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Bacterial Vaginosis FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about bacterial vaginosis or BV. Covers signs and symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, as well as diagnosis, treatments, prevention, and BV during pregnancy.

Women's Health - Vaginal Infections - How Common is Bacterial Vaginosis?
A look at how often a vaginal infection is bacterial vaginosis, and the occurance of BV during pregnancy.

How is Bacterial Vaginosis Transmitted?
A look at what we know about the transmission of bacterial vaginosis or BV. Learn what you can do to help prevent vaginal bacteria infections.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis?
The signs and symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are covered. Provides information about the type of vaginal discharge associated bacterial vaginosis and other signs and symptoms related to this vaginal infection.

What are the Complications of Bacterial Vaginosis?
A look at potential complications resultant of bacterial vaginosis.

Does Bacterial Vaginosis During Pregnancy Pose a Health Risk to Mom or Baby?
A look at potential risks bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy may have on mom and baby.

How is Bacterial Vaginosis Diagnosed?
A look at procedures used for diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis.

What are the Treatments for Bacterial Vaginosis?
A quick look at recommended treatments for bacterial vaginosis. Covers the consequences of untreated bacterial vaginosis and provides resources for detailed facts on treatments.

Does My Sex Partner Need Treatment If I Have Bacterial Vaginosis?
The facts of the possible sexual transmission of bacterial vaginosis by infected women who have sex with either men or women sex partners.

Is Routine Testing for Bacterial Vaginosis Necessary During Pregnancy?
A look at which pregnant women may need testing for bacterial vaginosis. Learn what may indicate the need for bacterial vaginosis testing during pregnancy.

Is Prophylactic Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis a Good Idea?
A glance at when prophylatic treatment for bacterial vaginosis might be appropriate. Learn why prophylatic treatment may be used by your health care provider.

What is the Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis in HIV-Positive Women?
Learn about the recommended treatments used for treating HIV-positive women diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis.

Can Bacterial Vaginosis Recur Following Treatment?
A simple answer to a frequently asked question about bacterial vaginosis. Includes information about other common vaginal infections.

Prevent Bacterial Vaginosis - Tips to Prevent the Most Common Vaginal Infection
Simple steps to help prevent and lower your risk of developing bacterial vaginosis, as well as other vaginal infections, sexually transmitted diseases and viruses including HIV.

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