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Treatments for Ovarian Cysts


Updated December 09, 2003

Traditional Ovarian Cysts Treatments

  • watchful waiting

  • oral contraceptives

  • cystectomy - removal of the cyst

  • oophorectomy - removal of the affected ovary

  • hysterectomy - this usually is not done unless the cyst is cancerous

Alternative Treatments

  • herbal therapies such as blue cohosh, or false unicorn root

  • vegetarian diet with emphasis on beets, carrots, dark-green leafy vegetables, and lemons

  • anitoxidant supplements including:

    • zinc

    • vitamins A, E, and C

    • black currant oil

    • borage oil

    • evening primrose oil supplements

  • homeopathic treatments including tablets, powders, and liquids prepared from plant, mineral, and animal extracts

  • castor oil packs may help reduce inflammation

  • hydrotherapy applied to the abdomen sometimes helps prevent rupture of the cyst and assists its reabsorption

None of these alternative treatments for ovarian cysts should be used without medical supervision and as adjunct therapy with traditional ovarian cysts treatments.

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Remember it is always your choice to seek a second opinion if you are uncomfortable or have any unanswered questions about the treatment recommended by your health care provider.

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