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Readers Respond: Colonoscopy Stories

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Updated February 21, 2011

Colonoscopy is recommended beginning at age 50, and at 10 year intervals until age 75. The Colon Cancer Alliance says 7 out of 10 people over age 50 have not had a colonoscopy. Have you had your colonoscopy? Share your colonoscopy story with other readers.

Cancer - 2002

I went to the doctor's office on a Monday for a colonoscopy in July 2002, was immediately admitted to the hospital and had colon surgery on Wednesday. They removed about 6 inches of my colon. Then came 6 months of chemotherapy-a very trying time. Somehow I am still here. God has saved me for something. My husband said it's to take care of him, but I think God must have something else in mind. I'm still waiting to find out what it is. My gynecologist told me months before the colonoscopy to have one done because she said I had blood in my stool. I put it off until I actually saw the blood. If I had gone when she told me to, I probably would not have had to have chemo treatments because the cancer would not have spread to the lymph nodes. So listen to your doctors. If they tell you to get a test, do it. You may save your life or at least a lot of agony.
—Guest A Grateful Heart

colon cancer screening

I actually enjoyed the "koolaid" cocktail I was prescribed prior to the screening. I did not like the all night vists to the restroom. I was exausted by the time they called me. So sleep was a welcoming relief. My results were very good except for hemorroids. Its been five years since then and no physicians are recommending another screening. I'm confused what has transpired in the last five years in reference to checkups for direct family members affected with colon cancer.
—Guest Liz

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