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First Period Came When I Was Kissing My Boyfriend

Share Your Story: Getting Your First Period

By emma

Updated December 29, 2010

When Did You Get Your First Period?

I was 13 years and 4 months old.

I was at a party and I was with my boyfriend. We were kissing and I suddenly felt something drip down my leg! I thought I was just imagining it, so I didn't say anything. Then again, I could feel something dripping down my legs. My boyfriend told me that there was a red stain at the back of my skirt, so I excused myself to the bathroom. When I pulled down my skirt I could see my leggings where covered in blood. I took them off and put them in my bag. I had a spare pair of underwear with me, so I changed and asked my friends for a pad.

Where Were You When Your First Period Started?

It wasn't that bad because my friend has the same cycle as me and she had a spare pad. I learned you should always bring your own pad, just in case you start your period.

Later on my boyfriend texted me and said I hope your not gonna change just because you're changing into a woman! I was mortified but he was really nice. He's gotten used to my mood swings.

Lessons Learned

  • You will need a pad and three tampons, in case you go swimming.
  • Spare underwear.
  • Stomach relief tablets.
  • P.S having your period is not as bad as everyone says!

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