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Women Talk About BRAVA - Is this nonsurgical breast enlargment system a winner?


Updated June 11, 2014

According to Brava, LLC, the developer of the BRAVA System, the system is scientifically engineered and tested to offer a nonsurgical method for providing 'gradual and lasting breast tissue growth without surgery or the use of medications.

BRAVA's website says it's system is "based on the medical principle of tension-induced growth" which activates your body's production of new breast tissue. The system looks like a high-tech sports bra. But what's different about this bra is that it is includes a microprocessor called a SmartBox that regulates and records the action and performance of the system; it also includes plastic domes which must be worn a minimum of ten hours a day for at least ten weeks. The average cost for the system, which promises an increase of one cup size, is $2500 (about half the cost of implant surgery).

Although the company claims FDA-approval, the fact is that the only approval BRAVA has from the FDA is that it is allowed on the market as an unregulated device. The FDA cannot say whether any increase will last or how long it might last; they cannot even say whether the newly grown breast tissue will be healthy.

Have you always wanted larger breasts but hesitated at the thought of surgery?

Is BRAVA really the 'miracle' breast enhancement system that women have sought for hundreds of years? What can you really expect from this system? Find out what real women who use the BRAVA System have to say...

BRAVA Frustration

"Brava has a real cushy deal going here. First they have a so called clinical trial. All the woman had satisfactory growth! Rashing is rare! The product is reported to be comfortable and the woman even wear it in public with a big shirt over it and it isn't noticeable! No skin problems, no lactating, no stretch marks!

I wonder about the woman who were kicked off the trials or who voluntarily pulled out. Do you supposed they were the ones who didn't get growth, lactated, got stretch marks, got rashes, found the product uncomfortable, and laughed at the mere thought of wearing this ridiculous thing in public!..." PMB10

BRAVA Dome Test

"I just did the dome test on my M domes that I used for approximately 14 weeks. The glue is rubbing off them in the portion below the arms. They have been sucking the beautifully, slick, flat table like a dream without the smart box going off for over an hour now. Have any of your domes failed this test?..." KELLAK

Wouldn't Trade Her BRAVA for Anything!

"...Of course implants are going to be quicker, easier, but I can tell you as someone who had them, they do NOT feel the same. I had Ds when I had implants, but they really bothered my immune system, so I had them taken out. Technically, I am not a candidate for Brava because of the surgery, but because I had them in such a short time, and wrote a letter releasing my doctor of any liability, I have had the Brava system for 8 weeks. I am a full C, and the breasts feel real and they look better than the balloons implants create.

Yes, it's a pain. Yes, it's a major commitment, but I am thrilled. I plan to do five more weeks. I started out a B, and only because of the skin, otherwise I would have been an A. Will most see these results? Probably not, but I wouldn't trade my Brava for anything!" COLLETTEFRIE

BRAVA Satisfaction Survey

"We are interested in knowing what you think of the Brava system. You can fill out the survey if you haven't finished the system, but please EDIT/UPDATE your survey after you have completed the system. If you want to let us know how you are doing during a certain week, please feel free to write it in the Comments section. Any and all comments are welcome!..." The BRAVA BUDDIES

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