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Real Women Talk About Gallstones


Updated July 19, 2009

Laparoscopic Surgery A Breeze

"Mine started acting up during my first pregnancy in '82 and it didn't come out until after my last pregnancy (twins) in '94. It bothered me with a dull pain. I had to sit a lot and just ate less. I didn't have the major surgery (had lap.) and it was a breeze. It was easier than going to the dentist. I did turn yellow in my eyes so went to the doctor and had an ultrasound. Tell the surgeon that you want him to make sure to clean out the duct for stones. Some people have had one left behind and had to return. Pull it out; it is worth it. Make sure that they save your stones for you." - GRAYDOWNEY

Watch Your Diet

"I found that a diet low in fats, sodium, and red meat helped with the attacks. Also drink lots of water. My experience was different than most as my gall bladder had constricted down onto the gallstone. This could be why mine were hard to detect." - MOMMYPLAYS

Gallstones At 17

"I'm only 17, and about 5 months ago I got a horrible stomachache, and it felt like my stomach was on fire. Then it felt like I had sore stomach muscles on the inside- after about 15 minutes it went away. Then about a month later, the same thing happened, but it woke me up at 2 am and I was up until 6 am. I was pale and fevered and I felt like I was going to be sick to my stomach. Then it didn't happen for 2 months, and I had an attack on Oct. 10, then another on the 25th. By then I wanted to know what was going on. I went to my doctor, he ordered an Ultrasound and an Upper GI with the lower bowel follow through. Nothing was abnormal in either except they found a mass beside my liver and my pancreas was not visible. That was on Wednesday- on Friday I went in for a CT scan to determine what the mass was and to try and locate my pancreas, as well as the exact location of my gallbladder. I went in for a meeting with a surgeon on Tuesday of the next week, then that Friday I had my gallbladder removed... So, old fashioned way it was. He actually had to take my intestines out and separate scar tissue before he could even find my gallbladder. I ended up being in surgery for 2 hours. Now, although I don't have the attacks- the week before I had surgery I lost 8 lbs and threw up everything I ate- except crackers. To those of you who are experiencing gallbladder attacks, I'd advise you to get it removed before it causes any more problems. Oh, and I got my gallstones- I had 20." - TABIKAT01

Is This Gallstones?

"I think I might have gallstones. I'm still going through tests. Has anyone had rashes or hives with this? I've had stinging and itching for about a month and a half. Sometimes I think I'm going to go crazy; the doctors don't seem to understand why this is happening and I can't get any answers. I'm losing weight and throwing up. My back hurts, my stomach hurts and I get constipated. If anyone out there can help me I would be so grateful." - SMITH1279

Gallstones Without Attacks?

"Can you have gallbladder trouble without having attacks? I have had pain in my side like a dull ache. But not severe attacks. Can you have a diseased gallbladder without gallstone?"- GRAYCE1

Is This A Heart Attack or Is My Gallbladder Going to Explode?

You lay there in pain thinking 'Am I dying? Is this a heart attack or is my gallbladder going to explode?' I have been having them periodically for years and have had 2 tests that were both 'non-conclusive.' Until I have a test that shows a nonfunctioning gall bladder my insurance carrier won't pay for surgery although my doctor says he is 99% sure that I need one. I can't eat things like broccoli, cabbage or lettuce. I have cut way back on greasy food too (my favorite - I love fried chicken!). When I have one I drink some warm Coke (let it flatten a bit) and lie perfectly still. I also chews Tums. It helps a little but not a lot. They are indeed awful and you may find that as time goes on you will start feeling ill and nauseous right in the middle of a meal. I've been going thru that also." - TALLU1

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