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Emergency Gallbladder Surgery

Share Your Story: Your Gallbladder Disease Experience

By Sandra

Updated September 30, 2010

What Symptoms Of Gallbladder Disease Did You Have?

Super sharp pains under my right breast down the line of my ribcage. It would come and go every now and then. I thought it was just excessive gas, so I ignored it for a while. The pain would come and go a few times a week and then go away. I had this for probably a year or so passing it off as gas pains. One day at work, it got really bad! I was really nauseous and ran to the toilet only to spit up stomach acid. This happened 3 times throughout work. After work, I went home, lied down for a few minutes and BAMM!!! The pain was so bad, I was crying. My daughter saw me and took me to the emergency room.

What Happened When You Were Diagnosed With Gallstones?

I got to the hospital, the doctor did a few quick tests and got me some pain meds right away. They took me in and did an ultrasound of my chest and abdomen. Within 30 minutes, I was admitted to the hospital. He said I had gallstones, an inflamed gallbladder and a bad infection. They started IV fluids and antibiotics immediately! The doctor said he didn't know how I lasted so long with all this inflammation and infection, but I had to have surgery and have my gallbladder removed. I thought it was just gas and it turns out, it could have ruptured and killed me. I was really surprised that it was that bad.


  • If you have any pain that starts in the middle of your chest and feels like someone cutting you slowly with a knife and it goes under your right side along your ribcage, go see a doctor. If it happens often and gets a little worse each time, go have it checked and tell the doctor to check your gallbladder. It is better to be safe than sorry and if it is gas, good for you. At least it's not severe. It could be gallstones or worse, so don't hesitate if the pain is that bad!

Did You Have Surgery To Remove Your Gallbladder?

Yes, I did have gallbladder surgery.

Did You Have Laparoscopic or Open Cholesectomy?

I had laproscopic cholesectomy.

What Happened During Your Recovery?

I didn't use the breathing device they gave me and ended up with pneumonia 1 week later. The pain was okay as long as I took meds on time. This surgery recovery was worse than my hysterectomy, but I didn't stay in bed like I was supposed to. After 2 weeks, I was fine and doing great.

What Advice Do You Have For Others Considering Surgery?

If you need to have your gallbladder removed, than there isn't much you can do about it. Just be careful what you eat for a while. The heartburn gets twice as bad afterwards and gas bubbles are horrible. Kinda feels like the gall bladder attack all over again. Be sure to take an antacid every day.

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