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Breast Health and Diseases

Covers breast health and diseases and condition that affect the female breasts. Includes how to do breast self exams, benign fibrocystic breasts, breast cancer, and a variety of other breast diseases, conditions, and tips for maintaing healthy breasts.
  1. Breast Cancer

Must Have Medical Tests for Women - Health Screenings for Women - Women's Health
A review of diagnostic and health screens that women should have periodically. Includes information about the Pap test, HIV testing, mammograms, bone density testing, and STD tests, as well as other important medical tests for women.

Breast Cancer: Myths vs. Facts
Although many advances have been made in breast cancer detection and treatment over the last quarter century, the fact is we still don’t know much about the causes of breast cancer or its cure. This leaves a lot of women misunderstanding the facts about breast cancer.

How to Perform a Breast Self Exam
One out of eight women are at risk of developing breast cancer over their lifetime. Monthly breast self exam is one part of total breast care that includes annual physical exams and mammograms after age 40. Learn how to perform monthly breast self exams.

Going to the Gynecologist 101
When to have your first gynecology exam and Pap test, as well as when to see your Ob/Gyn for subsequent pelvic exams. Covers abnormal Pap test results, colposcopy, and numerous other reproductive health diseases, conditions, and tests, as well as what things are important to discuss with your gynecologist.

Fibrocystic Breasts - Lumps Bumps Pain
Between 33 and 50 percent of all women experience benign breast disease or another benign breast disease. Other terms for benign breast disease include fibrocystic breast disease, chronic mastitis, and mammary dysplasia...Read more to discover causes, symptoms, treatments, and more about fibrocystic breasts.

Benign Breast Changes from Lumps to Nipple Discharge
Common benign breast changes fall into several broad categories. These include generalized breast changes, solitary lumps, nipple discharge, and infection and/or inflammation. Read on for more on these and other breast diseases and conditions.

Breast Lumps - What To Do If You Find A Breast Lump
If you discover a lump in one breast, check the other breast. If both breasts feel the same, the lumpiness is probably normal. You should, however, mention it to your doctor at your next visit.

Breast Cancer and Oral Contraceptives
For several years, various studies examining the use of oral contraceptives or OCs as a risk factor for breast cancer have produced inconsistent results. However, while most studies found no overall increased breast cancer risk associated with using the Pill, investigators at the National Cancer Institute found an increased risk of developing breast cancer among women under age 35...

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