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Do I Need Pap Smears After Hysterectomy?


Updated September 15, 2004

Question: Do I Need Pap Smears After Hysterectomy?
Answer: Women who undergo total hysterectomy in which the cervix is removed along with the uterus do not need to have Pap smears, unless their hysterectomy was done because of cervical cancer or its precursors. Women who opt to keep their cervix during hysterectomy still need to continue having Pap smears. It's important to ask your surgeon whether you will still need Pap smears following your hysterectomy.

Tip: Whether or not your cervix is removed during your hysterectomy, you still need to have annual or bi-annual examinations at your gynecologist's office. During a post hysterectomy gynecology exam your doctor will examine your pelvic area for signs of cancer, as well as infections. You'll also be examined for signs of breast lumps. Remember to ask your doctor how often you need to return for examinations after your hysterectomy.

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