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New Sexually Transmitted Disease Discovered

By July 4, 2007

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According to About.com's STD Guide Elizabeth Boskey, Ph.D a recent study has found a new sexually transmitted disease called Mycoplasma genitalium. Mycoplasm genitalium is a bacterial STD and has already surpassed gonorrhea to become the third most common sexually transmitted disease among young people.

In women, Mycoplasm genitalium often occurs in association with bacterial vaginosis and cervicitis. Because this STD occurs usually without symptoms, it's also often found in women diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease or PID, endometritis, and pregnant women who experience preterm birth. Like most other STDs, proper and consistent use of a condom during sexual intercourse is the best way, other than abstinence, to prevent Mycoplasm genitalium.

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To John Dear: Not only are you not speaking proper English via your lack of commas, use of internet originated jargon, and improper use of an ellipsis, but you’re trying to govern someone else on the World Wide (I.e. international) web, as though you have the authority to do so, on an information page about an STD (which is also incorrect in its title as the medical community agrees something that is sexually transmitted must be an infection, not a disease.). Rather, you, I’m afraid, are the moron, and one who suffers from a severe struggle with the Dunning-Kruger effect. Unfortunately, there appears to be no proper treatment for such a disorder right now (much like the worst STI’s in fact!), so it’s advisable to for now just minimize the damage such an effect can cause by taking precautions such as staying silent to avoid revealing the disorder, having a willing (and more intelligent) friend check your writing, and thinking. Good luck, friend! Get well soon!


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