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Gallbladder Removed During Pregnancy

Share Your Story: Your Gallbladder Disease Experience

By Cera

Updated December 27, 2010

What Symptoms Of Gallbladder Disease Did You Have?

I am 20 weeks pregnant and last week felt intense pain radiating through my upper abdomen and chest. It was so painful that it hurt to breath, with extreme pain radiating up my back. I was taken to the hospital with low blood pressure, and an hour later the symptoms went away completely, and I was released without a diagnosis.

Two days later it happened again, except the attack lasted longer and I had several in a row while at the hospital. Several gallstones were confirmed in my gallbladder and a few small ones in my bile duct. My gallbladder was removed a few days later and I am currently recovering.

What Happened When You Were Diagnosed With Gallstones?

The doctor at the ER suspected gallstones but also felt my symptoms could indicate a blood clot that went to my lungs. (At 20 weeks pregnant I had recently been on bed-rest which was a concern). First the doctor did a bed-side ultrasound, and saw a gallstone. He also did a chest x-ray to check my lungs, as I experienced pain when breathing during an attack. The x-ray was fine, and I was held over night as the attacks continued to occur. I refused morphine at first because I was concerned about the baby, but the doctor explained that it is safe to use in pregnancy and the extreme pain that was affecting me and was not good for the baby. Eventually, I did have morphine to help with the pain. The pain was similar to labor contractions, however mine were high in my chest, and I had less "breaks."

The following morning I had a formal ultrasound, and several stones were seen in my gallbladder, and a few small ones were in my bile duct. The doctor recommended removing my gallbladder, and although it was not an easy decision to make being pregnant, there was a risk of my gallbladder becoming inflamed or infected, and surgery was much better performed during the second trimester instead of the third.


  • If you are feeling similar pain, go to the hospital and seek medical attention
  • I relied on the advise of the doctors as to whether or not to do surgery.

Did You Have Surgery To Remove Your Gallbladder?

I had surgery to remove my gallbladder within a few days of being diagnosed

Did You Have Laparoscopic or Open Cholesectomy?


What Happened During Your Recovery?

I had my surgery 2 days ago, and was surprised with the amount of pain after. I believe I may still be feeling the effects of the remaining small stones in my bile duct. I have follow-up appointments with the surgeon this week.

What Advice Do You Have For Others Considering Surgery?

It happened so quickly to me that I didn't even have time to do my own research or get a second opinion. I am only now learning more about the condition, while I am recovering from the surgery. Ask lots of questions, and in the end, I trusted the doctors opinion.

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