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Resources about issues that affect a woman's sexuality from pregnancy to menopause and hysterectomy.

How Female Body Image Affects Sexual Pleasure - How's Your Body Image?
An excerpt from CAKE: Recipes for Female Sexual Pleasure that explores the issue of how our body image affects our sexual encounters.

Womens Anatomy - Female Ejaculation
In recent years, the issue of female ejaculation has become a source of controversy among feminists, sexologists, and the general public. Is female ejaculation possible? Is it real? Learn the facts about female ejacualtion in this eye-opening interview!

The Clitoral Truth
Recently I had an opportunity to discuss one of the most misunderstood parts of the female anatomy-- the clitoris-- with women's health writer and activist Rebecca Chalker. Find out what she says!

Female Sexuality and Relationship Books
Books that explore various issues affecting female sexuality from low libido to other sexual dysfunctions and relationship issues. Excellent books for women who want to understand more about their own sexuality, as well as for those with relationship issues.

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