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Readers Respond: Life After Hysterectomy

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Updated April 22, 2009

22 Months Post Hysterectomy

I am 35, I had a partial hysterectomy in Sept 08, that left me one ovary. Two weeks after my fiancee that I was with for ten years dumped me. I no longer had to go thru the recovery for the illness, but also for the broken heart. I healed nicely, the only complaint is the incision sometimes is very itchy and still am pretty numb there. But no other complications. So glad I had the surgery, I lost some but gained a lot more. Still single. Still strong.
—Guest Susan T

11 days after

Well I had a Davinci and I can't say is was great. I have had previous female surgeries before and they all went great. This one was terrible. The pain after is incredible. I cry a ton, I get cold feel angry, feel sad and the worst is I can't seem to find a Dr. who cares and can help me. Just really disappointed.
—Guest none


five weeks after a total hysterectomy, experiencing tenderness in my breast most at nights no pains but i lost lots of weight hoping to put on some back and hope for a full recovery all is well with prayers and having God in our lives bye ladies...

7 weeks hysterectomy

I am not having any pain.My breast get tender, sometimes i feel empty and not happy with me. i have lost weight yepee..i am looking forward to feeling better and really looking forward enjoying sex with my husband. i will be working on losing more weight and belly i have too and just loving me and being happy with me.
—Guest lisa ann

18 months Later

its 18 months since my Hysterectomy. I am 35 and since I had it I have felt good apart from a little weight gain and loss of wasteline. I had a vertical scar so my belly isnt as flat as it was but I have managed to lose a stone of weight. the only real problem I have is the increase in breast size, at first it seemed to go with my cycle as I kept my overies, however just lately the are huge and painful at night, I used to be a B cup and now a D cup, even my D cup bras are too small these days, unsure what I can do about this. My doctor suggested HRT to me once but I am not willing to take it due to the health risks associated and I only have this one symptom and dont see the need for full hormone replacement
—Guest Clare

robotic hysterectomy

lost all my energy after surgery.how long does that last?
—Guest mary smith

7 days down rest of my life to go

I had hysterectomy 7 days ago, but still have ovaries. I'm 33 and have four children so I am lucky there. I feel sad, sore and very mad. I had to sign myself out of hospital as the person looking after my children got ill. The hospital / doctor was mean and sent me home with no painkillers none. I am feeling so lost as I don't know if what happening to me is normal. I don't know if I am any better off then I was before.
—Guest chelnz

Hysterectomy 9 days ago

I had been putting off having a hysterectomy for years but go to the point where periods where intolerable, severe bleeding to anemia, couldn't leave home, ruined clothes, bedclothes etc. I tried everything including natural therapies, acupuncture but in the end the grossly enlarged uterus (size of a 28 week pregnant woman) and fibroids just had to go. It's been more painful than I expected, but I had great care from the surgeon, other doctors and nurses in the hospital which helped. Plus a fabulous caring husband who does everything for me, but I am bored to tears with not doing anything. When I try to do things I find it quite tiring and I can't seem to keep my brain focused and trying to get back to work (I work from home) so forced to take time out. I look forward to our daily walks and have managed the initial bowel problems naturally with yoghurt, fruit, wholemeal bread and oats made into porridge. Now decreasing the painkillers to get rid of the toxins.
—Guest lladelaide

18 months ago

After a complete hysterectomy, I have experience no sex drive at all. I hate it. I am 48 and had a great sex drive before. I have notice that I am also gaining weight little by little. I am having a hard time losing weight. I am so unhappy at this point in my life
—Guest Arlyne

Starting to wonder

I just had a total hysterectomy (uterus, cervix) done with a laprascope. In the last 3 days I am noticing every few minutes that my pulse in my neck will get strong and take my breath away just a bit. I dont know if I am explaining it correctly. I pray to god I did the right thing. I had horrible periods due to fibroids as well as bad paps the last two years because of HPV so I researched for years and my doc promised this was the best option. She assured me I would not loose my sex drive, gain weight (Im 117 lbs at 41) or have hormonal issues since I have my ovaries. I have been advised by holistic people that the uterus provides SOME hormones and once removed messes with the balance of the system. I will FREAK if these palpatations are related to my hormones only 1 wk after surgery and god forbid if I loose my sex drive wich has been outstanding. As for weight gain, I will freak. I tried to avoid hysterectomy, I hope I didnt make a mistake.
—Guest Gina

Trying to b Me

I had a Hysterectomy in May of 2004, I felt great after the 8 wks. Started workingout again with weights. I was in great shape until a May of 2010 and I started gaining weight for no reason. My eating habits never changed. Started having hot flashes last year off and on. My mother had a hyster. when she was 32 has never had a hot flash and she is 67 now. She has a problem with her weight. I am misterable and trying to find my way back to feeling like me. I advise anyone thinking about getting a hyster. to find other ways. This is not living I want to take my life everyday. I am praying that pray will help. Please pray for me and I will pray for you.
—Guest Vaniss Parker

6 months after hysterectomy

I had a total hysterectomy and after six months sex is not the same. I have not experience an orgasm since the surgery and the feeling I do have is very minimum and it goes away very fast. I had some problems but I would not done this if I had any other options.
—Guest Marie

partial hysterectomy @41

i had a hysterectomy April 28, 2010, was it the best decision i made????????? since i don't have kids and wanted. but no more heavy periods twice a month that lasted 7 days. no more fatigue, vomiting, bloating, pain or pale looking.(anemic) no more hospital visit for low blood count. now i feel so much better, but at time i am depress cause i would never be a mother.sex life is wonderful way better now and for some reason i am always horny. my incision have limited feeling but my DR. said as time goes by ( 2 more months) i'll be able to have that feeling when it is touch. so ladies follow your doctor advice, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables. drink lots of water, exercise ( walk in the park) and plenty of rest. now i am back at work and everyone telling me how good i look although i lost 20 pounds. but thank god i am feeling much better and have a job. i'll try not to worry to much about being a mum caused , lt could have be complications with me and the baby....................
—Guest yvette

life after hysterectomy

my life is much better after a partial hysterectomy, no more heavy periods twice a month and 7 days a week.no more low blood count and anemic. many days i was so tired, pale and weak. only thing i could have done was sleep all day. after hysterectomy i felt like i won the mega million. was in pain for 2 weeks , then after felt so good . followed my doctor advice, walk every day so i would not get blood clots, rest and eat. only problem now is that i am 42 years old without kids and it is kind of depressing cause i would never be able to have kids. but i thank the lord for my life and how good my body feels now. 1 year ago i felt like i was dying.
—Guest caroline

4 Weeks Post Op

4 weeks after laparoscopic hysterectomy and oopharectomy (previously had one ovary removed), finally, pain is much less and I'm doing very well! I am so glad I have such a great doctor! I have no problems or issues except for the fatique and some occasional weepiness (crying/emotional), but that has improved with time and hormone patch. I have more sex drive than before and everything works just fine! I know that after a few months without the heavy hemorrhaging and terrible cramps and back pain, I will finally be able to celebrate and be so glad I am free of all of that! Yee haaaaaa! Ladies, one thing, or a few, it is REALLY important to rest and get LOTS of sleep after, eat healthy foods, take it easy and don't do lifting, etc. and to keep a positive attitude throughout! Believe me, it all makes a difference! Good luck and best wishes for a good recovery and a good life! To Sharon, it could be the medication not the hyst. so you may want to discuss changing med w/doc. GL
—Guest So Glad

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