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The Menopause Diet: Lose Weight and Boost Your Energy


Updated December 14, 2003

Larrian Gillespie provides details about menopause in a well-organized format and in language that is easy to understand that shows women why they often gain weight during menopause and offers specific steps that can help women lose weight for good.

The book begins with a humorous look at the author's own journey into menopause. She provides clear facts about estrogen and its' role in our bodies, as well as details about specific nutrients and food groups. Discover why women must eat differently from men to burn fat and not muscle, how eating five mini-meals a day can be the secret to your weight loss success, how body shape can predict future health problems, why a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet is like digging your own grave, how hot flashes can make you fat, why estrogen can help you lose hidden body fat, and a wealth of other valuable information. Includes food lists, recipes, and journals to tract your success.

An elightening book that belongs in every woman's library.

Larrian Gillespie graduated from the UCLA School of Medicine and practiced urology and urogynecology in Beverly Hills for fifteen years. She is the inventor on three scientific patents. Known for her amazing ability to relay complicated medical information in a patient-friendly format, she has appeared on several major network programs including Good Morning America, the Home Show, and CNN, as well as serving on the medical advisory board for SHAPE magazine. She has also published over fifty scientific articles and three chapters in medical textbooks, and is the author of You Don't Have to Live With Cystitis.

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