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The Pill Real Women Discuss the Pros and Cons of Birth Control Pills


Updated April 09, 2014

Do you use birth control pills to prevent unplanned pregnancy? Maybe you are considering whether oral contraceptives are the right birth control choice for you. Or perhaps your physician has recommended the pill as a treatment to regulate your period, help reduce PMS, or treat another condition. Women have a huge choice in birth control pills--some are estrogen/progestin combinations, while others are progestin-only pills. Find out what works or doesn't work for other women in these forum discussions where real women, like yourself, talk about their experiences on the pill:

The Pill & Migraines

"I've been suffering from headaches (migraine) before, during and even after my monthly period. Would the type of contraceptive pill I take lessen my migraine? What type of pill should I take? Is it the one with a low "ethinyledstradiol" content?"- KELLR Have you experienced headaches on the pill?

Leg Pain

"I have been on birth control pills for years, but have recently been switched to Ovcon 35 to try to shrink ovarian cysts. I have developed pain in my right calf. Has any one ever had this problem with this pill?"- ACMC2 Have you experienced leg pain on the pill?

High Blood Pressure

"I am 22 years old and I am taking orthotricyclen. I've been taking them for about 31/2 years. I recently found out that I have high blood pressure (140/100 - 130/95 range). I believe that the pill is causing it... I want to stay on the pill, but I don't want to have HBP. Any suggestions of what to do? Is there a different pill that might not have the risk of HBP? Is their another medication that could help lower HBP (without side effects)?"-JJONES2210 What would you do?

Breast Pain & Tenderness

"Has anyone had breast pain/tenderness with taking BC pills especially the "low dose" pills... I'm on Lo Ovral on a continuous schedule for treatment of endometriosis and have just experienced some tenderness in my left breast and it radiates to my arm pit...my "period" should be coming soon but I'm skipping my placebos and going to straight to the next pack... is this a common side affect? .... anyone have any advice? or have been through this?"- KRYSTYNA2 Do you experience breast pain on the pill?

Herbs & Pill Effectiveness

"I've heard that there are certain herbal supplements--like St. John's Wort--that can decrease the effectiveness of the pill. Does anyone know which ones?"- SIRENFOX Do herbs decrease effectiveness?

Scared To Start The Pill

"I've never taken BC pills before, but I just got a prescription for Ortho Tricyclen for to treat my polycystic ovarian syndrome. All I've read and heard about birth control pills are how bad the side effects are... how bad are they really?"- KSHORTY1 What side effects have you experienced?

Generic Birth Control Pills

"Does anyone know about the generic form of the pill?"-LINNIE9 Have you used a generic birth control pill?

The Pill & Sex Drive

"Who is on a birth control pill that has NOT decreased your libido?"-JANEYP1 Does the pill decrease sex drive?

Periods & The Pill

"Are you periods light or heavy or about the same when you're on the pill? Do you spot more? Is it more mucous or just blood? I'm on Alesse... I started lightly bleeding yesterday. It continued all day ... even some red blood this morning... pretty much stopped except for some mucous pinkish/brownish tinged blood... Is that strange?..." -JEN2BOYS What are your periods like on the pill?

Skipping Periods With Pills

"I just started taking birth control recently and I have heard that you can make yourself skip a period if you have a special occasion. I have heard that if you skip the 7 placebo pills in the pack and begin a new pack of active pills instead that you will miss your period that month. Before I try it, I just wanted to know if this worked and if it compromised the effectiveness of he pills or had bad side effects."- EMMA2100 Have you used the pill to skip a period?

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