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Period FAQs - Menstruation - Menstrual Cycle

Questions about periods and the menstrual cycle are common among women and girls of all ages. Here you'll find a list of frequently asked questions about menstruation. Learn the answers to your questions about your period.

Why Are There Dark Brown or Black Clots in My Period?
Learn the answer to this often frightening occurence.

Will My Periods Last Forever?
A common question among teenage girls experiencing their first periods is answered and explained. Learn how long periods last and what happens when menopause occurs.

What Tampon Absorbency is Right for My Period?
A look at terms used to describe tampon absorbency rates.

When Will I Start My First Period?
Find out when to expect your first period and what to do if you do not start menstruation.

Do I Need to See a Doctor About My Period?
A look at when it's time to see the doctor about your period problems. From abnormal bleeding to late and missing periods, you'll learn when you need to see your health care provider.

Can I Go Swimming During My Period?
Are you afraid to go swimming, biking, or do other fun things during your period? Find out if it is safe to go swimming and have fun during your menstrual period.

How Long is a Menstrual Cycle?
Learn how long the average menstrual cycle lasts and how to count the days in your menstrual cycle.

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