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oral contraceptives
cervical cap
morning after pills
natural family planning
tubal ligation


Definition: A method of preventing pregnancy from occuring as a result of sexual intercourse.

Also Known As: birth control method, pregnancy prevention

Common Misspellings: conception, controceptin, contriceptio

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Contraceptive Choices
Information about various birth control methods from the pill to tubal ligation.

Contraceptive Effectiveness
Learn how to increase the effectiveness of your contraceptive method.

Emergency Contraceptives
Resources designed to prevent pregnancy following unprotected sexual intercourse.

Elsewhere on the Web:

Birth Control Choices for Teens
Planned Parenthood presents an array of contraceptive choices and weighs the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Birth Control During Menopause
Find out when it is safe to discontinue using contraceptives.

It's Not Just Birth Control Anymore
New York Times article that discusses the effectiveness of contraceptives preventing pregnancy, contrasted with the fact that most don't prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

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