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Digestive Diseases - Digestive Disorders

Digestive diseases and disorders are explored and explained from Chron's disease to diverticulitis and gallstones, as well as other conditions affecting your digestive system.
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Celiac Disease
Learn the facts about celiac disease and how it affects the small intestines and skin. Discover who is a risk for developing celiac disease.

Celiac Disease
Getting a diagnosis of celiac disease often takes some time to rule out other causes of your symptoms. Learn what tests your doctor will order and how they are done, as well as how to prepare for an accurate diagnosis of celiac disease.

Readers Share Colonoscopy Advice
Have you had a colonoscopy? Share your colonoscopy advice or tips with other readers.

A Colonoscopy (koh-luh-NAH-skuh-pee) lets the physician look inside your entire large intestine, from the lowest part, the rectum, all the way up through the colon to the lower end of the small intestine. Learn what to expect during colonoscopy.

Symptoms of Diverticulitis
A simple look at the symptoms of diverticulitis with resources for learning more about diagnosis and treaments.

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