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What Is a Rape Kit?


Updated April 21, 2009

Question: What Is a Rape Kit?
Answer: The phrase rape kit describes a medical kit used to collect evidence from the body and clothing of a rape victim. The rape kit generally contains little boxes, microscope slides, and plastic bags. These are used to collect fibers from clothing, hair, and bodily fluids such as saliva and semen, which can help identify the rapist. Altogether, this evidence may be used to prosecute a rapist.

After the collection of forensic evidence, a blood test is done. The blood tests check for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Samples of cervical tissue are taken and sent for laboratory analysis. You’ll need to see your own doctor sometime within two weeks following your emergency room visit to review the results of these tests. Your doctor will prescribe treatment for any positive results revealed by these lab tests.

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