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Readers Respond: Life After Hysterectomy

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Updated April 22, 2009

Total Hysterectomy 10 days ago

I had a laproscopic Hysterectomy 10 days ago. Great doctor and helpful nurses. I only took the pain meds 1 night than switched to ibprophen as the pain meds made me feel so sick. I'm doing quite well but do feel tired so I rest often. I'm enjoying some walks but no lifting. I am so glad to have this done as I had a large cyst on my overy and fibriods along with endrometreosis. I survived breast cancer two yrs ago and needed to get ride of the estrogen. I'm 55 and have a great life ahead. Thankyou Lord
—Guest Jackie

full hysterectomy

I had a full hysterectomy, i must admit i was in real pain for months before, but 1 week after i felt gr8 and now its six months on and i still feel gr8 i am on premarin im not sure what it does but i take it cos the doc said to. i dont miss periods or the pain caused by extensive endrometrosis because my doctor has been a gyno for 30years and had never seen endo as bad as mine was he showed pictures to push the point... i say if your done with your uterus ovaries and tubes get them out before they give you another kind of hell. btw im 42 and looking forward to life now.
—Guest jules

Life-what's life

How can I share my story when I don"t even have a life since my hysterectomy 2 years ago?
—Guest Laurie

Feeling Blue

Two years after my total hysterectomy and I feel sad and worthless; is this normal?
—Guest Trixie

life after my H

I had my op 5 weeks ago and feel great. I had all taken away apart from both ovaries. I had it done Lapascopic/vaginal... I researched this well and truly before hand but was still terified on the day with thoughts of backing out... Its now done and feeling great.. go for it...
—Guest sandysue

meanit 2

worst thing to do without proper research. It can be devasting and crippling. My God, why some gyn so evil especially male...
—Guest Lopadela

12 days after Total Hysterectomy

Hi, I am 40 yrs old and bled on and off for 9 months. After 24 days of bleeding, I was diagnosed with one large fibroid and many smaller fibroids. I had a transfusion and hysterectomy the same day as the diagnosis. I am doing well. I am up and about, and so happy to have an end to the nightmare of bleeding, feeling tired, etc. I can't wait to get back out for a jog. I only wish that I had been more adamant about my symptoms with my doctor, so that the surgery wasn't an emergency. I am so happy to have done this procedure. The last 9 months of crazy bleeding was unbearable. I had to stop running due to hip pain, and my sex life was diminished. If you find yourself in this situation, demand an ultrasound.


This is scary! I am about to have a partial , I will have one ovary left i have never had children so I am completely Lost and scared but I am believing God that it will not be so bad!

hysterectomy 7 months later

I have a wonderful sex life it may be a state of mind but experience mood swings,body aches, weight gain, and swelly belly still. i have been told it can take 5 years to recover from major surgery. I haven't been exercising like I should and think that may be alot of my problem. I wouldn't change a thing because I feel positivity and taking care of the new body go hand in hand. GOOD LUCK ALL AND GOD BLESS!
—Guest vikki

best thing I ever did

my hysterectomy was three weeks ago and although the healing time is a little longer than I anticipated (even though the docs said six weeks I thought I was superwoman) it was by far the best decision I could have made. I had constant heavy bleeding and serious mood swings every month. I will be 40 soon and it is such a blessing that I have no more periods to deal with. My ovaries are still with me so no hot flashes as of yet. My surgeon was fantastic. Completely happy with the outcome.
—Guest stacey

Hysterectomy after two months

My op went very well was up and about when i got home after being in hospital for a week , was back in hospital 9 days after my op because of bleeding. Two months had passed and having some promblems like . Night sweat,mood swing, cramps, back pain and headaches. I only had the uteus removed. After reading all you stories i feel a bit normal because you cant also speak to your husband about it or other women about it because they dont always understand.When i do i feel like i'm just complaining. MY husband had been very understanding. They only thing that im worried about is that we are very young , we are only 30 years old . I have a son from my prevouis relationship and we have a son together that is only 18 months old.What if two years down the line he wants a baby and clearly i can not give him one . That is the fear that i have , yet we spoke about this before i had the op and we where fine about it but just being a women and being so young that is the fear i have.
—Guest Guest Aqeelah


I had a Hysto back in 07 and I still have one ovary, I have no issues, no problems, no weight gain, no major mood swings, my breast still get large during ovulation, and I still cry a bit during that time as well. Sex is better, less painful. My suggestion to anyone reading this is that every woman is different and will react differently. So take these comments with grains of salt.
—Guest NashidA

Going in Friday September 17, 2010

I have read many of the ladies "Life after hysterectomy" and I not really sure what to expect. I know that I currently am always in pain even when I am not PMSing. I always have tender breast, and have a lot of cramping. I am hoping for a good out come after my hysterectomy. I am constantly fatigue, I was working-out a lot and have no desire to even do that know. I am totally hoping the hysterectomy will solve a lot of my problems I am currently having.

scheduled for a hyster

I am so afraid of how I will feel after having this done, after reading all the comments I do not feel good about it at all. I am a nurse and thought I did my research and was well informed but after hearing it from the women themselves I am really concerned. I dont want to feel like I am losing my mind or losing my sex drive! God help all of us, now I am not sure what to do. I have adenomyosis and the pain is so bad I just feel like I cant take it anymore. Im scared and confused now.
—Guest ep

Life After Hysterectomy

I had a hysterectomy almost 2 months ago...I feel like crap. My moods have worsened! My Dr. took everything but one ovary...also some complications..I had to be re admitted for an infection of the vaginal cuff. UGGH..I am 42...and scared. My surgery was abdominal(have had 3 c-sections...so used to it) and had more scar tissue and endometriosis than anticipated. I am so moody and hubby just doesnt get it. Any ideas?
—Guest Suzanne

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