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Vaginal Lubricant - Astroglide

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Updated July 19, 2009

The Bottom Line

Astroglide is easy to use and long lasting.
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  • Water Based
  • Long Lasting
  • Not sticky or greasy


  • Not a contraceptive
  • Does not protect from STD's


  • Texture is smooth and silky.
  • Does not stain fabrics.
  • Feels like natural vaginal moisture.

Guide Review - Vaginal Lubricant - Astroglide

Astroglide Is The Best! After trying several brands of vaginal lubricants, I have found Astroglide to be the easiest to use and longest lasting vaginal moisturizer. It looks almost like clear water in the bottle, but adds vaginal moisture far beyond that of water. It's a little expensive, but well worth the cost since it only takes a small amount per use.
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