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When Should I See a Doctor about a Vaginal Discharge?


Updated August 05, 2004

Question: When Should I See a Doctor about a Vaginal Discharge?
Answer: You should see your doctor immediately if you have an abnormal vaginal discharge accompanied by any of the following:

  • If you feel weak, fatigued, or especially sick

  • Anytime you have a yellow or green vaginal discharge and a fever

  • If you experience severe abdominal pain or steady pain for more than 2 hours

  • If your vaginal area appears infected, has any draining spots, or inflammation and a fever is present

    You should consult your health care provider within one day, during office hours, anytime you have symptoms or concerns that you think need to be addressed, as well as whenever you have a vaginal discharge accompanied by a foul odor or that has an abnormal color such as gray, green, or yellow. Anytime you experience a vaginal discharge during pregnancy you need to see your health care provider for diagnosis and treatment. Other signs you should see your health care provider within 24 hours include:

    • Intermittent, mild, lower abdominal pain

    • Pain during or immediately after sexual intercourse

    • Vaginal pain or painful rash

    • Any sores or blisters in the vaginal area

    Always call your health care provider during office hours when you have questions or concerns about your health. If you think you may have a sexually transmitted disease, or if you have the symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection, and you have not previously been diagnosed with a yeast infection, call your doctor as soon as possible.

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