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Talk About Ovarian Cysts


Updated May 16, 2014

Affect on Menstrual Cycle

"I was diagnosed with a 4 cm cyst on my left ovary a week and a half ago. I don't have any pain, but I have really sore, swollen breasts and my period is 3 days late (I'm usually VERY regular). HPT and blood test gave negative results. Anyone with similar experiences?" KAMRA13

What Kind of Tests?

"I have had a long history of ovarian cysts but have never really had a lot done about it. I am going to see a new gynae consultant soon and would like to know what tests to ask for, specifically for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I know that I should have my hormone levels checked, but are there any others that I should know about?" EMARMAN

Post Surgery Pain

"I had surgery to remove a cyst, one ovary, part of the other ovary, scar tissue and endo on Nov. 13. Although I was scheduled for a lap, I ended up having a laporotomy because the cyst was so large. It's been over 7 weeks and within the last few days instead of feeling better every day, I feel like I did in the beginning. I saw my doctor yesterday and he expressed concern that my stomach was still swollen, but didn't suggest why or what could be done. I have not had a period yet so I'm hoping I'm just bloated and getting ready for AF. Could I have an infection or could I have hurt myself by overdoing it? Has anyone had this surgery and could you tell me how long it took you to recover? Any complications?" JAKATA

Cysts, Fibroids, and Endo

"I am 33 and was recently diagnosed via sonogram, with having 5 simple cysts on my right ovary, 2 large 'complex' cysts on the left and enough fibroids in my uterus to enlarge my uterus to the size comparable to a 10 week pregnancy. I have also had endo since 93. My Gyn put me on Combo hormones to shrink the cysts but they say not much helps the fibroids. How do I deal with the pain and constant bleeding and cramping? I hurt all the time; how will the pain differ if one of the cysts rupture? Any advice? I always feel like I am having back labor pains!" CJJD2

Disappearing Cysts

"I can go without a period for up to six months, then when I get one I bleed for a month straight. I have pain from my pelvic area around to my lower back, down my legs and my arms start to tingle and I go numb quite a bit. I have had sonograms, which show that I have cysts as big as grapefruits; then they refer me to another doctor. By the time I get to the other doctor, the cysts disappear. I have the same problem in my breasts. I remember when I was carrying my son I had a fibroid/tumor/something because we saw it in the sonogram, but after his birth, it disappeared. My stomach can be flat one minute and the next it looks like I am 4 months pregnant. I have severe mood swings, am constantly depressed, always on edge. My problem is that the doctors keep running the same tests over and over, and then come back and tell me it is all in my head, and all they want to do is prescribe antidepressants. I know what I feel and it hurts. My husband is about sick of this and not to mention me. I am at the point where I am ready to tell them to take everything out-whether or not I have another child. This is crazy. Please someone if you have any advice/suggestions/ideas, please help. I really don't know what to do. I am in the doctors' hands and they seem to think it is in my imagination." TERECAA

Nausea and Fatigue

"I am a 38-year-old woman, had my uterus removed 9 years ago, and cysts removed 4 years ago. I am an aerobics instructor and personal trainer and am very fit, but haven't felt well the last 6 months due to pain and pressure in my abdomen. I am also on natural hormones due to low progesterone and estrogen levels discovered by saliva testing. I am on 3% progesterone cream, prescription strength, Triest with 1 mg of natural testosterone 3 times weekly. I had some pretty severe knife-like pain 4 weeks ago, and a sonogram revealed a 'sizable' cyst on my right ovary that is leaking free fluid, and several small follicular cysts on my left ovary. They are recommending ovarian removal for me. I am afraid and do not know what to do, so I have put the surgery off. I am due for another ultrasound this week to see if things are the same or worse, but I think they are worse. I am continuing to have knife-like pain intermittently throughout the day. I am down to teaching 2 classes a week, and hurt during my class. I also experience nausea occasionally, especially during class. I had 5 really good days, and then wham! I felt pressure all day and I was so tired I had to lay down all day. Is this normal with cysts? I am wondering if the nausea, fatigue and pressure are all normal. I am afraid of having my ovaries out, but cannot continue to feel this way. I have had a second opinion, in which oral contraceptives were offered as an option, but not recommended. I cannot take these, because then I would have to go off hormones. Help!" LADY31362 Have you ever been diagnosed with ovarian cysts?

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