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10 Year Old Girl Gets Bra And Starts Having Sex

Share Your Story: What Happened When You Got Your First Bra?

By Alexandra

Updated December 05, 2010

When Did You Get Your First Bra?

Yesterday I was excited, I was in the bed with my mom she noticed that I had boobs so later we went shopping. She shouted that my 10 year old daughter needs a bra. The lady told me to take my shirt off to measure I am a 32A. I go to all public school but wear a uniform and for gym we change with boys no changing rooms and this boy Sal saw mine. He came to my house without letting him and we had sex. I loved it now I have a boy friend.

What Happened When You Got Your First Bra?

Sal saw and liked my boobs so he came to my house and we made sex. Now I have a boy friend and for my birthday he got me 10 bras. His mom told me to take my shirt off and she studied them and even took pictures. Now she treats me like her daughter and my parents don't care. She even checks my vagina if it is dirty. She loves me I like her too but not a lot. Now I live with her I see my parents too. She even took me to the doctor and looked at them. Even helps me with my period.


  • Make sure no one sees your breasts. Always wear a bra, if your kids change with other kids get them a bra.

Tracee Cornforth, About.com Women's Health, says:

This boy's mother should not be looking at your body. That is child abuse. You need to tell another adult what is going on -- maybe your school counselor. I'm not going to tell you that you shouldn't be having sex at your age, even though that's what I think. If you are going to continue having sex, you definitely need to use condoms to protect yourself from STDs including HIV/AIDS, and to protect yourself from an unplanned pregnancy. You might think that you'll just get on the birth control pill -- that's fine, but you still need to make sure that you use a condom every single time you have sex to protect yourself. Birth control pills do not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases, also called STDs. I hope you'll find someone to talk to soon, and reconsider having sex until you're much older. Just because a boy wants to have sex with you, doesn't mean he loves you -- any boy will tell you they love you if it means that he'll get to have sex with you. I hope you don't take this as someone who is discounting your feelings, I'm just a mom and grandma who cares very much about your health and future. Here is a link to Planned Parenthood http://www.plannedparenthood.org/ They can help you find a location near your home and can provide health services, as well as counseling. If you can't get to their location, you can call them at 1-800-230-7526. They are there to help girls and boys dealing with sexual health issues.

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