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Readers Respond: Life After Hysterectomy

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Updated April 22, 2009

query about white discharge

I had hysterectomy 2 years ago. Having back pain quite often. I am a widow, so not worried about sex drive.Last few days I have noticed white discharge; there is no pain, itching, or fever. I am just wondering if it is due to vaginal atrophy. can there be vaginal discharge for the first time 2 years after hysterectomy.
—Guest Lalitha


I had a total hysto 9 days ago at age 46. I am in surgical menopause. Had heavy periods that were getting heavier as I got older and then a cyst appeared on my left ovary, my right ovary was removed 5 years ago. I am moving around, but get tired easily, and still experiencing some pain. I would like to get some energy back, going to try some OJ and some sunshine while I can. No other problems, I am still me, sex drive is still there, feel fine. I am on Estrodial (sp) for the hormones. I feel alot better than before the surgery. :)
—Guest Guest


Its been 3yrs and 4 months since my surgical hysterectomy. I have 1 thing to say: MY LIFE IS OVER...never do it unless you have to. I'm going to mental health because of this. No sex, no interests,NOTHING.....PREMARIAN AND HRT ARE A JOKE..I hate it.......Nothing else to say...except HELP!!!!!!!1111111111111111
—Guest Tammy

six weeks in recovery

I am six weeks into my recovery I am sorry to hear about unfortunate surgery experiences. Mine went extremely well partial with bikini cut. Still tender to touch still some swelling feel great most days occasional fatigue. I requested at the last minute to leave ovaries if no problems I am fifty six years young and understand the ovaries continue to spit out hormones for up to ten years after menopause. This aides in the natural aging process women go through. I feel wonderful no hot flashes, night sweats or mood swings. My libido is not what it was but I still have sexual desire. So far the worst thing that has happened is acne breakouts. That is annoying since my skin was in relatively good shape. Kind of feels like I am gong through adolescence again.
—Guest butterfly54


—Guest FATSO

need an answer

I had Hysterectomy 2010 Jun but without knowing because the Dr. lie to me that his going just to take a fibroid out, but he didn't do so .which i am very sad , and disappointed and i dont know what to do i think i am going to die .my question is is there any means that i can get artificial one? please help me with a good answer.
—Guest lupeta

Life after hysterectomy

I had a prolapsed uterus and prolapsed bladder. Was supposed to have surgery by keyhole and vagina but when on the operating table the surgeon found I had adhesions and everything was stuck together so he had to do the surgery the old way and it was more complicated. The adhesions were apparently caused by a previous ectopic pregnancy surgery more than 20 years ago. After the hytsterectomy I was in terrible pain. Now, three weeks later I'm much better although have severe back pain at night. I can only sleep around three to four hours and then have to get out of bed and walk about for an hour before going back to bed again. The pain is vertical down the muscles both sides of my spine and also horizontally at the lower back. I also have a stabbing pain sometimes in my left side (level with the left breast). I also had my ovaries removed as because I'm 63 they weren't working anyway, so have felt no mood swing problems at all. I just want to get a good night's sleep.


had a hysterectomy in sep and now im experiencing hot flushes i still have my ovaries.help
—Guest sharon

two weeks after a full hysterrecomy

i felt really low after my operation, i did not eat for five day, cause nothing was staying down. Any time i put food to mouth i would be violenlty ill, pooing, sweating, it was awfull. Thank god my my was around, she is a ROCK. I went to a & e twice, only to find that i had picked up an infection somewhere along the way. No two weeks on i'm alot brighter, eating a little. What i was not told was that the blood left in me would be very offencive, it was sooo embarracing, it even made ME sick. I would not wish this on anyone. But needs must
—Guest mistri

Thinking of having a total Hysterectomy

I am 37 yrs old . I just found out that i have endometriosis . In Oct 2010 i had a cyst removed from my only ovary on the left side . In 1992 my apendix busted and formed a large cyst over my right ovary and the cyst was the size of a greatfruite . This happened shortly after i had my fist child . Now that i have had all this done , i am at a lose in what to do .
—Guest xstacyjas


Hi i had my hysterectomy 2009 summer of cancer.i had experience with hot flashes,migraine headache and gain alot of weight.i can not control the weight and i am not interested having sex at all. I am married for 8yrs and never had kids. That's the sad thing in my life. I really want to have kids on my own. Sometimes i cry and cry about it. But there's nothing i can do about. I just wish i had a chance to atleast had one baby before they discover the cancer.
—Guest nemin

Recovery After

Four months after the operation has been the best physical feeling for quite awhile. I am handling the hot flushes as I mentally prepared my self for it. However, the lower back pain is sometimes overwhelming. I am hoping that mild exercises and walking will help to strengthen the muscles.
—Guest Hillary

night sweats

i had a total hysterctomy 15 years ago, now i have night sweats. is this normal? i'm 53
—Guest jo

Hot flashes!

I had a hysterctomy in early December, and the hot flashes started when I was in the hospital, it seems that a warm apt and stress make them worse, and cold water before bed definitely helps
—Guest Katie

think positive

its been 7wks since my hyster. & had a fever after 3 days of being home. went back hospital & stay 6 days. had hot flashes while in the hospital. hormone replacement for 3 weeks. two wks after surgery, started to feel better. feeling great. as a man thinkth so is he. think positive ladies. lean on god.
—Guest ms jazzy

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