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Condoms Facts - Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and AIDS


Updated December 16, 2003

Condoms, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and AIDS

A Condom Could Save Your Life

How do I buy and use spermicides?

Facts about STDs

Should I use a lubricant with a condom?

Who should use a condom?

Does the style of condoms matter?

Will a condom guarantee I won't get an STD?

What do the dates mean on the package?

How can I get the most protection from condoms?

Are vending machine condoms good?

How does a condom protect against STDs?

How should condoms be stored?

How to I choose the right condoms to prevent disease?

How should condoms be handled?

What is the government doing about condom quality?

What defects should I look for?

Are condoms strong enough for anal intercourse?

How should I use a condom?

Should spermicides be used with condoms?

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Condom Shopping Guide

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