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Menopause occurs when menstruation ceases for a period of one year; the ten to fifteen years prior to menopause are called perimenopause. Surgical menopause occurs when the ovaries are removed usually during hysterectomy. Learn what menopause is, the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, and the treatments for menopause from traditional hormone replacement therapy or HRT to natural and bioidentical treatments for menopause.
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  2. Menopause FAQs (4)
  3. Menopause Symptoms (12)
  4. Menopause Treatments (50)
  5. Menopause and Sleep Issues (8)
  6. Perimenopause FAQs (7)

Types of Benign Breast Changes
Types of breast changes are explored. Discover the facts about breast lumps, nipple discharges, and other breast or nipple infections and inflammations.

Going to the Gynecologist 101
When to have your first gynecology exam and Pap test, as well as when to see your Ob/Gyn for subsequent pelvic exams. Covers abnormal Pap test results, colposcopy, and numerous other reproductive health diseases, conditions, and tests, as well as what things are important to discuss with your gynecologist.

Why Is Sexual Intercourse Painful?
A review of the physical causes of pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse. Covers causes of painful sexual intercourse including vaginal infections, vaginal dryness, sexually transmitted diseases, and pelvic pain.

How Do You Cope With Pain During Sex?
Pain during sex may be caused by a number of different things. Some of the reasons you may experience painful sexual intercourse include vaginal discharge, vaginal infections, vaginal irritation, vaginal dryness, and vaginal tightness. Other causes may include conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), endometriosis, and fibroid tumors,...See submissions

How Does Menopause Happen?
Understand exactly how the female reproductive system works in causing menopause to occur.

Urinary Tract Infection Stories, Prevention Tips, and Pain Management Advice
Although most UTIs are not serious, approximately 50 percent of all women will have at least one UTI in her lifetime with many women having several infections throughout their lifetimes. Share your urinary tract infection stories, and offer your advice for preventing UTI, and coping with the pain associated with painful urinary tract infections.See submissions

What Is Menopause?
Just like puberty, menopause is a normal part of life. Learn how menopause happens.

Menopause Self-Testing
A look at self-testing for menopause. Learn the answers to your questions about at home tests to determine if perimenopause has begun.

Menopause 101
Menopause or the "change of life" affects each woman in a different way. Maybe hot flashes and sleep problems troubled your sister during menopause.

Surgical Menopause
Find out what happens when hysterectomy induces early menopause. Learn about the sudden onset of menopausal symptoms that occurs following hysterectomy.

Menopause Symptoms, Treatment, and Support
A comprehensive guide that examines the symptoms and treatments of menopause, as well as providing extensive information about a variety of menopause related issues.

Menopause Can Be Funny!
What's so funny about menopause? Find out in our conversation with Dee Adams creator of Minnie Pauz.

Menopause Guide
Here's where you'll find the answers you need to your menopause questions. Learn about menopause support, symptoms, treatments, and more!

Menopause Worse for African American Women
A look at a study that found African American women experience more hot flashes during menopause than their caucasian sisters.

The Andropause Mystery: Unraveling The Truths About Male Menopause
Do men experience a decline in hormones as they age? Or is hormonal decline associated with aging strictly for women? According to Robert S. Tan, MD, MBA the answer is yes.

What Happens To My Heart And Bones Following Menopause?
You may not even notice two important aspects of menopause. These are a loss of bone tissue, which can weaken bones and cause osteoporosis, and higher cholesterol levels, which may lead to cardiovascular (heart) disease.

Women's Health Over 60
Interview with author Dr. Judith Reichman that explores health issues, including menopause and HRT, we all face as we grow older.

What Is Your Menopause Experience?
Menopause is the time when women stop menstruating which occurs, on average, around age 51. Share your menopause experience with other readers!See submissions

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