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Readers Respond: Life After Hysterectomy

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Updated April 22, 2009

life in a mess

wife had a hysterectomy about 2monyhs ago> her behavior is pychotic! she keeps telling me how bad i am; in fact she moved to the guest room, and now wants a a divorce!! i have a 9 yr old son! what should i do?
—Guest rick

hysterectomy was a blessing

Well it has been three weeks since I had my total hysterectomy and iI can never be better no mood swings just the hot flashes.My fiance has been with me thru the whole journey never leaving my side and the sex is amazing better then before so i must say I guess it all depends on the person truly i feel wonderful .My recovery has been a speedy journey doing the the things i did before just no lifting and etc but I feel wonderful I pray my story can uplift someone else God bless You All
—Guest nuddybug69

Partial Hysterctomy 3 months ago

I am 45 years old, and had my surgery 3 months ago. I had the easiest recovery after my hysterectomy. I was up walking the floors at the hospital hours after getting out of recovery. The next morning, I went home. I was home for 2 hours, and had to go to College for a class. My husband drove me, and I managed 5 hours of classes, and 6 flights of stairs. had a bit of pain from over doing, but overall was Okay. 2 days after that, I went to a town festival nearby, and walked for miles. I never stopped. MD suggested rest, but no time for it. I was going 12 hour days from day 1, and was off all pain medications including tylenol within 4 days. I am now experiencing mood swings. My husband tells me that I am impossible to live with, and my friend also is impacted by my moods. What can be done?
—Guest Dawn

4 Weeks Post-Op Partial Hysterectomy

I am a nurse and I had been having problem for years with heavy bleeding, never knowing when I would start a period or stop, run change pad every 15-30mins, lower back pain, painful sex,fatique,docs was seeing kept tx ea symptom as separate dx w dif treatment. Until I finally was referred to specialist that knew exactly w 1st pelvic exam I had fibroids,did all test 2 confirm,decided best option partial hyst.took uterus&cervix kept ovaries,I have 2wonderful boys,am fortunate to had chance to have kids but so far no regrets,recovry has ben little rough,trying get off pain pills also had bladder tact w hyst.so having 2do nothing but rest 6wks,think thats hardest part, lost one of my PT jobs cause had go out,thats grattitude 4u,was terrified of just thought of surgery have seen simple procdures go bad, but didnt,having some mood swngs and nite sweats even thou kept ovaries, so guess time only going to tell,wish best 2those havin diffties,try eat rite,exerz,plenty H20 a love laugh live

1 terrible year after a hysto

1 year later and life sucks. I, the girl (nurse)who loved and treated everyone with a smile, compliment or a joke. Yes, a hystorectomy ruined by life. I am not having the hot flashes or the weight gain. But I have lost my mind. I think I am now bi-polar sometimes suicidal. I didn't know I was getting my brain taken away from me. I had a mass on my ovary and I have had bad paps in the past so the doctor recommened a full hysto. I wish I could do over again. I would have let them take as little as possible. All I can ask is why, why, why??? What have I done so wrong in my life that this is what I have to face the rest of my life. No, I'm not at all a dramatic person, but life is gone from me. I have see several doctors and I still have no help. Hormone patches that I can myself figure out the best dose for myself, pills for my mmod, testosterone cream for my sex life that is gone. How much longer is my hubby going to stick around, my friends, my sweet co-workers.....where's some HELP!

happy and healthy

I had a partial abdominal hysterectomy three weeks ago. Ovaries kept. I feel fine for the exception of pain by the incision. rest and relaxation is essential. Eating a healthy diet which includes fruits and vegetables. I had gas and constipation first week. Trust me things get better as you slowly recuperate. As for libido, its definitely there. My husband has taken great care of me during this entire ordeal. I was so scared because it was an emergency hysterectomy. Fibroids were huge thus blocking my ability to urinate. Being very active, I noticed no weight gain. I thought I had a kidney stone. Hang in there to all it does get better.
—Guest Jacqueline

lower back pains!!

never had back pains before hysterectomy how do i deal with this ...sex is just out of the question now i hate it, cant stand to be touched anymore, gained about 30lbs since my surgery 9 months ago, moods swings are terrible..help me please!!!
—Guest monique

What an experience!

I'm only 36...I just had a complete hysterectomy a week ago...i'm feeling miserable in a lot of pain that my pain meds cant help...i've had nite sweats but no hot flashes so far but some of my friends are warning me but instead they're scaring me how they tell me what to expect...nevertheless i'm glad is over...in 2 weeks i have my follow up & i hope i get the green light that i am now 'cancer free' after this surgery...i have no regrets in making this decision this young yes it does hurt me mentally but with my LORD guidance to recovery i should live my life to the fullest once again...GOD Bless all of you who went thru this & will go thru this my prayers are with you! ~1Love~
—Guest Ileana

Nine days after the hysterectomy

I'm doing quite well. I just came back from the lab. I had to pee in a cup to prove that I have a uti. Other than that I feel great. I only take advil once in a while if needed. I wrote a song and play guitar almost all day. I love free time and I'm so looking to having lots of it.
—Guest Michele

hysterectomy best thing i ever did

I had a TAH 3 years ago at the age of 26. It was the best thing I ever did. My cancer was removed. I have no hormone problems. My sex life is better than before (now I'm not bleeding all the time). Every month I'm reminded of my body's cycle : I get bloated and my breast hurt, but that is it. Even the recovery was easy. I was in the hospital for a day and a half and was back to work after 6 weeks. I had my surgery in June so I spent the summer laying by the pool.
—Guest newgirl

10 days post-op

I am 41 and am recovering from a total daVinci hysto, although we decided to leave the right ovary since it had never been problematic. Diagnosed at age 19 w/endometriosis; heavy periods lasting 8 or more days; PMDD, etc. Aftr 3 children (19, 18, 14)my periods went to 4 days but with blood clots getting larger as I aged. Pain w/sex had always been an issue, also had pain and fatigue daily. I say all this to let you ladies know that after 7 days, I am no longer tkng rx med but Advil as needed. After 8 days, my sex drive has returned and can't wait ;) I truly am looking at this experience as one of the best decisions. Consequently, my Dr. said that he found so much endometriosis tht the surgery was completely warranted. They also suspect that I had Adenomyosis which can only be diag. w/a biopsy of the uterus...will get the results at post-op visit. So looking forward to my new life! By the way, I am 5'8, slender, w/no weight gain or cravings to date. Stay positive :)
—Guest Terina


I went in to have a partial and had a total b/c the edmo was severe the dr was to take out my uterus and he could not b/c it was attached to my colon! The colon dr had to remove some of my colon and uterus at the same time. My OB told me everything was stuck together and he had to complete a total on me. Its been 13 days days now. I feel ok BUT my mind seems to be all over the place. I stated night sweats when I was in the hospital {6days} and I cried,cried,cried. After all this time wanting another child... it has finally come to the time where IT'S OVER! I guess I will be ok. I am now looking forward to a new life {pain free}, My worry is my sex life. My dr told me he is gonna give me 6months to see if he will decide to put on meds. the problem is the endo may return! ugh!!!!!!!!!!!! if i am place on hormone meds. WTH!!! Well like i stated before I am worried about my sex drive. I can't wait to see if it will be better or worst. No matter what I WILL FIGHT THIS! THIS IS MY LIFE!
—Guest K.D.

4 weeks post op

i am 43 started haveing periods 15 days apart it was misserable..heavy.painful.. b4 i had hysterectomy i wanted sex several times a day couldn't ever get enough. now my husband refuses. he's scared to hurt me.but i think it's just because he lost his desire.. he's 42.its wrecking our marriage.. at least it's not because of my surg. i am going for a second opinion. after i have a b.m.i bleed a little. dr said he had to take 1 ovary because it started to bleed n he couldnt stop it, i think there is more to it.. 1st he said contact him asapif i bleed longer than 3 days then when i went in for A check up he said its normal give it 6 weeks to heal. something not sitting right with me 4v weeks later, some discharge..terrible pain with b.m. but im gonna be glad no more periods!!!! sex anytime i want. if my husband gets through his thing..i feel pretty good.. no pain... no depression.. but still on anti-depresants. just ned him to cooperate with me i pray to god imnot 1 that has pain with sex
—Guest kymm


i had TAH 2 months ago in which my uterus and right ovary removed.I am blessed with 2 beautiful children.Before my operation i have been experiencing sharp pain on my right pelvic area,and at times the pain radiate towards my back.I have had heavy bleeding during my menses and it could last for 2 weeks.I had a scan done,and it was found that there is a cyst on the right ovary and there is fibroid in the uterus.In consulatation with the gynae doctor a tah was recommended.My husband and i wanted to have more children,but i was advised against it by the doctor them saying that it could be risky. i was in the hospital for 4 days,i am recovering well now and have started work again after 6 weeks recovery period.It is a sad thing really,to lose a part of our reproductive organ.Priceless!


Well am amshamed to say i decicided to have a termination if only a knew what lay aheaed!! at only 24years i nearly died due to bleeding , days later i got rushed back into hospital and to save my live i had to have a hysterectomy. Why?? A just cant get over it all i just dont feel like me atol!! use reading will prob think am a horrible person n thats gods wae of getin me bk for that horrible thing i done. Am just want to get back to my old self again.

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