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Fibroid Tumors Uterine Fibroid Tumors

Information about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of fibroid tumors. Includes alternatives to hysterectomy such as myomectomy and uterine artery embalization, as well as hormonal options for treating fibroid tumors.

10 Things You Need to Know About Uterine Fibroid Tumors - Leiomyomas
Uterine fibroid tumors or leiomyomas are the most common cause of solid pelvic tumors. Learn the facts about fibroid tumors and how they affect pregnancy and menopause, and discover your treatment options.

Why Is Sexual Intercourse Painful?
A review of the physical causes of pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse. Covers causes of painful sexual intercourse including vaginal infections, vaginal dryness, sexually transmitted diseases, and pelvic pain.

How Do I Know if I Have Fibroid Tumors of the Uterus?
A look at the signs and symptoms of fibroid tumors of the uterus.

What are Uterine Fibroid Tumors?
A short description of what uterine fibroid tumors consist of, and resources for comprehensive information about fibroids.

What Causes Uterine Fibroid Tumors?
A look at the causes of uterine fibroid tumors.

Are Uterine Fibroid Tumors Cancerous?
A short discussion of the possibility of uterine fibroid tumors being cancerous.

Who is at Risk for Uterine Fibroid Tumors?
A short discussion about women who may face an increased risk of developing uterine fibroid tumors.

What are the Symptoms of Uterine Fibroid Tumors?
Do you know what symptoms are caused by uterine fibroid tumors? Learn to recognize the symptoms of uterine fibroid tumors.

What Is the Treatment for Uterine Fibroid Tumors?
Discover what treatments are available for uterine fibroid tumors. Learn whether hysterectomy is your only choice for treating fibroids.

What You Need to Know About Fibroid Tumors
A comprehensive look at the signs, symptoms, and types of uterine fibroid tumors that includes details about diagnosis and treatment options.

Symptoms of Fibroid Tumors
A simple look at the symptoms of uterine fibroid tumors with resources for learning more about diagnosis and treatment options.

Uterine Fibroid Tumors Experiences
Uterine fibroid tumors are usually benign and affect women most often during their 30's and 40's. Uterine fibroid tumors are estrogen dependent, so fibroids never develop before the onset of menstruation and frequently shrink and disappear after menopause begins.

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