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Top 10 Things Women Want to Know About Their Health


Every day, thousands of women visit this site looking for accurate women's health information. What health issues do women want to know about most often? Here's a top ten that provides information about what women want to know most about their health. If your health issue is not in the top ten, use the search box located at the top of all About pages to search for the answers to your questions.

1) Gallbladder Disease

Gallstones are the most common and costly digestive disease in the United States, causing more than 800,000 hospitalizations annually at estimated cost of over five billion dollars. More than 20 million Americans have gallstones; approximately one million new cases are diagnosed each year. Did you know that women are twice as likely as men to develop gallstones?

2) Pregnancy Symptoms

Almost every woman will wonder if she is pregnant at least once in her reproductive life. Whether this a planned pregnancy or an unplanned surprise, the symptoms of pregnancy are the same. Here's a simple look at the symptoms of pregnancy with resources for learning more about pregnancy, prenatal care, labor and delivery, and your new baby.

3) Colposcopy

Colposcopy is a diagnostic tool to determine the cause of abnormalities found in Pap smears. A colposcopy is a visual examination of the cervix--a relatively simple and painless procedure, usually performed in your physician's office. The actual procedure lasts approximately ten to fifteen minutes.

4) Menstruation

Resources that explore what happens during your monthly menstrual cycle. Find out what having your period means, learn about normal and abnormal menstruation, cramps, and sanitary protection products. Discover what it means when you experience bleeding between periods, bleeding after sex, and find comprehensive details about common uterine conditions and treatments.

5) Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs which are similar to blisters. Ovarian cysts are common among women during their reproductive years and are growths that form on the two almond sized organs on each side of the uterus. Most types of ovarian cysts are harmless and go away without any treatment. Learn about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options for ovarian cysts.

6) Women's Health Symptoms

It can be really frustrating knowing that something isn't right with your health, but not knowing exactly what your symptoms could mean. Our Women's Health Symptoms Guide is a popular feature that provides simple lists of symptoms for various condtions with resources for learning more about a particular health issue.

7) Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Most women will experience heavy menstruation at some point during their reproductive years. This heavy bleeding typically occurs during the final two to three years before menopause, or during the first few years after the onset menstruation during puberty. Find out what you need to know about abnormal uterine bleeding.

8) Menopause - Perimenopause

Articles and information about the years before and after the onset of menopause. Find out what every woman needs to know about the symptoms of perimenopause, menopause, and learn what your best treatments options are from alternative to traditional hormone replacement therapy. Learn about natural menopause and surgical menopause. Find an active menopause discussion forum.

9) Urinary Tract Infections

The urinary tract is the body's filtering system for removal of liquid wastes. Women are especially susceptible to bacteria which may invade the urinary tract and multiply resulting in infection. Most urinary tract infections (UTI) are not serious, but they are painful. About fifty percent of women have at least one UTI in their lifetime; many women have several recurrent infections.

10) Vaginal Health

Vaginal health is explored from vaginal dryness and itching to vaginal discharges, conditions, and infections. Discover what every woman needs to know about vaginal health. Find out the truth about vaginal douching, and learn about Bartholin's gland cysts, the three most common vaginal infections, and other important facts about your vaginal health.
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