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Just for Girls! What Teenage Girls Want to Know About Their Periods

Tips for girls waiting for or experiencing their first periods. Covers sanitary protection products, menstrual cramps, and what to expect during your menstrual cycle.

Your Period and the Menstrual Cycle
Answers to your questions about your period and menstrual cycle. Covers all the basics about mentruation from what menstruation is to how often to change pads or tampons.

How to Shave Your Legs and Underarms Safely
Tips for shaving your legs and underarms for first time shavers and other women. Learn why picking the right razor and other tips for keeping your legs and underarms free of nicks.

Going to the Gynecologist 101
When to have your first gynecology exam and Pap test, as well as when to see your Ob/Gyn for subsequent pelvic exams. Covers abnormal Pap test results, colposcopy, and numerous other reproductive health diseases, conditions, and tests, as well as what things are important to discuss with your gynecologist.

What is Menstruation?
Discover the basic facts about menstruation and first periods. Includes information about menstrual cycle disorders including abnormal uterine bleeding, PMS, PMDD, and menstrual cramps.

Why You Need a Menstrual Cycle Calendar
Discusses why you need to keep a menstrual cycle calendar and how you to make one.

What is Menarche?
Find out if you have experienced menarche.

What Happens During Puberty?
Covers the physical and emotional changes that girls experience during puberty. Includes information about body changes such as the development of body hair and the onset of menstruation.

Tissue, Blood, Cramps - What's a Normal Period for Teens?
On the PMS Premenstrual Syndrome Forums: "I am 15 years old. I just moved in with my aunt and I am not comfortable with asking her questions. I've had my period since I was 13 and each time I had it- it was like tissue and blood... Is this normal...?" <a href="http://forums.about.com/ab-wmshealth2/messages/?msg=613.1"><b>Share Your First Periods Story</a></b>

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