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Readers Respond: Life After Hysterectomy

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Updated April 22, 2009

8 years after

Well,I had a total hysterectomy 8 years ago. It was very pain full and it took about 3 months to get back to normal. I had the surgery when I was 28. I had some depression alot of anxiety I didnt want to be left alone,I cried about everything.I got on a hormone replacement patch. I had that about 3mths,and it didnt seem to work that good for me,I then switched to vivell dot putting on twice a week and that really helped me. Im back to being me again, better I think and no more periods ya! now that I have been on it for 8 years I feel mentally great but I have recently been getting bladder infections. I cant sun tan I get brown blotches on my face and really bad sun burns and heat rashes.my left knee hurts if I keep it bent from sitting or kneeling down. My bones I think are thinning because its getting harder to stand up. I also have been getting kinks in my neck. I see my doctor next week.I hope that I didnt just get 8 years of relief.
—Guest Jill

Hysterectomy-Life after

I had severe Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. Did the bithcontol, Lupron, Herbs, nothing ever worked. So feeling desperate I decided to do a Hyster. I opted to keep my ovaries (no chance of that they were covered) I had extreme nausea everyday, horrible pain during periods, exhaustan, very painful sex, extreme bloating problems. I would gain and lose 10 to 15 pounds a week. So I had a radical hysterectomy. (Post op. 12 now days out), Feeling good still lots of Abdominal bloating, fatigue, some bowel problems (bleeding,constipation), achiness, hot flashes, night sweats, Not on hormones yet waiting 3 months doctor letting my endo. dry up. Beside the normal pain and discomfort of healing, I can tell a difference. Its nice to not feel like you have morning sickness all day long everyday. It got to the point it was interfering with my job as well as my family life, I was always sick and in pain!! When wasn't sleeping I was working, my poor family. I am glad I did it!!!!!

9 months after partial hysterectomy

I love not having a periods or bleeding. My sex drive is at top notch. I am having symptoms of being pregnant though. I've two kids and the third pregnancy didn't go through. The third pregnancy is actually why I had a partial hysterectomy, due to complications with the miscarriage. So I'm confused on why I am having pregnancy symptoms since I have been told that I can't have anymore kids. I'll be getting an ultra sound but so confused. I've done a little research and there have been cases of women with partial hysterectomy who have had a full term pregnancy. Hmm, I do want another child.
—Guest surdreamgal

The best thing I've done,..too late.

I had my partial hysterectomy Jan 15, 2010. I was afraid, thinking it would make my life worse. So I hesitated for a while. The pain was horrible each month. It was taking a toll in my marriage and at work. During the time of the month, I behaved horrible, I gave my husband and my girls such a hard time. I was miserable. I made them miserable. It was almost impossible for me to control myself. I decided to do it and hoped for the best. I feel a thousand times better, I should have done it years ago. I'm so much in control of my feelings and emotions, I feel like I'm a new person. I feel happy inside and out. People tell me I look much better. However now I feel I cant save my marriage. I did so much damage to my husband, I dont think he is ready to believe I'm a new person. I try to explain to him, things will be different, with time and with professional help, we can accomplish a happy marriage. Right now he's afraid I will have an old explosion and he can't handle that.

Guest Bruce

Bruce your wife still loves you. I had a partial hysterectomy five years ago and I suffer everyday. I have been on three doses of premarin among other treatments. I still stay depressed, lack of libido, mood swings among many other complications. Be patient with her and let her know you love her. My husband had the same feelings you have until I was able to open up and tell him what I was facing and now he offers to go with me to the doctor. Matter of fact I am seeing a new doctor next week to see what else can be done for me. I have been married for 15 yrs and the last five have been a nightmare for me and my family. I am praying for you and your wife. Just reassure her you love her and even though you don't fully understand what she is dealing with you can be there for her when she is ready. Lots of luck. God Bless

Don't Fear the Hysterectomy

I had my hysterectomy two weeks ago today and I feel great. I woke up sick from the pain medication and never needed any after that. I didn't wait to have sex and I'm doing more exercise than just walking (I went cycling yesterday and want to go surfing day after tomorrow). Don't know if it helps but I went in with a really positive attitude - I couldn't wait to have it done. I've have no depression, hot flashes (still have my ovaries) etc. People have commented that I look really great, more alive. Sorry to all the sisters out there struggling hope things improve soon.
—Guest Denny

Two weeks post-op -- Feeling Great

I'm 31 years old with three children, so having the hysterectomy wasn't a big deal. I'm thankful to my wonderful Doctor and my family and friends for their support. Had a hard first week, but now off meds and feeling great. Best decision I made for me and my life at this point. Painful, back breaking periods bye bye. New leash on life here I come.
—Guest Rhonda

Hysterectomy - Best thing I ever did.

I had my partial hysterectomy Jan 28, 2010. I have not felt this good in 20 years. Emotions in check, lost 13 pounds, jeans fit same way every day. No more swollen belly. I just wanted to post something good. I read so much bad before I had the surgery, I was so scared. I felt better right away. Each day I feel better and better. Only problem is I never stay home anymore.

Partial Hysterectomy 26th March 2010

After 22 years of pain, and to be honest wishing a tone point I had been born a boy to avoid all of this I finally found a doctor who would do a Hysterectomy and not go on about my age. ( I’m 38 now) The pain that I had experience most of my life had got to a stage that meant I could not walk without crutches and if it hadn’t been for my work and my family, I think I would have gone nuts. 4 weeks later and I am tired but pain free, my body is “quiet” for the first time in 22 years ! It’s an amazing feeling, but I am having some feelings of loss and stress which my husband is helping me with as he is a hypnotherapist. Normal is something that I haven’t felt for most of my life, I am hoping this is the start of something new, having a sex drive would be great, that hasn’t really been there for several years, how we had a son I will never know ! I am scared about what the future holds but positive, and I have to agree with the advice that REST is key ! Your body needs time and so do you.
—Guest Lisa

Hysterectomy 10 days ago

I had a wonderful doctor, he still seems concerned about my health. I only feel soreness in my stomach but I'm anxious to get back to work and back to my old routine. I've been walking a lot an my husband screams at me, but I think you have to fight the pain and move forward.I had no hot flashes but I do have my ovaries. Good luck to all us women going though this.
—Guest Yvonne

Three Weeks after Hysterectomy

I had my operation on March 19 of this year. I am 25 years of age. They took out my cervix and uterus. I have been back up and at it . I do get soar bloating and I am tired. I do find my emotions out of wack. I have had small hot flashes, nothing too bad. Three weeks post-op all is well. Rest and relax if you can. So happy. I got married the week before and I am just waiting to heal so I can have a fun and great honeymoon.
—Guest ME

Hysterectomy - Life after Hysterectomy

I put off having a hysterectomy for over a year, timing was an issue for me. I'm 43 years old and am 3 weeks post-op. The first several days were hard. The bloating, constipation and gas were an issue. I did try to drink plenty of water and ate fruits and veggies. I will say that the hardest part for me is just being still and not lifting. I'm very active and this has been a struggle. I went off my pain meds within a little over a week which allowed me a little more of a normal routine with my family. The best adivce.. is REST and REST some more. I'm back to my office job part time. I am still pretty sore, but I think most of the swelling is gone. Due to my very large fibroids the DR did have to make a very large incision. However, I should have no visible scar. I'm optimistic that life will be back to normal very soon.
—Guest Lynn

Complete Hysterectomy

I had a complete hysterectomy and it left me depressed and irritable, and I don't know what to do.
—Guest Desiree

Life has to get better (10mths post-op)

I'm 36, have one beautiful 11 yr old daughter(thank God), and a wonderful,understanding husband. I was full of life, love and happiness, normal ups and downs, I was an active mom, fullfilling wife, and shared financial burden as an active worker until 2-1/2 yrs ago. I went thru nursing school and got my LPN license that last year,had one nursing job in first 4 mths,and haven't worked since. For whatever reason (adrenal fatigue, 5wk flu,etc) I became more n more exhausted. I went to dr's, had lots of tests done,dental surgery, and last, my ob suggested it may be my uterus(adenomyosis). My periods were out of hand with pain and odd bleeding,so I struggled with the idea for over a year,grieved about it,and finally got tired of my quality of life, being bedfast, having others help with my daughter, and being a now dependent wife with no income. I'm glad I don't have pain or bleeding, but more fatigued, depressed,stuck in a rut, and more strange symptoms. I pray to live normal again.
—Guest Maddie

Sad About All This

My wife had a hysterectomy 2 yrs ago and now our marriage is essentially over, she has no sex drive. We are celibate, she avoids me. Won't go out on a date with me doesn't respond in any way with affection. I used to know that she loved me but now I don't know. I don't think she feels anything. We had a very strong marriage before and she was my soul mate. Now I don't know what it means to be feel loved. The surgery basically changed her into a woman I don't recognize.
—Guest bruce

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