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Chlamydia FAQs Treatments and Cures for Chlamydia


Updated December 18, 2003

Chlamydia FAQs:
What are current and potential treatments or cures for chlamydia?

A. Chlamydia is curable with certain antibiotics like tetracyclin, erthyromicin, and azithromycin (but not penicillin, as is the case for other STDs). It is very important that a person with chlamydial infection take all of the prescribed medication, even after symptoms disappear. To be sure that the infection is cured, a follow-up visit to the doctor of clinic 1 to 2 weeks after finishing the medication may be necessary. Current research is focusing on the creation of rapid diagnostic tests and on the basic process of chlamydial infection.

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Adapted from the Office on Women's Health, Department of Health and Human Services

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