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I Thought I'd Been Raped In My Sleep

Share Your Story: Getting Your First Period

By grace - Kampala, East Africa

Updated June 28, 2010

When Did You Get Your First Period?

I thought somebody sneaked into my room and raped me.

Where Were You When Your First Period Started?

I woke up that Monday morning and saw my night dress stained. I had a sharp pain in the lower abdomen.

Mummy, Mummy, wake up, somebody raped me when I was asleep!

my mum cooled me down and told me to check my self if the liquid was still flowing. My answer was "yes". "Wow, you have grown up now," she exclaimed and told me it was normal.

Lessons Learned

  • Girls need to be taught as early as 9 years in preparation for their menstrual period.

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