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Readers Respond: Life After Hysterectomy

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Updated April 22, 2009


got the ops 3 years back am happy except weight gain and breast enlargement and left side back pain
—Guest diana

2 weeks after hysteretomy

after have a subtotal hysteretomy, removing my uterus and tubes, I feel empty, I pee very often dryness, and concipated... I am having lots of pain, but with the help of motrin the pain is OK, I cannot wait for my follow up tomorrow... My main concern is weight gain, hot flashes, mood swings, and low sex drive... Hopefull all when well with me.
—Guest suzzy

Hysterectomy Success Story

Sorry to read about all the misfortune many of you ladies out there have experience. I had a partial hysterectomy in October 2010 and here it is 6 months after the surgery and my life have return to normal..Yes, I went through the surgical menopause transition but I can say it definately did not I repeat did not distrupt my libido...to be quite honest..my sex life has gotten better after the surgery and my husband is quite excited about the outcome. I have only one advise for the women who have lost their libido..its really a mental thing.. if you tell yourself that you don't want and need to have sex, guess what...you got it..your body will react to what the mind think. So give yourself a chance to heal after the surgery and get on with living...afterall, you only have 1 life, so why prematurely curtail life. Use this as an opportunity to reinvent yourself and do the things you always wanted to and get up and start living... I am 42 and enjoying life.
—Guest Jennifer

Dont know

I had a hysterctomy 4 years ago but they keeped my ovary's because i was only 24 now in new relationship i really would like to have more children i have 3 now i need so help and the doctors dont give you answers
—Guest Tes

i had a hysterectomy at 30

i only get hot night sweats in a stormy weather i i have always been hot natured yes im about 31 after the pain of my overies having baseball size cyst taken out with everything else i only cant sleep i actually started eating less i had to be cut due to pat surgeries and the scar tissue i have always had bleeding complactions after surgery but man the docs got it in less than 30 minutes i was acting up wanting to walk around i have no more pain it was the best thing i ever done in my life after my kids i just cant sleep but i will be getting something for that but im not depressed at first i was due to i NEVER had to have anyone to help me and it was mainly me not wanting any help i wanted to take care of myself at first but yea right but around 3 weeks after surgery i drove to florida to my dads than a week later to chattanooga tn to my aunts and went and rolled papers i never could do that before my surgery it is the best
—Guest felicia

2 days after having a vaginahysterectomy

After many years thinking about it.. i just have to tell everyone...i am feeling total happy and energised and its only been 2 days after having the vaginal hysterectomy i have never felt so good knowing i will be free at last to do the things i wanted to do with out the drama of worrying if i will get my period at that time or not. It might be 2 days after the operations ..i am not bleeding or spotting, only suffering a little bit of pain..so much better then the period pain i have been suffering for years. Hopefully the weeks ahead or should i say days ahead i feel just as good and positive. Will keep you posted. i feel reborned.,
—Guest Pam


When my last chil was born ,i would suffer from alot of pain during sex have my periods etc..I went in for my 6 week check-up they told me i had cancer in my stomach . In that moment i gave it to God .I went by my mothers' to pick up my baby and just shared the news we prayed take it to the church and prayed and left it alone. They say i would die from the cancer that was there they begin cutting out the cancer tissie that would later speard. So they give me a partial hysterectomy. Why am scared because of what am hearing now about heart risk and stroke am 36 i have gain some weight because of it but my sex life is great and i do eat right. I do get depressed and have mood swings no hot flashes but i do get heachaches my I do want sex alot more . i do have 3 great children i did want more but God knows i can't get my stomach down i had no stomach better this now i do . The stories some are sad i read but some are great. Women we do go though things. I 'm going to pray for us God heal u

Hysterectomy - do not be scared

I had little time to prepare, having been taken in as a possible appendicitis but after two weeks tests, obs and almost being sent home once, they told me very infected ovaries with large 7cm cyst infecting the left one completely. I was concerned about normal sex life afterwards and moods etc and was assured that all would be as it was before. Lo and behold, aside from the worst three and a half weeks of pain and misery, I came out the other side. I am now 6 weeks post op and going from strength to strength. I still get tired quickly and recognise when I have overdone things and need to rest but my employer has been very understanding and are not pressuring me - I have just been signed off for another 6 weeks. From my experience, all I can advise is - don't worry, read the literature, rest and get over the first 4 weeks and you will feel better after that. My fiance has been a tower of strength and still looks after me like a princess....
—Guest Bev

3 weeks after TAH

Hi! after 3 wks from having a TAH I try to be normal again as we say but still with a lot of pain. I had a Mioma that was very large took over my intestine and ovarys so everything went out. I still have some discharge doctor says is normal., but I feel like I should have been feeling better by know., sometimes have fever I have done Labs everything normal., but I would really like to know if this pain is normal., about sex life after I haven't even thought about it. I am trying to live day by day, lets see how things overcome.
—Guest Maribel

Life after a Hysterectomy

on 2/9/2011 I had a long awaited hysterectomy due to fibroids, removal of two cysts and repair of a umblicial hernia. I am seven week post-op and my recovery has been uneventful: cleared for sex and all. Over the last week I have been experiencing the worst pains inside of my vagina. These pains are sharp, continous and they radiate. I have recently restated taking pain meds again for relief. Not sure what this is but I will be seeing my physician about my concerns. Other than that I am glad I chose to have a hysterecomy.


had hysterectomy march 10 feel better already. i listen to advise but most of all i listen to my body. ask for help and GOD will be there for you.
—Guest Blessed

Wish I could change it!

Had my complete hysterectomy and oopherectomy in January 2008. The hot flashes, mood swings, painful intercourse and insomnia started about a month later. I has been over 3 years and I have not gotten any better. "Sandpaper sex", debilitating hot flashes and I can't sleep throughout the night. I would love to be a better wife to my husband, but the pain is intense when we are together. If someone can suggest something for me I would be so grateful.
—Guest Guest Lisa

10 years in

I had a total hysterectomy in 2001. I was 41 years old. I had horrible peroids from age 13. I had maybe one good week a month when I was not in terrible pain, soaking through pads in one hour, with cramps, migraines. I was diagnosed with fibroids and endometreosis in my 30's but no one would give me a hysterectomy because they thought I would regret having no children. I'm not sure I could have had a child because of all the pain meds I took. I guess I have always believed there are many ways to be a mom. I have never regreted my decision. I am still on the lowest dose of estrogen 10 years later for hot flashes and just passed my first bone denesity test. My weight has gone up and down and so has my sexual desire. I'm not crazy about my hair thinning out so much and my skin being so dry. But I would make the exact same choice again.
—Guest Nancy


I had a complete hysterectomy 11-2010 at the age of 47 Since then I have experienced mild hot flashes and sleepwith the windows open tro cool off. I have been in a relationship for 21yrs and have lost my desire for sex..I am going crazy because I feel as if this is going to ruin our relationship, need help on what to do to get it back.


Best thing i have ever done!! no more bleeding...no more worrying about monthly periods coming on. No weight gain as i was watching watching what i was eating just in case. Nothing but positive outcomes.
—Guest Pam

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