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DES Sons


Updated December 12, 2007

DES Sons

DES sons are those who's mothers took DES during pregnancy. If your mother took this drug, it's important that you understand the possible health risks. Although, most DES sons will not experience adverse health effects from this exposure there are certain signs that should be watched for by a medical professional.

The risks to DES sons include:

  • Hypospadias -- a condition in which the opening of the penis is located on the underside rather that at the end.

  • Meatal stenosis- a narrowing of the opening of the penis.

  • Epididmymal cysts -- the most common abnormality, non-cancerous cysts located on the back of the testicles.

  • Testicular problems -- undescended or small testicles, which are visible at, birth. Men with this condition are at increased risk of testicular cancer.

  • Microplallus- an abnormally small penis.

  • Testicular varicoceles -- an irregularly swollen or varicose vein on the testicle.

Previous studies do not show a correlation between DES and fertility problems in men. Testicular self-exam and yearly check-ups are important for all men, but particularly for DES sons. Found early, testicular cancer can be successfully treated.

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