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Reader Stories: Getting Your First Period


Updated June 10, 2010

First periods are an eagerly anticipated event. What happened the first time you got your period? Where were you? Were you properly prepared when your first period finally arrived? Share the story of your first period with the girls who are still waiting to begin monthly menstruation.

I Got My First Period Before Any Of My Friends

I was at school when I got my first period. I had had the brief period talk so I only knew a bit. I felt something wet in my pants and thought I had wet myself so I went to the toilets. I pulled down…More

Twins Get Their First Periods One Hour Apart

I was in my toilet at home and I just told my mum I wasn't gonna keep it a secret. So, I went downstairs because I was not entirely sure it was my period, but she said "yes." But I'm worried about ho…More

I Got My First Period When I Was 13 1/2

It's a pretty long story. I am a swimmer and swim everyday and haven't gotten my period yet cause athletic girls tend to get their first periods later. Well I always worry about getting my period in …More

I Got My First Period Today

I got it when I was in school. Before I go to school, I put panty liner in my undies because my stomach hurts a lot and I just thought of having my first period on that day. And I was right! When I w…More

I Was Shopping When I Got My First Period

I was thirteen, almost 14, when I got my first period. I'd been feeling sick all day, cramping stomach as if I were constipated, and running a temperature, so I thought I was sick. We were at the sho…More

First Period Sent Me To The Doctor

I was at home/aunt's house. My cousin Maddy just had hers and the same thing happened to her and she ended up at the doctor. I was very scared that something was seriously wrong with me and my cousin…More

First Period Came When I Was Kissing My Boyfriend

It wasn't that bad because my friend has the same cycle as me and she had a spare pad. I learned you should always bring your own pad, just in case you start your period.Later on my boyfriend texted …More

Living With Dad Due To Divorce When My First Period Came

I woke up one morning and my underwear and sheets were drenched in blood. My dad called my mom to come bring me some pads. I was scared because I did not know what was happening to me. I did not want…More

I Got My First Period While Chatting With My Mum About Periods

I was at the hospital because I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and I was going for a check up and I went to the toilet, and well... You guessed it! I had my period! But it was very heavy so I told …More

Excited, Groggy, and Emotional When Her First Period Came During School Outing

At the courthouse. In a plush seat. I felt like I had peed in my pants but I knew I didn't. I felt so weird, so I went to the bathroom even though it was my turn to go up to the stand. And my white p…More

I Would Not Tell My Mom When I Got My First Period

I was at a Canada Day celebration at our town's local park. I had left to go home and watch TV and rest before they had the fireworks to end the weekend celebration. When I was about to go back for f…More

Always Be Prepared For Your Period To Start

I was at school, but went to choir after that. I noticed it at choir, and would have put on a pad if I would have believed it, and had one. I never kept any supplies because I never guessed I was goi…More

10 Year Old Gets First Period

I was at my grans house in bed because I wasn't feeling that good. I had been worried I'd get my period a little early since I had a big chest and I had hair on my vagina. I was asleep; it wasn't til…More

8th Grader Unprepared When Her First Period Arrived

At school. Seriously be prepared, because I wasn't, and I was in grade 8. I then figured it out at choir, and I should have bought a pad but I didn't and that was a huge mistake. I finally actually p…More

First Period Came At Age 10

I was on the bus on the way home from a school trip to see a pantomime. I felt really icky and my head was pounding, it was really not helping that the boys were belting out loud wailing songs.So I g…More

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