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Before You Buy Vaginal Lubricants

Vaginal lubricants are available in a variety of products containing various ingredients. It's important for women to read the label of a vaginal lubricant and buy only water-based vaginal lubricants. Petroleum-based lubricants can harbor bacteria in the vagina and lead to infection, as well as cause damage to latex condoms rendering them ineffective against unplanned pregnancy and STDs.

When Does Vaginal Dryness Occur?
Many times women believe that vaginal lubricants or moisturizers are only for women going through menopause and experiencing vaginal dryness; however normal estrogen fluctuations often cause vaginal dryness creating the need for extra vaginal lubrication. Vaginal dryness often occurs during:

• the menstrual cycle,
• pregnancy,
• childbirth,
• nursing,
• times of emotional stress,
• and when using a condom.

What Type of Vaginal Lubricant Is Best?
There are several different types of vaginal lubricants available over-the-counter, as well as estrogen-based creams available by prescription. Vaginal lubricants come in tubes, bottles, and as vaginal suppositories. Which product works best for your situation is mostly a matter of personal preference.

Do Medications Interfere With Vaginal Lubrication?
Several drugs can cause a loss of vaginal lubrication including:

• Lo/Ovral
• Ortho-Cyclen
• Depo Provera
• Halcion
• Xanax
• Ativan
• Calcium channel blockers
• Beta-blockers
• Prescribed and over-the-counter cold and allergy medications

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