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Symptoms of Heart Attack


Updated December 16, 2003

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Symptoms of Heart Attacks

  • chest pain

  • back pain

  • pain or deep aching and throbbing in one or both arms

  • breathlessness

  • clammy sweating

  • dizziness

  • anxiety

  • fluid retention usually in the lower legs or ankles

  • fluttering, rapid heartbeats, palpitations

  • nausea

  • feeling of heaviness, tightnes, or pressure-like chest pain between the breasts that may radiate to the left arm or shoulder

What are the treatments for Heart Attack?

Anytime you experience the symptoms of a heart attack, it is imperative that you do not delay calling 911. Every minute that goes by during a heart attack before receiving treatment significantly lowers your risk of survival. Heart attack victims who have a delay of 10 minutes or longer before recieving treatment have a low chance of survival.

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Always discuss any symptoms you may be experiencing with your health care provider for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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