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What Does Orange Urine Mean?


Updated May 20, 2014

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Question: What Does Orange Urine Mean?
Answer: Change in urine color can certainly be surprising and sometimes alarming. If your urine is orange, it usually means that you have taken a drug or supplement that has the potential to change the color of your urine. A frequent cause of orange urine is a drug called phenazopyridine, also called Uristat. Phenazopyridine is a drug that doctors often prescribe for the treatment of the pain associated with urinary tract infections.

Other drugs that can cause orange urine include rifampin and warfarin, as well as laxatives. B complex vitamins or carotene may also cause orange urine.

NOTE: If you're taking warfarin and have discolored urine, this can indicate bleeding in the bladder or kidneys and needs to be checked out by your doctor.

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