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Updated May 18, 2007

Late Periods After Stopping the Pill

"I recently got off the pill -- was about 5 days late during my first period after stopping the pill. Now I'm about 7 days late. Am I pregnant or could this be normal?" - JESSI211

No Period for Months

"...It has been 8 months since I gave birth. I breast fed for only 5 weeks due to multiple problems, and then got my period 4 weeks after I quit. So, I thought, "Great! Maybe my problems are gone!" I thought that maybe the stress during my first marriage was the culprit. Well, that was the first and last period I had, and that was December 23! I just want to know what the heck is going on! We want to eventually have another baby, and I just hope it doesn't take another 5 years! Although, that would be better than never!..." - RUDEGIRL514

Using Pill to Stop Periods Results in Long Menstrual Cycle

"I recently skipped my period for three months (February, March and April) on purpose by overlapping my birth control pills (skipping the placebo pills and starting a new pack). I started experiencing light spotting the first two weeks of May so I decided to allow myself to have a period May 15th by taking the placebo pills instead of immediately starting a new pack. Of course I started my period and I have been having a heavy, HEAVY period ever since. 30 FREAKIN' DAYS! (I'm 21 by the way and usually have 5 day long periods every 27 days). The periods are so heavy I sometimes have to wear a SUPER-PLUS tampon and HEAVY ABSORBENT pad at the same time and change every 30 min. to an hour because it soaked through both. I am scared to sneeze or cough because of a flood and I have trouble sleeping because I wake up with soaked panties or a VERY uncomfortable tampon. I am not having much cramping, but I am having big clots coming out and bad headaches. Anyway, I have been taking my pack of Lo Ovral BC this whole last HELLISH month and I will start a new pack on Sunday. My girlfriends tell me if I don't stop my period by Tuesday I should go to a doctor because this long of a period may cause me to be anemic. Has anyone else experienced ANYTHING like this and went longer or have any opinions/advice? Please help." - WENDYRHODES

Ovarian Cysts, Endo, and Late Periods

"I had an ovary/cysts removed in Nov. It took me a couple months to get my cycle and when I did, it started slowly with a brownish discharge. Since then my periods have been regular and normal....well, as normal as they can be with endometriosis.

Anyway, 3 days ago I felt the familiar cramping and noticed the brown discharge. I took ibuprofen, and felt okay. That lasted about 2 days and when I got up this morning it was all over with.

Does anyone know what this could be and why I haven't started my period? Do you think I may be in perimenopause? I haven't had any symptoms, hot flashes, etc. I have been using natural progesterone cream for about 4 months. I use it everyday except for when I'm on my period. Any ideas?" - JAKATA

Abnormal Bleeding Post Tubal Ligation

"I am 31 yrs old and having very heavy periods for the past 4 yrs. I had my tubes cut 5 yrs ago after the birth of my child. Over the past 4 yrs, I've seen my period go from 28 days, to 25, to 20, and sometimes 17 days. My periods are extremely heavy on the second and third day. My pad is completely saturated within an hour and a half. I'm constantly having accidents on my clothes. Sleeping is hard since I'm always thinking about getting the sheets dirty, which they always do. I've had to lay a towel down on my sheets or I'll permanently stain them. My period last 7 days. Does anyone know what could be happening to me? I'm very concerned and scared, not to mention getting fed up with this. Any advice would be appreciated." - SWEETLADYLU

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