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Readers Respond: Life After Hysterectomy

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Updated April 22, 2009

Life after hysterectomy

11 years ago I had ovarian cancer so & had full hysterectomy, since then I have never been the same, I thought it would be great, but I am always warm, my skin is dry, I don't sleep well, I am quick to anger, I have gained 25 pounds, and I also have panic attacks, I no some of this is normal, but the doctor won't give me hormone pills due to the cancer I had, what is left that I could do to fell normal, any ideas?

Total Hysterectomy

I had a total hysterectomy in august 2007 due to uterine cancer...turned out to be minimal. I also had vaginal herpes at the time. Doctor did not want to wait for the herpes to clear up so went ahead with the surgery due to a report coming in 6 mos. late about the cancer. I have had the most horrible vaginal burning pain for at least 3 years. The last year has been much better but still have trouble sitting for any length of time without some discomfort. Tried anti-depressants but only feel psychotic on them so can't take. I'm determined to heal from this nightmare. If I had it to do again I would insist they not do it vaginally but go through the lower abdomen. I'm on premarin 2x a week sm. amt. My sex life is ok. I wouldn't wish what I've been through on my worst enemy. I have gained at least 10 lbs. and have frequent break-outs of red spots. Don't know what they are here and there on my body. Exercise swim and I am basically pretty fit for 68 yrs. old. I thank God!
—Guest Marianne Jones

Total adominal hysterectomy

Hi i am having a total hysterectomy on the 31st ocotber 2011 due to chronic pain and constant bleeding for 3 years. Ive had previous operations to help but no luck i am only 27 and suffer badly from aniexty, i have 3 beautiful daughters. I wish i never had to have this done
—Guest Laura

28 and partial hysterectomy

I had a partial hysterectomy 3 weeks ago. The pain isn't my issue, just the constant tired. I'm also dizzy and sick to my stomach, but I assume it will all go away. I don't have children, and have always wanted to be a mom. The idea of not having my own kids is so final now, but I have faith I will get to be a mom at some point. I had endometrial cancer, and I fought it for 4 years, but the worst part for me, is given my age, there are no resources I can check to see if what I feel is normal...cause you aren't supposed to have uterine cancer in your twenties....
—Guest onlysureofonething


I had a abdominal hysterectomy 5-11-11 along with a rectocele repair and cystocele repair. I have been having night sweats and mood swings so bad I had to get on medicine. I can only best describe as being pregnant; crying one moment , mad the next. they left my ovaries so I dont understand why I am so moody. My libido is little to none which is how it was before surgery. My 10 year relationship has definitely gone down the drain since surgery. On a positive note no more heavy periods.
—Guest Dee 9970

6+ weeks and feel fantastic

Hi ladies, I'm 43 and now 6+weeks post total abdominal hysterectomy for heavy periods and very large fibroids and boy do I feel absolutely fantastic, no more extremely heavy periods, my life has changed sooooooo much for the better, my worst day was the day after the op, not a nice experience , however since then its been just fine, keep positive, I do not miss my uterus one bit, I feel like a new woman, good luck to everyone , I wish you all the same positive experience as me.
—Guest Gail

1 year after a hysterectomy

I had a partial hysterectomy a year ago...still having pain. Have been in the OR room 5 times repairing the vaginal cuff area. I still have pain, sex life sucks and I am so evil I can't stand myself half the time. I'm also experiencing nausea and tired all the time. Lower back pain I just don't know what to do. I have one ovary left and that side is now killing me....never would of done it if I knew I would be going through this
—Guest never again

Response to "Confused"

I am also in my late thirties with no children. I am married and thought we would be having a child by this time in my life. We waited and began trying, only to find out I had enetered into early onset menopause. I am now in menopause, experiencing a lot of health issues and feel the same way. I am pre-op and considering surgery. Like you, I have multiple painful fibroids in my uterus. The doctor has now recommended a complete hysterectomy and I am terrified. I have many concerns about sexual issues that may occur following a hysterectomy. I am afraid of feeling like less of a woman and nothing seems to make sense right now. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. -Terribly Confused
—Guest Terribly Confused

New life after hysterectomy

I had my partial hysterectomy in 2008. I am 46 years old now & I never feel healthy and stronger. My advise to all, be positive accept this new chapter of your life and above all trust in God
—Guest Blessed

total Hysterectomy

On Sep 16, 2011 I had a full hyster still sore and nervous scared but best desicion I made Little I knew I had endoemtriosis and full of Adhesions very painful cycles omg suffered for 11yrs.. reading these intresting articles I am not alone. Thanks for sharing stories :)
—Guest Rita

total Hysterectomy

On Sep 16, 2011 I had a full hyster still sore and nervous scared but best desicion I made Little I knew I had endoemtriosis and full of Adhesions very painful cycles omg suffered for 11yrs.. reading these intresting articles I am not alone. Thanks for sharing stories :)
—Guest Rita

1 year post op!

I had a partial hysterectomy at 27 years old. I feel relieved, I am rid of all my previous issues and I haven't felt this alive in years! It is a wonderful experience. If you have to undergo surgery at such a young age there is usually a very good reason for it. To me, it came as a blessing - one a cherish every day
—Guest Cornelia

Full Hysterectomy at 41

I had my procedure on Aug 19, 2011. Afterwards I felt crazy and like I was never going to heal., My back, head, neck and all over was hurting. Take your pain pills and rest, rest, rest.... Follow your Dr's instructions in order to heal. Pray daily....if you are a praying person and your healing will be easy. As far as a sex life, I feel like I can get back to it in the next 2 weeks when I can. Before the surgery I hated sex, but now I think everything will be alright. Just hold on is my advice, things will get better. Take care all!!
—Guest Latrice1


i'm on 7 weeks now , Ihad full hysterectomy with 2 ovaries left , my doctor did'nt tell me that she will remove my cervix too , when i ask her after the operation if she did'nt removed my cervix , and she did , i am so upset about that , i thought its only my uterus not my cervix removed. I can tell that my sex drive and orgasm is still great , and mood swing is not affecting me
—Guest juicy but dryness is true

Hysterectomy at 35

I had my hysterectomy in 2008 at 35 was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in Jan in March I had my surgery. At first I felt fine a few months after I started having hand pain joint pain and swelling. I have always retained water but it has come so much worst after hysterctomy just like the lady that said I am 38 years old feeling trapped in an old lady bodies! I have battle mood swings and even gone on prozac whic I stopped taking and thinking on going back on. The procedure safed my life as I have 2 beautiful children that depend on me and I am thankfull I just wish it was not so hard to deal with like everyone I have good day and have real bad ones two. I just dont want to feel like I am the only one feeling this way I would be nice to hear other are going through the same changes and I dont feel like an alien!
—Guest Ana De Jesus

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