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Dietary Restrictions After Gallbladder Surgery

Share Your Story: Your Gallbladder Disease Experience

By Karina2205

Updated September 26, 2010

What Symptoms Of Gallbladder Disease Did You Have?

For about a year, around my period or after eating meals that had a decent amount of fat in them, I would be very uncomfortable. I was nauseous, had a lot of indigestion, gas pains under my ribs and overall uncomfortable feeling. It was almost always accompanied with loose stools/ belching. I went through about 3 days where I just felt an overall yuck - nauseous, gassy, full time indigestion. On the 4th day, after eating lunch with a friend, I thought I was having a heart attack as my symptoms had increased fourfold and the indigestion was causing me to not be able to breathe comfortably.

What Happened When You Were Diagnosed With Gallstones?

I went to the Emergency Room telling them that I felt just awful and thought I was having a heart attack. I had the chest xray, blood tests and overall heart check but that showed it wasn't the heart. My white blood cell was elevated and the doctor decided that I needed to have an ultrasound done on my abdomen. The technician pressed down that paddle thing right below my right ribcage and I thought I was going to hit him. It HURT! The symptoms and then the ultrasound showed I had 3 very large gallstones. I had a HIDA scan the next day and showed that the entry duct into the gallbladder was completely blocked by a gallstone. The surgeon had a look and scheduled a removal right away.

I thought I kept getting food poisoning from various restaurants and there were foods I started to avoid before I got diagnosed as I knew it would trigger such an uncomfortable state. I really didn't live well for a good year due to the gallstone attacks.


  • Don't live with the uncomfortable lifestyle. If you keep getting sick after eating, then run - not walk- to your primary care physician and be honest about what is going on with you.
  • Know your family history. I had no idea that on both sides of my family, there were at least 3 relatives that had gallbladder disease.
  • Low Fat and a limited dairy diet really does help.
  • Fruits, vegetables, olive oil, lean protein and multigrains really do make you feel soooo much better.

Did You Have Surgery To Remove Your Gallbladder?


Did You Have Laparoscopic or Open Cholesectomy?

I had my gallbladder removed laparoscopically.

What Happened During Your Recovery?

I was uncomfortable while healing and really limited my eating. I am unfortunately one of the 40% that this surgery didn't really help. I am still trying to find the right kind of food combo for me but dairy seems to be out now.

What Advice Do You Have For Others Considering Surgery?

Please have a frank discussion with your doctor to decide if surgery is really necessary. If you can do without it, then do so. I know way too many people like me that takes an average of 3 years to feel better overall.

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