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Amenorrhea, Absence of Menstruation

Information about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of amenorrhea or absent menstruation. Learn why your period is missing or late.

The Signs and Symptoms of Early Pregnancy
Pregnancy is the most common reason for missing your period. Could you be pregnant?

How Do You Cope With Pregnancy Symptoms
Not every pregnancy has the same symptoms, for example, during one pregnancy, you may experience incredible breast pain or nausea and vomiting, while during another pregnancy you might not experience these symptoms at all. Whether this is your first pregnancy or a subsequent pregnancy, share your tips for coping with the symptoms of pregnancy.See submissions

What is Amenorrhea?
An overview of amenorrhea or absence of menstruation.

What is Secondary Amenorrhea?
A look at what secondary amenorrhea is, and some of the most common causes of missed periods.

What is Primary Amenorrhea?
A look at what primary amenorrhea is and possible causes.

Why Is My Period Late?
One of the questions I'm asked most often is "Why is my period late?". Although, pregnancy is the most common cause of absence of menstruation (amenorrhea), many times, the women will also assure me that they are definitely not pregnant. Discover the most common causes of missing or late periods.

Health World provides information about types of amenorrhea, and offers alternative remedies to help start late or absent periods.

Menstrual Problems - Definitions
A list of menstrual disorders by definition

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