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Bleeding Between Periods, Metrorrhagia

Information about bleeding or spotting between periods. Learn about causes, treatments, and prevention of irregular bleeding.

What is Polymenorrhea?
A look at what defines polymenorrhea.

What is Intermenstrual Bleeding?
Learn what intermenstrual bleeding is and how it affects your menstrual cycle.

What Can I Do for Myself for Bleeding Between Periods?
Self-help tips for women experiencing bleeding between periods.

What Causes Bleeding Between Periods?
Although the cause of irregular bleeding can vary according to individual health situations. Here's a look at some of the more common causes.

Bleeding Between Periods
Your period was over just last week and now it's back. Maybe this has been happening regularly the last few months. Maybe it's the first time it has happened to you. In any case, you are probably worried. Learn about the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of bleeding between periods or metrorrhagia.

Vaginal bleeding between periods
Intermenstrual bleeding is uterine bleeding that occurs between menstrual periods. Learn about the causes of bleeding between periods and find out what treatment is needed.

Have You Experienced Bleeding Between Periods?
Share your story about bleeding between periods. Help other readers who may be experiencing bleeding between periods learn about possible causes for this type of abnormal uterine bleeding. See submissions

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