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Fitness and weight loss covers healthy diets, weight loss pills and surgery, and exercise for women. Learn how to lose weight, how to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, reviews and excerpts from weight loss books and programs, and reviews of fitness equipment.
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7 Nutrition Tips for Increasing Brain Power
Discover how what you eat can make a significant difference in your brain power. You already have a good brain, but you can make your brain great by following this simple seven step food plan.

Germs at 30,000 Feet
One in five air travelers develop colds within one week of boarding an airplane. Learn simple things you can do to reduce the germs in your air space when you take your next plane trip.

Healthy Living for Women
Staying healthy at any age begins with eating a balanced diet, maintaining proper weight, and a regular schedule of physical fitness. Learn how you can begin to live a healthy lifestyle.

Holiday Food Safety - Preventing Food Poisoning
Simple tips to help assure that your holiday foods are safe from food borne illess. Protect your family and guests this holiday season utilizing these easy steps to food poisoning prevention.

Smoking: Women's Health Perspective
Despite the fact that smoking is the most preventable cause of death in the country, over 140,000 women die each year in the U.S. as a result of ciggarette smoking. Discover the many uniquely female ways smoking affects women's health.

U.S. Surgeon General Rolls Out 2005 Agenda: The Year of the Healthy Child
The importance of women's health is highlighted with tips for women's health improvements that impact the future health of our children. Includes information about folic acid, vitamins, exercise, diet, and lifestyle.

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