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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Menstrual Hygiene Product?

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Updated July 23, 2009

From the article: Choosing Tampons and Pads
Sanitary protection pads have been around in one form or another for as long as women have had periods. Until 1921, when Kotex pads were introduced to the market, women often used cotton rags or knitted, washable menstrual pads. Today, women have more menstrual hygiene products than ever from tampons and pads to reusable cups that fit over the cervix. Which product is right for your period?

tampons and pads

I honestly prefer tampons. but pads aren't all that bad. But they are soo gross and thick, and it's worse when they're full and your walking around no where near a bathroom. EWWWW. but they can be alright some days. and tampons are awesome! I'm still getting used to it. have had me period for like a year now. whatever feels comfy for you :)
—Guest Guest Melany

tampons and pads

I honestly prefer tampons. but pads aren't all that bad. But they are soo gross and thick, and it's worse when they're full and your walking around no where near a bathroom. EWWWW. but they can be alright some days. and tampons are awesome! I'm still getting used to it. have had me period for like a year now. whatever feels comfy for you :)
—Guest Guest Melany


I love using tampons there so comftoble but I don't my pads but my mom docent like it when I use tampons a lot but there so conftorble and easy to put in I just wish she wouldn't get mad when u wear them a Lot but I would prefer tampons thier better then pads
—Guest Y


i don't know witch to use. im 12 and expecting my first period late this year/early next year. if you would please help me / recomend a brand that would make me :) my e-mail lkuehl3@yahoo.com -lower case-
—Guest lena

menstrual cups all the way

I switched to a lunette menstrual cup and I will never go back to pads and tampons.
—Guest Anonymous


I use U by kotex pads and hav tried da libra applicator tampons and tampax applicator tampons but i cant get them in properly!! Its very frustrating. I hav a friend who has had their period for shorter time than me and its really annoying cuz she can insert tampons really easily and she uses them all the time. I dnt lyk da feeling of putting tampons in and they get stuck at a certain point. I dnt know wat 2 do! :(
—Guest Worried :(


I'm 12 and on my 2nd period. I use pads but hate them because feel DISGUSTING!!! I've tried a tampon once but it was before I went to the pool and it was towards the end of my period so it hurt really badly wen I took it out. I think I'm gonna stick with pads but probably change the brand.
—Guest Annoyed w/ the things girls deal with


I HATE pads and I really want to use tampons its just my says I can't and I really want to wear them because I already know hot to insert them I just have to keep begging my mom!
—Guest Rachel

Always Infinity

I love the Always Infinity pads. They are the most comfortable pads EVER! I meant it! I would recommend them to anyone. If you are trying to find things that work best for your period, you can always request free samples. I did it, and it really came in handy! I'm also just now trying out tampons and I do NOT recommend U by Kotex. They're easy to insert and are comfortable, but taking them out is a nightmare! Hope this helped someone :)
—Guest Sara

Tampons from the Start

I used tampons from the time I first started my period. My mom and sisters showed me how. Also, because I was blessed with 3 older sisters, it was never awkward talking about periods. I usually wear tampons during the day. I love them beacuse they are so easy to insert and painless. I feel very comfortable wearing them. I usually use U by Kotex tampons because I love how small they are and how portable they are too. I also use Playtex Sport too. At night, I use pads (mostly because I'm too nervous I'll oversleep and forget to change my tampon). I use U by Kotex pads for that. I also like using their liners too for when I'm expecting my period.
—Guest Katrina


So my mom is already too old for her period and she hasn't tried the new brands that are out. My older sister uses pads, so I'm the only one in this house who uses tampons. I have a really heavy flow so I usually wear tampons and pads on school days so I don't have to ask to leave class every 3 hours or so. I find tampons more comfortable (and a LOT less messy), but I still don't know which brand is the best for me. I've been using U by Kotex but reviews on them say that they aren't good and people only use them because of the pretty boxes. I'm not gonna lie, that's why I use them. Well, they are pretty tiny and comfortable so that's a plus too. I just haven't ever used any other brand, so I don't know how to compare. I need to find a website that tells me what tampons are the best for me!! If anyone finds something, let me know, kay? hikarishinzo@yahoo.com
—Guest Meow


I am 12 years old and on my 3rd period.Me personally i dont really care what i use as long as it gets the job done.Some of my friends are scared of tampons but some want to use them.I have not really shown any attention to using tampons so my mom wont show me how to use them so until then i rely on pads.
—Guest Kitty cat

pads :)

i have had my period since i was 10. im 15 now, and ever since, i always wear pads. im eager to wear tampons but i dont know how to tell my mom! any advice? it'd be great (:
—Guest Jessica

U By Kotex Tweens

Ok, so i just got my period a couple months ago (i'm 13) and I have a very slender body so my mother bought my U By Kotex Tweens cuz there made specially fro tweens and teens just starting. I'm gunna eventually try tampons but most people say you should wait for about 6 period at least until you try thats way you just ar used to your period. I'm the first of my friends and so far I've told 3 of them and one has a pool so this summer when she calls I can just be like, ya no that thing I told you so ya i can't go swimming this week, and she'll understand. And now my friends look up to me and if they get there period at school they know they can coe to me and i'll have a pad for them. So sorry for getting off topic but I just idk love sharing with people!
—Guest GuestAlyssa


I've used pads since I started menstruating at 11 (I'm now 26). I tried using tampons once and while insertion wasn't a big deal, I made the BIG mistake of trying to take it out too soon -- I have never felt pain like that in my LIFE. But I think that was just my inexperience, honestly, so please don't let that scare you off! I loved the freedom of movement I felt while wearing it, and how comfortable it was. Just be careful because you should def. change them about every 4 hours (or 2-3 hours, if you're on a really heavy day), but when used correctly they're comfy so you might actually forget about them. Otherwise, it's all about pads for me. I have a super heavy flow the first couple days or so. I use Always Maxi Overnight Extra Heavy for the first two or three super heavy days, then Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight for the last two or three days. Those are great because they're SO thin and comfortable, and super absorbent.
—Guest manda
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