MUCH more likely to be harmed by this test.
I understand some US doctors test virgins…which is shocking.
Hope this information helps…
Good luck everyone.

August 15, 2009 at 3:17 am
(74) Jackie says:

Pelvic exams are not done or recommended in other countries….forget about them, unless you want them for some reason. I found out when I was an exchange student – thankfully, they never got me…I refused them and had the knowledge to back up my refusal…so the threats and intimidation fell on deaf ears.
I was refused birth control and got my lawyer to send a letter pointing out informed consent is needed for smears and they have nothing to do with birth control – it is illegal and unethical to coerce a woman into smears or hold her birth control as ransom.
Pelvic exams – they couldn’t argue there – they KNOW they’re unnecessary and of very low clinical value.
I got my script and have had no trouble since.
Pap smears – I self-test, but there is now a blood test called the Cervical Specific Antigen (CSA test) that is almost 100% reliable.
It was patented in the States in 2004, so hopefully it will be available shortly.
I do the self-test every 3-5 years reducing the likelihood of having a colposcopy for a false positive.
I don’t understand why women put themselves through so much…
Breast exams are not recommended in other countries either until you’re about 45 or 50….
I don’t live with the threat of these exams and the inaccurate test….I KNOW the real risks and the real value of these things and feel confident in my decisions.
Doctors can’t frighten you when you’ve seen how women are treated elsewhere…
Overseas doctors don’t use stirrups either…so many things in our system are designed to reduce the woman to a powerless and degraded object.
Say NO….

September 14, 2009 at 7:11 am
(75) Mary says:


September 24, 2009 at 7:50 pm
(76) Jennifer says:

You people are ridiculous.
This is just a thought.

What if the female doctor was a lesbian?

What now?
Oh right. Now you’re going to state how being homosexual is horribly wrong and against God.

Just move on and find a different doctor if you arent satisfied or happy with the situation youre in. STOP WHINING. YOU ARE ALL ADULTS.

October 9, 2009 at 6:37 pm
(77) Sonya says:

To Jennifer,

This is a blog where we can all express our personal experiences, with the OB-GYN medical establishment. Those on this blog, have every right to express their experiences. You call honest self-expression on this blog, ‘whining’.

I’m glad that this a blog, allows real people to sound-off about their bad experiences, with the medical establishment in this country. Bad doctors, and our dysfunctional health care system that enables them, need to be exposed on a blog like this one.

“Moving on” to a better doctor, may not always be possible either, especially for those who don’t have health insurance. And, most folks who DO have health insurance, have no choice of doctors, due to the heinous HMO system.

I hope that I’ve given you food for thought, so to speak.
Mainly, I hope that you’ll change your harsh attitudes, towards those of us on this blog.

Live and let live!

November 9, 2009 at 8:55 pm
(78) I still haven't gotten my life back. says:

Thank you to Sonja for her compassionate, informative, and well-written posts.

For those of you complaining about people relating their pelvic exam nightmares, if you’re fine with them, good for you, but others have serious problems associated with them. I believe the knee-jerk reaction that “pelvic exams are good for you and you shouldn’t complain” is just typical authoritarian parroting. For some reason, it has become conventional wisdom that women should submit to frequent pelvic exams by male doctors, and there should be no complaints! After all, Authority says it’s fine! Some of you may go along with that attitude, but it doesn’t take away the emotional scars for the women affected.

I’m an adult now. When I was a teenager I was brought by an uncaring parent to a male gynecologist for rough and demeaning pelvic, breast, and rectal exams. I’m still recovering. For years I kept reliving what happened, with all the accompanying humiliation, shame, and loss of control that I experienced at the time. It truly was the worst thing I have ever experienced.

P.S.: I also appreciate the honesty of men who agree that men shouldn’t be gynecologists.

December 2, 2009 at 12:42 am
(79) Connie says:

You need to get a life. Gynecologists are people trained to help women with gynecology issues. To think of their work as anything else is very sick.

December 8, 2009 at 7:46 pm
(80) T says:

Just because Christian men cant contain themselves when they see a vagina doesnt mean that other PROFESSIONAL men cant! I’m not gonna deny that there ARE perverts out there. I’m sure there’s many. It seems to me that the posters on here not only have trouble accepting male gynecologists, but accepting men in general. i am a man, and saw a female doctor today, because the male doctor wasnt available. its strictly preference. Women should have the right to CHOOSE. some women just dont like other women forced on them, ever think of that???? funny some of you quote the bible. doesnt the old testament regard women as property? PROFESSIONALISM is the key word here. its something that you religious fundamentalists know nothing about, because you are ignorant and conditioned to believe a stupid book of stories rather than use logic and reason to think! I am a man. I am not a gynecologist and dont desire to be one. I am still, however, offended that you posters on here think of me and other men as inner perverts that can never be trusted. and you men on here that agree with that philosophy….YOU ARE THE PERVERTS who have little to no control over your sex drives and therefore require women to cover up. thats the way islamic countries treat their women. your chivalry is a front, and you are the ones who good men and cautious women should keep their evil eye on.

December 24, 2009 at 11:44 pm
(81) Sabrina says:

I agree with the above. JRL’s comments show how sick this person is. I am a woman and I will not have a female doctor pushed off on me. JRL, you should seek help becasue you obviously have issues. How sick and twisted your thinking is.

January 3, 2010 at 2:01 am
(82) blythe says:

I had gone to male gynecologists before, and I went again one day. Then my husband, who is well-endowed, went to a female urologist. He didn’t tell me until afterward that it was a female. The idea that my husband’s penis was touched by a female medical doctor or any female drove me nuts. When he said that I went to a male gynecologist who saw and touched my breasts and vagina and so it should be okay, I tried to argue. I said he just wanted to show off or get even. He said I wanted to show off because I had the choice of a female gynecologist. I mean I am going insane about him going to a female urologist, but I could have gone to a female gynecologist. He said he wasn’t really comfortable going to a male. But after I blew a gasket, we agreed to only see same-sex doctors from now on. Now I realize that it is a violation of marriage vows to have a man see a married woman naked when she has a choice and her life does not depend on surgery.

January 7, 2010 at 8:53 pm
(83) Male Ed says:

Sorry to comment here but I cannot find anyplace in the whole damn WWW to go. I get and stay sick to my stomach every time my wife has to go the gynecologist. I know it is stupid and I would really love to not feel this way. I always go with her at her request. If she tells me about the appointment 1 month in advance, then that is 30 nights of little to no sleep and full time nausia. I need to know am I a freak or do other male partners express this feeling to you ladies? I feel this way if the Dr is male or female but am more comfortable with a female Dr for her as well as she is.

Tell me I am not alone.

January 8, 2010 at 11:46 am
(84) robert says:

You are not alone. I don’t feel especially calm whenever she goes. When she used to go to a male, I hated it. Now she goes to females only. There is no reason for a female to go to a male, if there is a female to go see. In towns where there are no females, go to the nearby city. If you live in a small town, you’re going to run into the man who saw your wife naked at the barber shop and the grocery store. “Who’s that, daddy?” “Oh, that’s the man who sees mommy naked once a year.”

January 9, 2010 at 11:19 pm
(85) Kate says:

I’m an Australian woman and no Dr has ever asked me to have a routine or annual gyn exam. I asked my GP about them after reading this thread. She said they are of little clinical value when a woman has no symptoms and they can even be harmful, leading you to surgery and other things, if the Dr “thinks” he/she felt something… (a false positive)
In other words – very low value and a risk to your health.
Fortunately, UK and Dutch Dr’s don’t recommend these exams either (I’ve lived in those countries as well)
Cervical screening is the only thing pushed at us. I looked at the evidence – the positives and minuses of testing and decided against it. The risk of this cancer is about 1%…yet the risk of over-treatment for false positives is about 77% with 2 yearly testing. Even 5 yearly from age 30 carries a risk of about 55%…and an article I saw recently by an American pathologist said that only 0.65% of women benefit from smears. I really think this is the information women need to be given, not the “carefully engineered” brochures and stats Dr’s release to scare and mislead women into testing. If you know your risk of this cancer, the overall risk and the risks of testing, you’re better able to make an informed decision. (See Richard DeMay, “Should we abandon pap smear testing”, American Jnl of Clinical Pathology, 2000 – available online)
Personally, I think high risk woman have the only chance of benefiting from smears, but even they should avoid over-screening – the programs that advise screening 5 yearly from 30 produce the lowest number of false positives.
I only see female doctors, but I rarely have an exam that requires any exposure anyway…still I feel comfortable with my female GP and if something embarrassing came up, we could cope with it together.
I can’t imagine being subjected to those horrendous legs-in-stirrups exams that US women endure every year – they would destroy my life and developing my peace of mind. Fancy treating women like slabs of meat.
Rectal exams in a healthy woman – absolutely unnecessary. (my Dr was horrified at the suggestion)
Breast exams – not recommended unless the woman has a lump or other concern – the Nordic Cochrane has looked at the evidence and concluded the don’t reduce the death rate from cancer, but cause unnecessary breast biopsies – some Dr’s believe they are a risk factor for cancer. My Dr has never rotuinely examined my breasts and in fact, she received a circular from the Medical Society many years ago warning Dr’s NOT to routinely examine their patient’s breasts.
Most of these exams are totally unnecessary in a healthy woman and more likley to harm you.
I find it offensive to suggest a healthy woman needs these vile checks to satisy a Dr she is well every year. And why only her reproductive organs and breasts? What about her brain, liver and other organs? It’s abusive and you shouldn’t allow these exams unless you’re satisfied they are in YOUR best interests.
If they were so important, why wouldn’t they be recommended by Australian, Dutch, English or Finnish Dr’s? Do you have less cancer as a result? No, not even close…
All these exams do is land you in day procedure centres having more unnecessary and harmful testing. Don’t trust your dishonest and unethical doctors…there are lots of articles on line that show these exams are NOT recommended in healthy women. Google Heather Dixon – Pelvic Exams & Hormonal Contraception – this legal paper looks at the pelvic exam – it’s benefits, it’s risks and the unethical and unnecessary tying of exams to birth control pills. (the latter practice is common in the States)
I can get Pills in the UK and Australia with a simple blood pressure check – it is shocking to create these barriers in front of reliable birth control to take advantage and harm healthy women. This should be a national scandal and before the Courts. An unplanned pregnancy carries far more risk than not having an exam of dubious value (at best) and optional cancer screening for a rare cancer with an unreliable test.
Be careful with mammograms as well – the only unbiased information available is the brochure produced by the Nordic Cochrane Institute (on their website) It honestly lists the benefits and the risks of mammograms. This info was produced as the Institute were disgusted with the misleading and incomplete information given to women by Dr’s.
Doctors have a conflict of interest – we must make our own informed decisions these days – unfortunately, we cannot trust the information given to us by our doctors.

January 30, 2010 at 2:07 am
(86) TheSuicidalGirl says:

I have no reason to go to a gynecologist. No diseases or infections run in my family’s history. I’m the type of person that wants to remain a virgin, I hate kids so I don’t want any…And honestly…I’m a man hater. I don’t care about my health at all either, I’ll die one day anyways. It’s better for me if it’s sooner than later :) After all, I do just take up space in this world, it should be used for someone else who actually wants to live. I have thought this way for many years and each time I try to commit suicide my mom catches me and takes me to some mental hospital -.- I just want to die ASAP.

February 26, 2010 at 2:18 pm
(87) Misty says:

I am very pleased to see that some Christians have commented on how they believe it is wrong for a man to be an ob/gyn. Let me share my story.

I am a 30 year old Christian virgin woman who is committed to saving sex for marriage. I made a commitment as a teenager to True Love Waits. At the same time, I thought about how I was not going to let any men including doctors see and access certain parts of my body that should only be reserved for my future husband. I also believe that nudity before the opposite sex should be reserved for spouse only. I think it is very special for a husband to be the only man who can see his wife naked and a wife to be the only woman to see her husband naked. I don’t want my future husband to ever have any intimate male medical procedures with other women present.

I am not against doctors or medical treatments at all. I simply believe that intimate male procedures should be only done by male doctors/nurses/assistants and intimate female procedures should only be done by female doctors/nurses/assistants. I feel like we have been brainwashed by the medical industry. Medical professionals are not above us morally. Why is it not okay for a man in other occupations such as teacher, pastor, plumber, computer programmer, etc. to see another woman who is not his wife naked?

I don’t think that husbands are crazy when they don’t want their wives to see a male gynecologist. It is simply because they love their wives so much. I would see a man as controlling if he would not allow his wife to go to a female ob/gyn if she needed to.

Pap smears are usually unnecessary for virgins. See what a doctor from Mayo Clinic had to say. Go to http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/pap-smear/an01635.

February 26, 2010 at 2:19 pm
(88) Misty says:

The correct link to the article that discusses pap smears for virgins is at http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/pap-smear/an01635

February 26, 2010 at 2:24 pm
(89) Misty says:

I know that this article deals with going to the gynecologist. But there are some very serious patient modesty violation cases that don’t involve ob/gyn. For example, one man was stripped naked for a hand surgery. You should check out Medical Patient Modesty’s web site at http://www.patientmodesty.org to learn more about this. We are trying to start a non-profit organization. We will need to raise a lot of funds to get this non-profit organization started.

We’d love to hear from doctors and/or nurses who have chosen to not do intimate procedures on the opposite sex and have succeeded.

It will probably take us about a year to become a tax exempt non-profit organization, but we would really like to get started now. I know there are some people out there would not mind donating money that would not be tax exempt for this cause.

April 23, 2010 at 11:21 pm
(90) Caity says:

Dude, shut up! A doctor is a doctor. Don’t look at the gender, look at what they’re trained to do. You’re seriously going on about Christianity this, and Christianity that. Just save it! YOU’RE JUDGING! Saying every male gyno is a RAPIST. And they’re a gyno to HELP WOMEN. NOT COMMIT ADULTERY.
Not EVERY guy is bad. Each gender has it’s fair shair of effed up things. Each gender has raped or killed or committed a sin. Save it for church sweetie, where people like you can all bicker and complain together. I’m Catholic but at least I’m sane. Thank God!
Christian PSYCHOS.

April 29, 2010 at 12:49 pm
(91) Sheena says:

The Gyno saved my life. periOd.

GOD works through Doctors. Maybe.

If you don’t want to go.. stay home. ImagiNe that.

Pap Police .. where?! where!!

MoreoVer, without a C section.. my daughter wouldn’t exist. That’s right. Umbilical cord . Blue.

Grow up. She has (:

May 6, 2010 at 2:25 pm
(92) C-2 says:

I was a virgin till I was 30 years old and have never been comfortable with gynecologists. They have always made me feel abnormal for not liking/having sex (or even liking the exams themselves), and never made me feel at ease when they knew I was fearful. I don’t think this is right. Not everyone needs to have sex or relationships anyway. Those of us who do not are not strange or have been abused in our lives. And tell me who in this world DOES like to sit in a sterile, white room and wait for 30 minutes, then to have a cold speculum put inside you while being judged by the doctor.

Yes, it is definitely important to have these exams -your health depends on it. But I still dread them and wish that the doctors would try to be a bit more understanding.

June 7, 2010 at 7:45 am
(93) Jana says:

This is a bigger issue for American women. We don’t see gynaecologists unless we have a gyn problem or we’re pregnant.
Our doctors don’t recommend routine gyn exams unless we have gyn symptoms.
The only embarrassing, uncomfortable test we have is the pap smear and you can self-test if you prefer…every 5 years from around 30 or 35.
I’m low risk and did a self test at 40 and will do one more at 50.
I don’t fear gynaecologists because I’ve never seen one!
If I ever need to see one, I’ll get a referral to a nice woman who delivered my nephews.
I really think American women overdo all these gyn exams, I doubt they actually help any of you.
I’d query their value…and smears are a personal choice and the screening schedule should reflect your level of risk. Embarrassed, but want to test, use a self-test kit, lots of women use them now.

June 7, 2010 at 7:51 am
(94) JK says:

A Dr is a Dr….well, I prefer a female Dr. (on the rare occasion I need to see one)
Just another male gyn raping patients and being permitted to keep practising.
The system failing to protect women again…
These cases are far too common to ignore…

June 7, 2010 at 4:50 pm
(95) virgin says:

I am still a virgin (27years old) and getting married soon, live in London. I would like to go to a gynacologist before the wedding, but I am not on medical aid. If necessary I am willing to pay cash if that would mean ensuring I see the right person to tell me what to expect and advising on the right contraception etc.
I would like to someone more specialised than just going to a walk in centre/nurse/GP, but also cant afford to spend a fortune!!!
Where do I start!??? Any advice welcome! Thanks!

July 27, 2010 at 8:34 pm
(96) Confused says:

I have a question. Is it legal for a woman to force her daughter to go to a gynecologist?

July 28, 2010 at 10:09 am
(97) womenshealth says:

I would think it’s as legal as “forcing” your child to go to any other doctor. Depending on where you live, if she is 17 or 18, the choice may be hers alone. I don’t know your situation, but maybe your daughter feels uncomfortable having her mother take her to the gynecologist — maybe if you allow her to make her own appointment and go on her own she’ll be more inclined to go.

September 4, 2010 at 2:05 am
(98) AH says:

I personally feel that the men posting here have no opinion on this subject matter! You will NEVER have to go through this experience. So why would your opinion matter? Whether your a religious man or not, you don’t make the choice… the woman does. And calling a male doctor a pervert is kind of funny when the men here are commenting on a WOMENS health blog. Why are you on here anyways? Mind your business and us women will mind ours.

I would feel more comfortable with a female gyno, but if the male doctor knew more and could safe my life… I think I would suck it up and go that route.

Men will never understand… and the fact that some of the men commenting are jealous or uncomfortable about women seeing a male doctor, I think you have some relationship, security, and trust issues. Maybe you need to see another type of doctor.

November 8, 2010 at 8:28 pm
(99) jmt says:

Go to someone who is interested in your overall health and who can take charge to direct specialists WHERE needed rather than someone who is primarily interested only in your chest and what is between your legs. I would find a GOOD GP and forget about going from one specialist to another for routine tests/exams.

November 15, 2010 at 5:20 pm
(100) tricia says:

I live in the US they do not offer any kind of do it yourself pap,im deathly afraid of gynos,ive had 2 kids and my last pap was 7 years ago,bad experience,docs laughing at me cuz of my anxiety ect…If anyone could maybe help me get one of these do it yourself pap test I would be so greatful. thank you

December 3, 2010 at 2:14 am
(101) Matthew Chiglinsky says:

A pelvic exam is rape.

“Discomfort/pain, shame/embarrassment, and/or a feeling of being violated, as a result of penetration of the sexual organs by a person in whom a woman has no sexual interest, achieved through coercion, fear, and/or intimidation.”


December 13, 2010 at 10:09 am
(102) Matthew Chiglinsky says:

A traditional rapist may say, “If you don’t let me put my d*** inside you, I’m going to kill you.”

A gynecologist effectively says, “If you don’t let me put my fingers inside you, you’re going to get sick and die.”

The statements are logically the same. There is no consent. Fear is the motivation. Gynecology should be illegal.

December 30, 2010 at 1:07 am
(103) Meaghan says:

I am an 18 year old girl and I think I have more sense than half of these grown women posting on this article. I will not say that there is not sick people out there. A male obgyn has the possibilty to be a pervert but so can a women. Women that say they will not get a pelvic exam because it is invading you privacy are complete morons. I usually do not succumb to name calling. As women we should have a choice between a male or female doctor but we should not shun a male doctor and automatically call him a “rapist”. You are the kind of people that will shield your children from the world with your warped mindset. Thank you very much for having a closed mind.

January 1, 2011 at 12:30 pm
(104) HMPDTE says:

solution to this problem is to request to have your husband, or boyfriend or a female nurse/friend chaperoning the check up. Just think of simple solutions to your problems.

February 8, 2011 at 1:01 pm
(105) mark says:

My wife is a nurse who both wotks with the same male gynecologist at a hospital, and she is/was his patient. Turns out he started sending her sexually explicit internet jokes aboout the gynecological exam and other sexually provocative “jokes” at least once a week. He also began sending her personal emails at all hours of the day, apparently while he was home with his wife. It was clear he lost his “medical objectivity”. I found his behavior insulting to me and exploitive to my wife. Needless to say, she doesn’t go to him any more. Be careful, male gynecologist can get aroused by intelligent, attractive women. This one did.

March 16, 2011 at 7:23 pm
(106) hdlp says:

Find a general practioner who is interested in your overall health and not just between the legs or on the chest. Save the gyno scam for when a specialist is needed and the GP cannot resolve. Too many things are missed when someone is only interested in one part rather than the whole body.

March 26, 2011 at 8:22 pm
(107) listentome says:

My last pap test was excruciatingly painful. Why oh why would a doctor put a human being through that kind of torture? It wasn’t “mildly” uncomfortable, it felt like a hot knife being jammed into my vagina. If a test has the potential to cause such pain to even a fraction of the women it is being performed on then something needs to change. No woman should have to endure that kind of pain, even for a short time. Because of that negative experience I will never again submit to such a barbaric test. I am experiencing symptoms presently where intimate exams/tests are probably needed but I just can’t/won’t endure them. Sometimes there is a fate worse than death. If doctors really cared about their patients, they would do more to make the patient more comfortable physically and emotionally.

March 27, 2011 at 3:52 am
(108) Meghan the Closed Minded One says:


I do not think people are suggesting male providers are more likely to be perverts than female providers. Some of the posters are suggesting that GENERALLY the male mind pathologizes and medicalizes female anatomy to a much more harmful degree than the female mind.

I thought your post was very naive. Please consider how differently obstetrics (created primarily by male minds) and midwifery (created primarily by female minds) treat low-risk pregnancies. Midwives are much more feministic in their approach, and they empower women to a greater extent than obstetricians, encouraging women to feel fearless about the birthing process.

You need to read more literature on the topic before making a hasty comment like you did. Male gynecologists are more likely to recommend hysterectomies, pelvic exams for birth control, pap smears for virgins, and are more likely to perform actions that are at least perceived to be abusive by patients.

Please read “Male Practice” by Robert Mendehlson, and “Women and Doctors” by John Smith, a male gynecologist who provides shocking scenarios about his male colleagues disrespecting female patients. Then, erase your ignorant and childish post that boasts how you as an 18-year-old know more than the rest of us women!

“Women that say they will not get a pelvic exam because it is invading you [sic] privacy are complete morons.”

How is having a complete stranger in a white coat performing an exam that is basically clinical digital sex not going to be perceived by some women as being invasive, degrading, and humiliating?

You believe your thinking is superior to how a portion of the three-billion women on this Earth feel about who does what to their vaginas?

You insensitive, judgmental, closed-minded bi#ch.

June 14, 2011 at 12:36 pm
(109) Jody says:

Well, I’m on my way to the gyno in about 15 minutes. Just nervous and was looking for reassurance. Some of you people have some serious issues. The only thing oppressing you as a woman IS your religion itself. If you’d rather die than have a male doctor inspect you. Get over it. You’re not that damn precious.

Just posting to say thanks to the rational, intelligent people on here. You’re logical posts have reminded me of the fact that this is a necessary (though obviously a tad uncomfortable) procedure….and it’s not that big a deal.

July 9, 2011 at 8:19 am
(110) Yehrin says:

I’m 19 years old, and I would like to see a gynecologist but honestly..I’m hella scared. I’m very body-conscious and I’m afraid of the outcome. It’s not so much religion or a gender preference. I know I can easily have a female doctor look at me. I’m just really scared, I don’t know how to associate with people in this kind of situation..but I really need an exam just in case. I can’t even ask my best friends to help me out, so I’m even more scared doing this on my own.

July 21, 2011 at 9:23 pm
(111) The Doctor of Dibley says:

I am a doctor training as a psychiatrist. I have trained in London with both men & women, of all religious faiths.

Regarding this thread, all of us are entitled to have our opinion and reflect on our experiences. But we must NEVER devalue another person’s experience/post. People go through a great deal of emotional pain to relate these episodes to others. Many of you Postees will NOT have a gynae exam because of your sex. Many of you ladies will have had problem-free, uncomplicated and positive encounters with your Gynaecologist. Please have a little respect for those who are afraid or have had bad experiences.

Gynaecologists can be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ practitioners, regardless of their gender. It is VERY rare that abuse happens, but sadly it does, and it destroys lives.

It doesn’t seem to matter if a doctor is male or female; after many casual chats with colleagues over pints and pizza, I have concluded that the vast majority of docs have an ‘override’ switch to their thoughts and are able to separate work from pleasure: when I posed the questions regarding ‘turn ons’ and ‘gynae’ everyone said “urgh, how weird – not the time or place to have those thoughts!”. My medical school constantly reminded us that to speak to, and touch, a patient in any way (from a handshake to surgery) is a privilege that we must honour and respect.

July 21, 2011 at 9:25 pm
(112) The Doctor of Dibley says:

and there’s more…

Incidentally, the younger the doctor, the less familiar/practiced they are with ‘female anatomy’ and ‘practical experience’, thus they are more anxious about ‘getting the consultation right’ and providing a successful procedure/examination. That attractive young man isn’t thinking about sex, he’s quietly panicking about his next set of Membership Exams: “am I doing this right?!”.
Oh, and the older ones get bored: “seen one, seen ‘em all – what’s on TV tonight?!” ;o)
I hope this reassures many of you.

July 21, 2011 at 9:26 pm
(113) The Doctor of Dibley says:

Last bit…

Now, personally, I *HATE* having gynae-related appointments. My last one, a colposcopy two days ago, was particularly traumatic. The procedure was PAINLESS, SAFE and LIFE SAVING. It was carried out by a very kind, professional doctor with 30yrs experience. However, I have a phobic reaction to gynae exams because I have a fear of being touched; I even have a dread of being looked at in ‘intimate’ places. I feel shame, embarrassment and violation. It is specific ONLY to medical scenarios (although as a doctor I have made many similar examinations of my patients, yet not felt these fears during those encounters). As far as I am aware, I have never been sexually abused, so I don’t know why I feel like I do. All I know is that suddenly I become a different person; I cry, go numb from the waist down, shake, and occasionally have a full blown panic attack. It’s a phobia. Many, many of us have them to different triggers (heights, spiders, dying – even peas). NB: Fear is a natural reaction; it is whether or not it interferes with your life that you must consider getting help.

Fortunately there are a number of things I can do to help reduce this phobia. I can see a female Dr on request. I am seeking therapy to try and help me through it. My very sweet, understanding husband has attended appointments. I am very lucky to have such good support. What is more, I am training in a medical field through which I can help people who have similar psychological issues to mine. Talking about fear is the first step to conquering it. I wish you all the best of luck and the greatest strength to overcome your fear of the gynaecologist.

Remember there is a doctor here, right beside you, feeling the same way. xx

July 26, 2011 at 4:16 am
(114) buriedalive00 says:

I think the Doctor of Dibley finally made a post spot on. No religious mentions, and touching the fact that YES, either MAN OR WOMAN gynos can abuse their patients, and that not ALL men are in it for power over women.

Undoubtedly, some are. Men should be allowed to practice anything they wish, just as women should recieve equal opportunity. Do not take a step back in history and ban a certain sex from going into a profession they desire. Although, it a good taste of their own medicine, I don’t think male doctors should be condemned.

However, any woman who feels she has been violated (more than just general discomfort) she should have the right to request a new doctor, a doctor of her choice gender, and the right to turn down any tests, without the “you’re gonna die” threat above her head.
I have been a victim of sexual abuse from two other guys (not doctors though) but I CAN relate to the fear of a man taking advantage of your body.

July 26, 2011 at 4:17 am
(115) buriedalive00 says:

(part 2)

My gynecologist was a much older, chubbier man but he didnt do anything that I felt overly invasive and unrelated to my exam, and I also had a female nurse and my female friend in the room. If anything, my gyno doctor seemed bored that I was potentially lying about having sex and he wasted no time in prescribing me effective birth control for a cyst and setting me up for an ultrasound. When I requested something to relieve itching I got from using pads I was prescribed something effecient and as soon as I asked.
My expierence was not unpleasant, if anything I got the impression that my male gyno doctor was just doing another day’s job. He made appropriate conversation with me, and even made a comment about my lip ring and necklace. When doing the actual exam (I needed a smear sample and just a general checkup) he asked questions totally unrelated to my vagina unless it was medically necessary. I recieved a pamphlet on breast lump checks, not an offer to be felt.

I guess my point is, I didnt feel as “violated” by my male gyno doctor as much as I thought Id be. I felt like a normal patient, who just had a different body part examined, nothing out of the way, and nothing out of boundaries.
So ladies, not ALL men are bad.

August 4, 2011 at 11:04 am
(116) joanna says:

shyness is my problem!!! how to overcome with this kind of problem..

August 22, 2011 at 2:54 am
(117) Brenda says:

I’m 19 and have had a total of five full pelvic exams with breast exam and two partial exams. These have all been done by three different doctors, all males. The first was a partial. I was 16 and had a yeast infection. My mother made an appointment for me with our family doctor. He just did a pap smear and nothing else. It all took about a minute and a half. I was still petrified though. My first real full exam was with the same doctor during a physical. Late in the exam he pulled the gown down and did the breast exam. After he was done with my breasts he gave me the pelvic.

I had my first one done by a gynecologist when I first went off to college at 18 to get on the pill. My family doctor gave me another one during my physical that year. This year I went to a different gyno for bc.

One thing I’ve noticed is that they all do things slightly differently. The family doctor would have me put on the gown so it tied in back and have me take it off my arms so I was completely nude on top. After that he would do the pelvic. The first gyno had me take all of my clothes off and just gave me a sheet to wrap up in. He pulled it down so I was completely nude on top and when he was done I pulled it up and he did the pelvic. With the third one the nurse just told me to take off everything below the waste and unhook my bra. When the doctor came in he had me pull up my shirt then he lifted my bra cups off my breasts and did the exam. When he had finished I scooted down and he lifted the sheet thing that was covering my pubic region and did the pelvic.
I still absolutely hate being examined, but it’s something we all have to do. I know the doctor has seen all kinds of naked women, but I still hate the words “I’m going to open up your gown now” or “scoot down”

August 29, 2011 at 8:51 pm
(118) bk says:

Hi. I’m 13 and my mom wants to set up an appointment for me at the gynecologist. But I have extreme anxiety(I actually go to a doctor for it), I am a bit self conscious, and I am extremely shy. I have been reading articles and blogs about the doctors and everything and how it’s really easy to go do, but I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, DO NOT WANT TO GO. I get freaked out when my mom starts talking to me about my period and ‘things’, so to have a complete stranger look and touch me, I don’t think i can do it. A lot of these posts seem to back up the fact that it’s scary, and painful, and humiliating. But there are also quite a few that say, ‘oh, don’t be worried about it’ and ‘it doesn’t hurt’ but I have also read that it’s not even recommended in most other countries. I have been having panic attacks over the situation and i wanna know what I should do! I have already talked to my mom about my fear but she says, “Well I went, and Your aunt went, so you can go.” Can she actually make me go? And also, Is it possible, if i do go, to be put on medication or something??? Please help, i am freaking out!

September 1, 2011 at 4:04 pm
(119) The Doctor of Dibley says:

Dear BK, I’m sorry you feel so freaked out.

First of all, you should never be made to do something you feel uncomfortable about. Unless you are experiencing abdominal pain, unusual bleeding or other concerning symptoms there is absolutely no indication for you to see a gynaecologist. You are 13, most women never see a gynae until they need their first PAP smear test (usually 3-5 years after their first intercourse) or think they need STD treatment.

Just because members of your family have been to see one does NOT mean there should be an automatic expectation for you to HAVE to see one.

If you have ‘capacity’ then you are allowed to consent, or not consent, to a medical procedure. Capacity means having the ability to understand why something is needed, balance up the benefits and risks, and finally, make a decision based on your own beliefs and concerns.

‘Fear’ can render a person ‘without capacity’, so your argument needs to be one that is not based on fear of the procedure/visit.

My suggestions are as follows: 1) work out exactly why you need to see one (symptoms/smear due/etc); 2) if you absolutely must see one you have a right to choose a doctor you feel comfortable with, male or female. 3) you are allowed to have a Chaperone in the room for any exam. This must be someone of the same sex as the patient. Most often it is a nurse. 4) if you ever feel something is painful, uncomfortable or just ‘wrong’ you have the RIGHT to terminate any consultation or exam. 5) if mum is not supportive, talk to someone else to trust implicitly (family doc, school nurse, trusted teacher, friend’s mum, telephone helpline).

Good luck BK, 13 is a tough age for body consciousness without having to deal with something as tough as this. Know your rights, take your time and it will be much less freaky :o )

The Doctor of Dibley

September 1, 2011 at 4:14 pm
(120) The Doctor of Dibley says:

BK, I forgot to address your medication question.

It would be exceptionally unusual to give you any medication you did not need. A good doctor will only ever prescribe you medication that is expected to treat a medical problem. Doctors should not prescribe medications unless they are absolutely sure a person would benefit from it.

All medicines have side-effects (mostly rare or minor you’ll be pleased to hear) so we are trained very carefully to choose the ones that best suit our patients. We also know how to monitor their effectiveness and alter their doses for the best results.

Again, if you fulfill the requirements of having ‘capacity’ you can decide yourself whether you will accept a medication based on your assessment of the benefits and risks of any medication.

Hope all this helps. xx

September 7, 2011 at 10:50 am
(121) Women are pussies says:

Lots of anti-male, feminazi, psychos in this thread…Whoa!

September 9, 2011 at 9:12 pm
(122) Cindy says:

I’m just 19 and I have a male doctor, but I don’t mind having him examine me. I figure that to him it’s just like any other body parts. When he asks me to pull down my gown for the breast exam I do it and am not at all embarrassed and when he lifts the gown for my pelvic I don’t have any problem.

September 27, 2011 at 5:35 am
(123) Erika says:

You people are absolutely nuts. If its sinful for a man to examine a woman, then oh wow it MUST be even more sinful for a woman to have intimate contact with another woman! I don’t want God to think I’m engaging in same sex relations! What if she truly IS a lesbian? Then, not only is it adultery, but its also homosexual.
Get real. If you want your vagina to become ill, so be it. But you quacks have just ensured that every gyno I ever see is going to be a man, just to have one more person out there attempting to offset you crazies. Seriously, shame on you. You need to spend a little more time “studying” Gods word, and maybe try to see it for what it IS and don’t make up your own meaning. Stuff like this disgusts me.

November 5, 2011 at 6:56 pm
(124) a4039530 says:

I’ve said that least 4039530 times. The problem this like that is they are just too compilcated for the average bird, if you know what I mean

November 15, 2011 at 3:26 am
(125) ananomous says:

My daughter came back from the gynocalagist the other day and asked me if it was normal for the doc to shove his whole fist inside her. I don’t have an answer as I do not know. I always thouhgt that they used a spectrum and examend by sight not feel.keep in mind she is only 20 and never been pragnant. it was just a pelvic exam. Is this an actual procedure? or was she asaulted?

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