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My Colposcopy Was Not Painful

Share Your Story: Colposcopy Experiences

By Emmsy

Updated December 04, 2010

Why Did Your Doctor Recommend Colposcopy?

All previous Pap tests had come back normal, although my most recent, at 28 years old, abnormal. What a scary feeling! The Pap test results showed as high-level squamous cells. Not sure exactly what it is, but high-level isn't too reassuring. Dr. recommended a colposcopy, which she informed me they may also perform a biopsy.

What Happened During Your Colposcopy?

Colposcopy procedure is a longer, more thorough pap test. The colposcopy is uncomfortable because you're there with you're legs open for around 15 minites. They swiped vinegar onto your cervix to view the abnormal cells, and took a biopsy of three different spots. This itself was not painful, just uncomfortable. The colposcopy procedure overall was not painful. More the clamp that holds you open during it! Afterwards, I experienced slight dizziness, but was provided with water and the feeling passed after 5-10mins. Also, it's like having my period again afterwards! We all dread that famous week, now I've had to experience it twice this month!


  • Try to stay as relaxed as you can, it makes the procedure easier for you and the gynecologist!
  • Clean yourself before hand. It's just polite. (even though you will soon cop a vinegar infused vaginal fluid scent through the room!)
  • Bring a pad with you to wear home. A good gynecologist should provide one, but just in case be prepared.
  • Don't think this procedure means you have cancer. It's most likely not the case, the gynecologist will show you various surgical procedures that will be done if the biopsy results do come back abnormal.
  • Costs you $200+ but your only out-of-pocket about $80 as most of it is claimed on Medicare.

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Here's some information about abnormal Pap smears.

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