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How to Shave Your Legs and Underarms Safely


Updated August 31, 2011

Shaving your legs and underarms is something that girls look forward to; shaving is often considered a rite of passage that frequently makes girls feel like they are on the way to womanhood. While you may wonder "what is the right age to start shaving," the answer depends on how you feel about shaving. Talk to your mom before you try shaving your legs on your own: She may have valuable tips to share with you.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 5 to 10 minutes

Here's How:

  1. How far up to shave your legs.

    Many women never shave above the knee, while others shave their thighs. It's really a personal decision based on the amount and color of your leg hairs. You might want to discuss this with your mother or, perhaps, with other girls your age who have already started shaving their legs.
  2. Finding your perfect razor.

    Since you've been thinking about shaving, you may have already checked the razor section at your local stores. You've seen that razors come in a variety of colors and varying number of blades. Razors even come in a number of designs, shapes, and they often feature special grips that help keep the razor from falling out of your hands while you are shaving your legs or underarms. It may take a few tries with different razors before you find that perfect razor for you.

  3. Never share razors!

    As you can imagine, sharing razors is never recommended, even if it's with your sister or mother. It's possible that when you shave, you might get a nick or two. If another person uses that razor, they are risking possible skin infections.
  4. Shaving creams.

    There are a variety of shaving creams for women. They often dispense as a gel that becomes creamy as you spread it around on your legs or underarms. You might want to check the shaving creams for women when you go to the store to buy your razor.
  5. Should I shave my legs every day?

    There really is no right or wrong as to the frequency of shaving your legs. Some women shave every day, some three or four times a week and some once a week. It's really up to you how often you want to shave. You'll probably find yourself shaving more or less often as you get older.
  6. Time to shave your legs.

    Once you've done all the preliminaries and have your razor and shaving cream in hand, you're ready to shave your legs for the first time. Before you start, get your legs wet, then apply your shaving cream according to the product's recommendation. I always prefer to shave in the bath or shower, where I have a steady place to put my foot.

    Once you've lathered your legs, put one foot on something steady. Shave your legs from the ankles up to whatever stopping place you've decided on. One of the benefits of using shaving cream is that you'll be able to see where you have already shaved.

  7. Shaving under your arms.

    Shaving under your arms is about the same as shaving your legs. Begin with shaving cream smoothed over your armpits, then raise your arm above your head and shave in the opposite direction from how your hair grows. You may find it best to shave up, then down, and horizontally to ensure that you have shaved away all of your underarm hairs.


  1. Make sure your razor is clean each time you begin to shave.
  2. When you are finished shaving, let your razor dry by leaving it in a position with the blade facing upward. This helps to keep your razor from getting rusted and unusable. Never use a rusty razor.
  3. If you don't want to use a razor to shave, there are a number of cream hair removal treatments you can buy at your local drug store.

What You Need

  • clean, new razor
  • shaving cream
  • clean towels
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